CLARIFICATION: Statement of support for President Trump and clarification of her position, from Kim-Possible



I have just had this video sent to me by an associate of mine and I feel I need to address this, not only to anyone who may or may not listen to this, but directly to President Trump and the United States Government.

Over the last several months, I have been working with several associates to assist President Trump in “draining the swamp”. I am in complete support of the President of the United States Donald J. Trump for his brilliant plans and strategies in restoring the United States to its former glory. I was born in the United States and have watched the deep state, the Chinese Elders, the Rothschilds, and all those that associate with these people, tear this country apart. I was elated to see President Trump elected and actually carry through on his promises to rid this country of the deep state.

To be very CLEAR, I have NEVER EVER had a conversation about working for the United States Government, and DEFINITELY never ever made a statement about being or running for President regardless of who is in office.


My “job” as trustee, signatory, custodian, and principal is;

A) To support the governments of the world in returning assets back to the countries plus dividends which were stolen or taken by my predecessors. We do NOT force any government to take assets nor attempt to direct in any way nor govern over any country including the United States. To be clear, I do not now, nor have I ever, nor will I ever, work for the United States Government.

B) To support and fund qualifying private projects for development, infrastructure and humanitarian efforts.

C) Support research, development and use of new technologies worldwide for the benefit of humanity.

D) Assist any government worldwide in the restoration of its own Sovereignty.

E) Chinese Elders, Rothschilds, Rockefellers, Clintons, any and all “Dragon” families were FORMER TRUSTEES. As a Trustee, they are NOT an owner. They were supposed to “do a job” for my predecessors. My predecessors and I DO NOT share the same views; therefore, I DO NOT support any of the former trustees for that same reason. They are STILL trying to claim they have assets but they do NOT. They have no access to the Trust. Therefore any member or former member of any government (including the United States) any member of the above organization are NOT representative of myself and are constantly making promises, not only to you, but to all those reading this AND to the governments of the world. They have ZERO intention on following through on these promises.

F) I AM NOT involved, nor is THE TRUST, in any kind of “new currency” for the United States nor any other nation nor any type of “Global Currency Reset”. If the United States Government wants to change their currency that is their decision, not mine, and DEFINITELY not China’s nor any Chinese/Asian/Dragon elders.

To be clear, I do not share Mr. Thomas William’s views, nor have we ever discussed the Trust nor myself serving as any type of interim government. I do not support ANYONE trying to overthrow any government nor head of state anywhere. I have no intention of perpetuating the “One World Government” with a “One World Council” which is currently being attempted by the former trustee group, including the Chinese Elders, Dragons, Rothschilds, etc., It is my sole intention to disburse the assets in the trust and restore sovereignty.
Unfortunately, Mr. Williams has made a public statement suggesting an overthrow of the United States Government, which I cannot in any way support. Therefore, as of this day 30th of September 2018, I can no longer associate with Mr. Williams in any way.

Please be advised this is my public response to a very public statement, I do hope everyone understands, although, this statement was not made by me (not in public nor private).

Mr. President Trump, #MAGA!

Kim “Possible”
aka Kimberly Goguen

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