SPEAK UPDATE10:44 PM EST 7/7/2018

•As reported the updates to the SWIFT, ACH, and FED-WIRE transfer systems have been updated and secured. As of last evening they were running at 100% capacity

•Last Friday some VAX Port Transfers were attempted after banking hours. The Cabal literally had to cut off the power to the ports to stop them from coming in.

•As planned this launched an all out investigation to document fraudulent bank activity because the misdirection, or block of transfers without cause is considered an act of treason. Homeland Security and the FBI continue to investigate these matters, but apparently aren’t authorized to get the transfers released.

•Our team tested the legitimacy of the new wire transfer system making transfers to various countries around the world as is the regular practice of international business. ALL transfers cleared within 24 hours and most cleared the same day. This would normally never happen as transfers are regularly held for five days and sometimes as much as a month.

•The markets have begun to show signs of the Reset after assets have been connected to a true algorithm that predicts actual prices based on production.

•The Rothschilds has been embezzling approximately $2-$3 per barrel of oil and thus the reason for the escalation if gas prices, which of course effects food prices. Since the adjustments made by Kim-Possible gas prices have begun to correct.

•Look for a more prominent drop after the meeting with Trump and Putin next week when the deal they strike will justify the price drop.

•The US Government still doesn’t appear to want to actually DO anything to support human liberation as no action has been taken to release our transfers.

•At very least it’s nice to see Homeland Security and the FBI working to do their job-protect the people.

•The last component that needs to be adjusted is the VISA system to ensure that our cards cannot be cloned, or our identities copied and our money stolen. It’s a people problem. Here in lies the beauty of utilizing the source energy, brain wave measurements, and DNA identification technology. These combined factors make it impossible to steal from us once the VISA system is completed requiring the ADMIN Security override to block or misdirect these transactions by anyone else.

•The Trustee has made herself a bank employee at every bank and is the only one in possession of the ADMIN override.

•These are all key components helping to start project funding. Exact timing is only known by Kim and her decisions are based on safety and ensuring we can use the funds after they arrive.

•The Rothschilds continue to repeat the same failed attempts to kill Kim. They believe they have discovered and have control of the next person in line who can control the assets of the Trust. In the past they have tried this same thing, only to have the next in line unable to access the funds.

•In December of 2017 Kim-Possible was given an option. She was taken to Antarctica where there is some kind of transport device that she used to go to the new Tera-firma. This is not Planet X but a completely untouched planet where Kim (the Mitochondrion Eve 99.8%identical) and the individual with the other .2% she’s missing were taken with the option to create a brand new society.

•Obviously in this scenario all those on this planet would be turned to dust and the assets would be turned over to the previous Draconian Warlords.

•Kim chose to go up against the biggest secret society in the world alone, reach out to a few individuals in the field, collaborate with the Earth bound Galactics on the planet, work directly with Source for guidance, give the Cabal every chance to cooperate, include the people on the bottom in the fight to contribute to their own freedom, allow her name to be made public, exposed all types of dark Server top secret documents to organizations around the world, return Sovereignty to the United States, Fund every Government in the world for construction to begin on the Monorail, completely renovated the entire financial system so the so called “elite” slaves couldn’t steal from the people, and destroyed the Cabal’s ability to create leverage through manipulating prices on assets, so that Humanity could be free and reconnect to God.


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