30 September, 2018 14:45

CLARIFICATION: Statement of support for President Trump and clarification of her position, from Kim-Possible



I have just had this video sent to me by an associate of mine and I feel I need to address this, not only to anyone who may or may not listen to this, but directly to President Trump and the United States Government.

Over the last several months, I have been working with several associates to assist President Trump in “draining the swamp”. I am in complete support of the President of the United States Donald J. Trump for his brilliant plans and strategies in restoring the United States to its former glory. I was born in the United States and have watched the deep state, the Chinese Elders, the Rothschilds, and all those that associate with these people, tear this country apart. I was elated to see President Trump elected and actually carry through on his promises to rid this country of the deep state.

To be very CLEAR, I have NEVER EVER had a conversation about working for the United States Government, and DEFINITELY never ever made a statement about being or running for President regardless of who is in office.


My “job” as trustee, signatory, custodian, and principal is;

A) To support the governments of the world in returning assets back to the countries plus dividends which were stolen or taken by my predecessors. We do NOT force any government to take assets nor attempt to direct in any way nor govern over any country including the United States. To be clear, I do not now, nor have I ever, nor will I ever, work for the United States Government.

B) To support and fund qualifying private projects for development, infrastructure and humanitarian efforts.

C) Support research, development and use of new technologies worldwide for the benefit of humanity.

D) Assist any government worldwide in the restoration of its own Sovereignty.

E) Chinese Elders, Rothschilds, Rockefellers, Clintons, any and all “Dragon” families were FORMER TRUSTEES. As a Trustee, they are NOT an owner. They were supposed to “do a job” for my predecessors. My predecessors and I DO NOT share the same views; therefore, I DO NOT support any of the former trustees for that same reason. They are STILL trying to claim they have assets but they do NOT. They have no access to the Trust. Therefore any member or former member of any government (including the United States) any member of the above organization are NOT representative of myself and are constantly making promises, not only to you, but to all those reading this AND to the governments of the world. They have ZERO intention on following through on these promises.

F) I AM NOT involved, nor is THE TRUST, in any kind of “new currency” for the United States nor any other nation nor any type of “Global Currency Reset”. If the United States Government wants to change their currency that is their decision, not mine, and DEFINITELY not China’s nor any Chinese/Asian/Dragon elders.

To be clear, I do not share Mr. Thomas William’s views, nor have we ever discussed the Trust nor myself serving as any type of interim government. I do not support ANYONE trying to overthrow any government nor head of state anywhere. I have no intention of perpetuating the “One World Government” with a “One World Council” which is currently being attempted by the former trustee group, including the Chinese Elders, Dragons, Rothschilds, etc., It is my sole intention to disburse the assets in the trust and restore sovereignty.
Unfortunately, Mr. Williams has made a public statement suggesting an overthrow of the United States Government, which I cannot in any way support. Therefore, as of this day 30th of September 2018, I can no longer associate with Mr. Williams in any way.

Please be advised this is my public response to a very public statement, I do hope everyone understands, although, this statement was not made by me (not in public nor private).

Mr. President Trump, #MAGA!

Kim “Possible”
aka Kimberly Goguen

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  1. Kim,
    20 million “humans” on planet Earth are working towards ascension. With your control of the Trust, maybe it’s time to call on some of the real “workers” to assist your advancement of humanity. I know many families who are now homeless and cannot get help from traditional sources. In my county, there are over 4500 this year alone. I offer my energy and experience to you if wish it.

    1. Hm – not quite sure how to receive your message Charles. You are assuming that Ms K is not already working with “real workers” and if she is, they would be somewhat inhaling at your comment.

      In regards to M K’s proclamation to disconnect from TW, this is the most diplomatic thing for her to do. Whether his comment was made in “jest”, it is in the ethos and can be received in a number of different ways. However, whilst Ms K is the Trustee, she must maintain a position of neutrality at all times.

      I don’t believe that her remaining at a distance is a negative thing either. I thought that this type of declaration from the Trustee may have come earlier as TW, has been making some pretty taunting & arrogant statements of late, which puts himself, Ms K and those closely affiliated to them (friends & family) in potentially risky positions.

      Sometimes, silence is the strategy that enables the universe to work its perfect magic!!

  2. Thank you for the clarity. Sorry to hear it came the way it did.

    This may be a bit off-topic… but not

    Just submitted a project to Thomas Williams for Kim’s review. Submitted once here as well, but didn’t receive an acknowledgment of receipt.

    Been bringing this child o’ mine into being for long now and became kinda partial to it… I don’t want to throw it out all over trying to get it to Kim. I’d feel much better if I knew the submission has been made and received — to and by the right person. Can someone address that for me? thanks much.

