6 December, 2018 22:18


The various criminal activities of the Dragon families have been documented thoroughly throughout the internet and various other more credible sources. The “Black Dragons” were made up of Italian, American, and Chinese Bloodline families based here in the United States.

At the heart of the Black Dragons were the crimes of recently deceased George HW Bush. From his intricate involvement in the assassination of JFK, the establishment of the OSS, or the Deep State of the CIA operating out of Rockville Center in Manhattan, the planned demolition of the Twin Towers on September 11th, 2001, or the hushed article written by People Magazine on his drugging, and rape of children visiting the White House from an orphanage, then drugging new members of Congress to do the same, George Bush Senior had a storied career for the Black Dragon Families.

I’m sure he wasn’t served before he died because he was masterful at acting like a harmless old man. Fortunately the above video still clips shows that someone has finally been served with the fabled sealed indictments. Not only that but it was served directly to the high profile Bush brothers at their Fathers funeral.

This was an epic historic event. There’s no need for any fluff or further description. Just take a second to realize what just happened.


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  1. Hi Tank, a lot has changed in NY since I left in 1990 but I don’t think this has.
    In your Second paragraph…
    Did you mean to write Rockefeller Center in Manhattan or
    Rockville Center which is in Long Island, outside of Manhattan?

    Thanks for the clarification!

  2. Tank, this guy says Jesus showed him in the spirit that GHW made amends before his death and was allowed into heaven.

    The Youtube video’s name is
    Prophetic word of President George HW Bush’s death comes to pass.

    Can’t copy link, sorry.

  3. Do we see what we want to see? Did everyone in the National Cathedral get a sealed indictment?

    Or do we see what really is going on and is that white paper in the hands of Laura Bush, Hillary Clinton and POTUS too, perhaps just a funeral service book?

    I don’t think that Jeb Bush looks to the ‘agent who didn’t has his hand on his chest’. Looking to Jeb’s and George’s body language I see emotional sons, mourning about their father.

    And the ‘agent who didn’t has his hand on his chest’? He has. Look for yourself and use your own discernment in understanding what is going on…

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