The Marriage of Love and Abundance

In the Bible, the very first commandment ever given was “Be fruitful and multiply.” According to the book of Genesis, at the time this commandment was given Adam existed alone. So how could he have multiplied?

It’s one of those questions that we avoid asking because we’re afraid that questioning the validity of something will somehow mean we’ve questioned our faith. Faith then becomes the fear based tool that we must have to be pleasing to God. Losing our faith could potentially shun us from our families, our friends, or worse yet-GOD.

But let’s consider this statement made by God to Adam as a metaphysical acknowledgement of the true nature of Man and Woman being made in the likeness and image of their creator. Now before you run to get your pitchforks and torches, this is not an article trying to promote the divinity of transgenderism, Sex changes, homosexuality, or any other nonessential personal life choice turned into political platform distraction. In fact, this is evidence written in the Old Testament that supports our natural drive to create and manifest a world based on the foundation of love.

The woman represents all that is beautiful and loving in the world. She is the trusted Earth where our children are planted and grow into living breathing people. The woman transcends this role after giving birth to become the source of sustenance for the infant. And she is the primary caregiver, teacher, and protector of that child for many years after. If not for the mother the child would surely be devoured by wild animals, starve to death, or be killed by the elements. More so than almost any animal on Earth, Humans are born helpless, unable to take care of themselves.

Depending on which version of the Bible you use, it states that the first woman Eve was made from the Rib or the Womb of the first man Adam. This is where the term Womb-man (Woman) comes from. Adam was made from the “dust of the Earth.” A key point here is that it does not say he was made from the mud, as many of us have imagined God bending down to sculpt Adam from clay. The dust represents the invisible particles in the air that have not yet been defined into a condensed shape and form.
A different understanding might call this Light Source Energetic Substance, or something to that effect.

Now the Man is symbolic of the head of the family. Although in many cases this has changed in our modern society, we have to consider the symbolism to get the value of what we’re discussing. In Genesis it says that in a single day Adam named all the animals of the land, sea and air. In the book of Mathew it says that God did that. In reality, both are true. God materialized from spirit, or the “dust of the Earth” as the first man Adam. Whether this is literal or not is irrelevant. The story is describing a condescension, or a coming down from a higher state of existence, into the flesh to initiate, evaluate, and appreciate his own creative process.

The Man being the head would be associated with intelligence, wisdom, and knowledge, all attributes associated with the brain, which we commonly associate with logic, reasoning, and thought. Focus on the symbolism here or you will quickly get offended by this concept. The Woman was created from the two other essential chambers of the body, but lacked the awareness that she herself was God as well, because she was separated from the Head of the body where memories would be stored.

In the divine Master Plan, although not mentioned in the Edenic Creation story, God must have also created the Devil. How do we know? Because he was in the Garden. Described as “the Serpent” that beguiled Eve, the Devil, was considered the most beautiful of all the Angels. He appeared in the Garden to seduce Eve as a man, but with the sneaky methods of a snake hitting on another man’s wife. The story goes that he tempted Eve by offering her the same powers as God if she partook of the “forbidden fruit”. And the world’s first pickup line was born. Ironically he offered to make her something she already was, one with God.

Remember, Adam knew he was God and therefore was not surprised by anything happening in the Garden, thus him telling Eve that “When” rather than “if” she ate of the tree she would surely die. So Adam comes looking for Eve to find that she has been deflowered by another man, so to speak. Knowing this was the plan, Adam eats of the tree, covers his face, symbolically disguising who he was, and the world as we know it began.

Here are some of the hidden truths of this story of creation. Eve represents the heart or love of God. Because God knows she is his heart, her transgressions against him allowed him to feel heart break as a human being. Eating from the tree was him willingly “falling in love” with his bride as they were cast out of the Garden and fell from grace.

The woman was “cursed” with the pain of child birth, which demonstrates the pain that can be associated when bringing something from the ultimate Source into the 3D world. The man and the woman had to come together to become “one flesh” (again) for the entire Earth to be replenished. The act of two people coming together is often referred to as “making love”. This term can actually be used literally as there really is no stronger force in the Universe than the love a Mother and Father have for their off spring.

Now consider the cost of separating the man from the woman and the principle of reuniting them. In the “Lords Prayer” and the Book of THOMAS it says that aligning our thoughts and emotions is how we are able to manifest anything. If the Man represents the head, and in this case conscious thought, and the woman represents the heart or the emotional connection to the creation, then bringing them together to create a child is evidence that proves the reality of what these books are describing.

Generally we have been raised to believe that the resources at our disposal are limited. This scarcity mentality is created by our lack of knowing who we truly are. We are all symbolic of the woman. From birth a woman has all of the eggs she will ever have to bring forth offspring. In essence, she has a limited time and supply to be connected with her most natural state of being a Mother, and in essence a creator. This in part is why women are so much more selective about who they share their bed with than men are.

Men never stop producing seaman until the day they die. He represents abundance. In 24 ejaculations a single man produces enough substance to match the current world’s population. Approximately 300 Million sperm are released every time the average man engages in sexual intercourse.

When the abundance of the Head is brought together with the Love from the Heart they create the most profound expression of God that we universally appreciate and understand-a child. Even atheists can appreciate the divine perfection of a new born child. And the child demonstrates immediately that they are the offspring of the creator by showing its command over the creation. An infant with no knowledge of who it is, where it came from, and what is even possible to do, knows to cry out when it is hungry. Love, or the woman has to respond. She is symbolic of the ultimate Source, the Earth or the Universe. Her body being one with the creation, responds almost immediately by producing breast milk for the child to drink.

This time period is commonly referred to by Biblical scholars as the Creative Age. We are entering into another Creative Age now. We have spent our lives believing we are limited by time, talents, resources, and intelligence. Our world has been infected with the ignorance of our abundance and the powerful divine nature we all possess. Although the Order has tricked us with many things, they have never been able to overrule our natural direction from God to “be fruitful and multiply.” This one statement has driven us constantly to reconnect to our natural state to Know that we are Love.

All of our latent creative ability can be turned on right now just by embracing this simple concept. We have created this world with our with our thoughts and emotions. You may not believe in the Bible, but it’s almost impossible to deny your own existence. Every single human knows that a Mother’s body is the source for an infant’s sustenance. We have seen a woman lactate through her shirt when a baby cries. We’re surrounded by these loving witnesses in all that we do.

The only one’s who are exempt from this truth are those without a body. I think you get my point.


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