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by MOA

What do we do when an enemy as evil as the Cabal wish us all in pain or dead?

The concept is called “Body of Glass”.

Body of Glass — the ability to maintain neutrality to foreign energy, and thereby reduce or eliminate its effects on you. As part of this lecture, he also teaches students how to turn down the body’s automatic response control mechanisms.


The best “real” example.

Star Trek: The Next Generation (on Netflix)

Season 7 Episode 4 = Gambit, Part I

Season 7 Episode 5 = Gambit, Part 2


At the end of Episode 5, in Act 5, a powerful weapon that can destroy worlds is revealed:

“Meanwhile, Picard talks with Tallera about the two pieces, taking note of the symbol of War and Death and notices that the there seems to be an important glyph missing from between them. Tallera then says when they arrive that she will take the pieces and go to collect the payment. She says she must go alone, since she is Vulcan, to avoid suspicion. Picard then reveals that he asked Riker to contact Vulcan security, which unnerves Tallera.”

Fast forward…..

“They find the third resonator piece in a cave in the T’KarathSanctuary on the Vulcan homeworld. Vekor finds that that the bounty money is “less than half of what we were promised”, and she and Narik demand payment in full. Tallera completes the device and proceeds to kill Narik and Vekor. She turns on Picard just as Riker, Worf, and two security guards materialize in the cave. Picard orders them to drop their weapons and to clear their minds of aggressive thoughts. He tells them that he now recognizes the missing glyph, which is Peace, and can defeat the effects of the weapon. Tallera tries to use it on Riker, but he clears his mind and the weapon fails. Picard says that when the Vulcans realized that peace could defeat war and death, the weapon was dismantled. Tallera, angry, tries the weapon on Worf, but also fails. After a last failed attempt on Picard, who has knelt in front of her, he gently takes it from her. She is taken into custody, and the resonator is given to the Vulcans, and they assure Captain Picard that they will destroy all three fragments.”


Instead of resisting the fear of the Cabal and having great anger that THEY have done this to us and we must have revenge, place yourself into the state of Body of Glass.

From there, imagine all the great people and things you have in your life RIGHT NOW.

Add to that the filling up of your heart with all the good things you have already done in your life and all the good you WILL do in the future.

Imagine when funding comes, and it will, the smiling faces of those filled with love and appreciation for the kindness you have shown them.

We will win by NOT playing the Cabal Fear game. After all, it is only False Evidence Appearing Real.

We are LIGHT WORKERS. We do not cower in the shadows. We light them up!

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  1. In my experience as a original medicine person. Traditional ancient bloodline. The only that you get harmed or have issues with darkness in this world is when you are not listening, working with and are completely ignoring the ancestors that left themselves here in this world to help guide everyone to do the good work. You do not need to do anything but listen to them and your life will be fine, you will naturally be lead where you need to go and what you need to do safely. It is only when you try to hold onto a life, control your life that the issues arise and there is pain and suffering. Attempting to live a life that is not in the best interest of earth or your growth by ignoring the ancestors will cause pain, physical, mental, emotional and spiritual. For example i became homeless in 2006. My business partner was murdered by the gov. The more i accept the homelessness as it is what it is and allow myself the freedom of not trying to hold on or make it in this world and work with the beings of earth in co creation as well as my ancestors everything is perfect. Divine. The not fighting against what you do not want, you cannot control anything anyway, but you can be open and stop fighting the ancestors who need you to get to work. Your life is not going to be what you want it to be..but there will be joy..peace..and letting go..sorry I hate star trek way too much drama every show. WE have been taught to accept drama..find fixes for our drama..there is not drama unless you are not listening to your ancestors. They gave up there body’s and left their energy bodies as libraries for us in megaliths..ancient trees..water..many forms..
    A good friend of mine has some amazing books..that can be of use to set one free of their drama they are trying to find fixes for..his name is Lujan Matus very powerful man they maybe of help in shifting the mind set..remember when you use protection spells you will be attracting more things to you by the very nature of 2 things..1 they are attracted to energy you are using to create glass..protection ect. .2 they are dark energy is attracted to the fact you are conjuring something use of energy again no matter it is attracts more of what you do not want since it is based in a fix to help you with what you do not want..good luck..

  2. Real interesting stories, I like how it ties through history to modern day using latest news events!

    I haven’t read everything yet so I probably missed some development, are some blogs random or does each writer have their own storyline or is it all meant to be part of one collective narrative story?

    Good job, cool idea!

  3. You wrote: “We are LIGHT WORKERS. We do not cower in the shadows. We light them up!” I smiled and laughed a little at this truth. Nice.

  4. From first hand experience,though I like your body of glass visual concept…I have several times in real life stated my need or purpose and then let go and trust. Spinning across four lanes of freeway in a tail spin Mazda rx7 and simply stating God don’t let me hit anyone or let anyone hit me, then do what you have to do by letting go. I have tailspun in snow heading for the ramps edge and let go of the steering will and trusted,came to a complete stop on the edge. Had a fist coming to my face and was lifted on my heels slightly leaning backwards(Not on my own accord, seeingthe fist coming at me open and miss me by mere inches. Swat teams made blind after being told to stomp every inch of ground with weapons drawn looking right into my eyes and their eyes roll back in their head,never saw me,I was on the ground three feet in front of them. So there is something to be said about just asking and trusting in intense circumstances, letting the higher power work for you.

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