Consider this carefully: The essence of all creation in this three dimensional realm begins with abstract energy being pulled together by some thing, idea, vision, or thought, imagined by an individual entity where it exists for a time vibrating at a frequency that only the generator can comprehend. From the ethereal innate consideration of the one, the creative process begins to slow it down into a tangible shape and form that can be accessed, utilized, and appreciated within time and space. When this abstract concept is manifested in the flesh it is only then that the one can enjoy the impact and accomplishment of their own creative process.

It is essential to understand that every individual experience that ends in creation is grounded in love. And love, can best be understood in relation to our connection to God and one another. In fact, our connection to the source of all creation, is what naturally drives us to share the product of our creative process with one another and relate our experiences and expressions of that creation to our extended family who have chosen to vibrate in this same time and space with us. If this were not so, then there would be no reason to ever bring our ideas to life, or to create anything. We could exist in the confines of our mind where we reign supreme as the best and worst, the tallest and shortest, the strongest and weakest, the all in all, in all that we imagine.

To love is to be alive. To be alive is to create. To express ourselves for who we truly are is to manifest our love for one another. The natural manifestation of God in the abstract coming down into a comprehensible shape and form is an expression of his love through the creation of life. This life is prolific and connects all things seen and unseen throughout all dimensions. But it is here in this time and space, that we can best appreciate the depth and breadth of that love story, as this is the only moment we will ever truly be able to witness to it as it is, in this version of ourselves.

Appreciate the struggle as we begin to create and express our true divine nature. We are creators, the offspring of the creator, and the product of true love. We have often forgotten that this is the core of who we are, the essence and origin of everything we value, and the driving force behind all that makes our heart beat.

Remember where you came from, what that means, and why you decided to take this path. Connect to the deeper meaning of your human experience and allow that to be your masterpiece. You are beautiful just the way you are. You can be whatever you want and are living proof of that everyday. Love the journey, feel the sorrow, bask in the glory of your triumph.

This moment is yours. Your thoughts are the powerful substance of a new world. Your words are like a chisel sculpting your reality. Your actions are the evidence of your unexpressed interpretations of love being brought forth from the void into the artistic expression of your individuality. You represent an infinite number of possibilities all stemming from the same limitless pattern of creation.

You are spirit materialized. And you’re perfect.


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