    1. I can not believe Kim ..that you would get sucked into this.
      Had the creator ..LUCID DREAMER…WHO CREATED THIS TITLE…WITH TOTAL LACK OF INTEGRITY .. Had actually listened to the entire broadcast.. possibly better words would have been chosen.. LUCID DREAMER YOU HAVE CREATED A HORRIBLE MESS..YOU BESTSTEP UP…
      AND TANK..my only question for you. Is … Did you listen to the show… If now go back and do so as well..

  3. Listened again just now, he didn’t mean badly. But I understand. sad. Is there a way to amend this, or is it too late? (rhetorical)

  4. So this clip was lifted out of the context of the whole… it was an op-ed piece, not a report. Difficult to speak in public these days, very tricky.

  5. It sounded more like a hypothetical statement to me..so now we shred the Universe over a misunderstanding??

  6. My two cents… Kim made her position clear, which is really good needed to be done. Thomas was stating his opinion which was taken out of context and misinterpreted. We learned, we know we need to be cohesive and not separate as a human heart-centered group, can we call it a lesson and move on together? That’s from my limited perspective as I’ve don’t personally know any of those involved. Always having to put disclaimers on everything these days…

  7. This truly hurts my heart and a bit devastating. I have followed Thomas around ever since I woke up 6 years ago. He was the one that always resonated with me. A very kind and humble man with integrity and truth, whether you like it or not. My thoughts and prayers are with him and everyone involved.

  8. Deputy Chief of Mission Thomas Williams I can understand not to have anything to do with, but Tommy Williams, the Irish person who was living in Florida (moved, I guess, somewhere) & who thinks you done a wonderful job, doesn’t fit. But I understand…
    Some times we have to say, “See you on the other side.”

  9. As if there is not enough on your plate. How does so much misunderstanding come from a remark made by someone who is only voicing their trust ant support. Common sense would be able to hear that Mr. Thomas’ comment was only an opinion because of his knowledge of who you are. I thought it was a good opinion too but at the same time realized your plate was so full and your heart wasn’t anywhere near the White House. Your heart and love is for the World! Thank you and I hope people have learned a little more about what you are going through and trying to accomplish for them.

  10. Mahalo nuis for clarity Kim!

    While some of his intel has been helpful in the past few months … essentially I have found his attitude very scary. Therefore, I would never wish to work with him in anyway. So it was good to hear that you do not support his views in anyway Kim.

    As they say, each to their own. I know who I am and why I am here … not having anything to do with being wealthy. What goes around comes around for others and is none of my business.

    But at the rate things are happening, it appears those of us nearing our 70’s and older with either no social security or the meager SS monthly amounts will end up dying on the streets. Neither you or Tank seem to be concerned about supporting those of us whom have given up everything to keep raising the frequencies of Earth & Humanity while holding the knowledge of the truth.

    We each still have to work full time to barely survive financially … and will not be able to for much longer as our bodies are breaking down way too fast … compliments of the draco/reptoid aging program.

    So at this point, I have given up ever seeing the outward positive changes I came to contribute towards in my lifetime … rapidly coming to a close.

    But I wish you all the best!

  11. This is in response to Kimberly Gogan’s response, disappointed to hear that you had to cut off your association with Tommy Williams. I understand but don’t understand! He’s a good person with a good heart and had no intentions of L or overthrowing have any government of any kind with or without you! And the thing that shocked me the most is the fact that there were so many people out there that thought that! All I can say is there is a lot of fucking ass stupid people out there! Excuse me for my language but this is freaking ridiculous! It’s about his damn bad is where our country is right now! So sick of all of this stupidity! I think I country needs to find some minds, MINDS, so they can be put back in peoples brains! Anyway just want to say that and good luck keep up the great work! Diane Fowler

  12. Sea la voluntad del padre y no la nuestra. Bendiciones. Y mas bendiciones a los mas castigados por este corrupto sistema en decadencia.

  13. What a shame! I listened to that show and in no way was it meant to be serious, it was a statement , a what if, and was explained as such at that time. Some one, somewhere , is making much ado about nothing. Thomas Williams is exceptionally well meaning , and an honourable man. Please rethink your position Kim . Bob Mencel

  14. I don’t see any evidence that Kim wrote this so I’m
    Not rushing to judgement on Kim’s reaction. TANK I would like to know what your title of twitter means. Treasurer for the Guardian of Camelot? Who is the guardian if not Kim and are you saying you are her Treasurer? Something stinks here!

  15. Yet another comment from me because I woke thinking about this, it doesn’t feel right. The three of you together, Kim, Tank and Tommy are a really meaningful team. I think the majority of the people/audience saw your collaboration as a true human family, one we can actually relate to and share important info with. A collaboration that produced good positive feeling and hope when we are constantly bombarded with hard-to-handle and too often soul-crushing news. A sound connection at a chaotic and disconnected time. A team working together for the best of all. All very good, right? These days reality is so challenging and separating, events happen, strange unaccountable things, misunderstandings, errors abound… good hearts are stronger together. This team is good hearts and good medicine at a time when it’s sorely needed. A hope shared among many, I’m sure, is that you find your way back together stronger than ever.

