4 February, 2019 15:12

Deuteronomy 30:19

This is being “lost in the Algorithm” on YouTube so I posted it on Brighteon too.


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  1. Looks like admiralty law?? Are you kidding me?? Law period is just part of the whole problem we have. All this money, funds, resoruces, gold, reset, gcr. trusts we are told are for the people of the world. Then why do we need the system and people part of that system such as law to tell us how to use it, to spend it and at this point if we can even have it?? You have to ask yourself, people, why are we starving, yes us the people like myself who have real answers and are doing the real work in this world that will save this world, this earth and why are we broke?? Starving?? living in a van while it is 7 degrees at night and worse yet being abused terribly mentally, emotionally, physically and spiritual from the people who are asleep that hate us and think we are stupid and the other side that will not release the supposed money that belongs to us. At some point, we need to stop listening and caring about these people who have become your god/s and your saviors and walk away from the paperwork, lies and wasted time of dangling the golden carrot over your head. There are 2 videos from 2 of my shows one I did last week with people I am working with to create an online Waldorf school for homeschooling kids worldwide and a market place where you not only get the goods you need but you get paid to buy them. The people who have founded frega are all readily generating funds and technology to release everything to the public fairly and evenly across the board, stop waiting for bullshit! The second link is from a show I did with a friend of mine in common law and natural law. Any legal or law people brought in for anything surrounding any money that belongs to the people should set off the highest alarms in your heads! After this post and the damn bullshit full of complete and total lies of the state of the Union address, I can honestly say I have completely had it, period end of the story and you should too! I am personally done waiting, I am done begging these people who control the money that belongs to the people of the world, I am done participating on any level and I am moving out and working with others who really care about how to solve, heal, save and give people dignity!

    And you are not allowed to put a link on the blog posts anymore since it is copyrighted?? wow are you kidding me?? wow that is another reason to stay away from this crap!

    my youtube channel is Consciousness Of Economics & Urban Farm Project you, unfortunately, will have to look it up and watch the shows manually since this blog has stopped people from posting links and communicating together, directly and sharing.

    The shows to look upon that channel are:
    Carrying Stones & Digging Holes radio show Feb 2, 2019, with paddy and mandy Delany founders and developers of frega world.

    Second is the carrying stones & digging holes radio show with ken scott on January 5, 2018

    and if really interested a show I did with my mentor who is retired common law court judge on December 29, 2019 carrying stones & digging holes show as well just look for those shows and the dates..

    peace out people, only we can change the world and remember to stop waiting for the world to change..be the change and stop waiting and listening to you oppressors who are controlling all the money and systems and lieing!

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