  16. It seems that the “Divide and Conquer” techniques are working!
    The written word can never really express HOW it is spoken unless someone is reciting it, even then that’s the speakers interpretation of it.
    There is too much emphasis on the Political correctness bull shit these days and people having to guard their words in case it upsets some poor sole. Just tell it how it is, if someone miss interprets what has been said..so what! …Live with it and move on.

  17. Dear Ms Kim, Trustee of the Manna World Holding Trust. I followed Mr Thomas Williams for close to 2 years now…and I wish that I had found him years ago…that being said, all is as it’s meant to be. (As some say)…However, THIS makes my stomach churn, honestly. I am just about to listen to his 9/27/18 show for a third time…I must say that I did not hear the ABSURDITY that SOME have made this out to be. It was Thomas opinion, a “what if” , NOT a threat to President Trump nor the United States Government at all. I hope that you have listened to that complete show and will re-consider your position.

    Thank you Kim. Thank you Thomas. Thank you Tank. Thank you to the Team and ALL that are STANDING in Truth, Honor and…Integrity. Here’s to real resolution and working towards a better future on Mother Earth for our children, grandchildren and on and on forever!!! <3

  18. I just wish I had the funds to get out from under the slavery of debt. To buy a few acres and run a self sustaining farm with my family, to include a solar farm, to be free of bills and taxes that counties and cities impose on people just to live in an area. The human race is the only species on this planet that has to pay to live here! Why is that? Why have we been sapped dry by the very govt that is supposed to protect us? Why do I have to bust my arse 60 – 80 hours a week along with my wife doing the same just to live in a home we will never pay off and we have to pay taxes on property we own? This hasn’t been a “free” country for a very long time and the corruption in our own govt is spread far and wide! How is it that a small group of people who if they decided to distribute the mass of wealth they have obtained to all the inhabitants of the planet would throw this planet into a mass technological boon the likes we have never seen because of the constraints placed on them would be removed? How can a family be that rich? While I have struggled to make ends meet and put food on the table while physically destroying my body to provide? Through thousands of years of theft, murder, bribery, treason, exploitation of human life in many nefarious means is how. When o God will the people see JUSTICE for the monstrosities placed on the people by these tyrants!?!?! I thank you for all you are trying to do Kim! I pray for your success in all that you try to do for humanity as a whole! May God bless and keep you and your team!

  19. You know you don’t have to stop tuning into both of these people! Divide and conquor only works if you create sides and I don’t see a division here unless you create one.

    I have only just started listening to TW and found the Kre8change org from following the bread crumbs. Let the ones that want to manifest division expose themselves and observe them and their ways rather than pouring your focus into fixing something that isn’t broken. I want to be free not talk about the smell in the drain I currently live in 🙂

  20. I hope this statement from “Kim” is genuine, as I was appalled at hearing TW’s latest taunting snarky rant. It was stupidly irresponsible. When he does those broadcasts, he is stating he is doing so as a representative of the Manna Trust, and as a spokesperson for “Kim Guguen-Possible”. He is not doing so as a private person just giving an opinion. It is scary to me how many of the above repliers seem to consider him to be some kind of rock star hero to them.

  21. Why do WE have to “PAY” to “LIVE” on our Own Planet? Collective Reasoning has been hyjacked! Wake the F%k up and take back your EDENS. . LOVE YOU KIM AND THE TEAM! BEEN AT THIS FOR 6 DECADEA NEARLY! Will be in touch… Wayne

  22. Hi Kim

    My name is Liam Torrance and live in Scotland UK. Firstly I would like to thank you for your service to humanity, this beautiful planet and beyond. I cannot even try to comprehend the task you have ahead of you. With all my being I thank you.

    I have spent most of my life developing, prototyping and manufacturing products within my own companies. I have been working with a number of highly conscious people who all have one simple goal which is to restore our beautiful planet to its former glory and ensure every living being has clean water, food and shelter. We are currently developing new energy technology along with amazing new desalination technology that would transform so many lives around the world and also help restore the planet to its original beauty.

    For many years I have been working on my personal development and have been blessed with the ability to channel healing in a number of different ways to allow me to help so many people. I have never charged anything for healing other than asking people to help others when they are feeling better. Channelling healing day after day has helped raise my personal consciousness and attract so many highly conscious souls to come together for the benefit of every person on this planet.

    I have already surrendered myself to be of service to humanity for the rest of my life and do not need or require any payment in return. The feeling of helping others is the ultimate remuneration possible for the work I am guided to do.

    We need to rapidly move this technology forward and mass produce the equipment along with worldwide distribution and make all the technology open source and free to duplicate and use for the benefit of all of humanity. To achieve these goals we need to raise considerable amounts of funding. Can you please advise when the timing is right where and how to apply for funding so that we can help transform this world and bring Heaven to Earth.

    Loving Regards


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