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Last evening I took my kids to the beach on Long Island. The area we go to has a summer activity called “God at the Beach”. Various churches from the area go to the shore and gather their congregations for an evening mass. The energy is exciting as music plays and esteemed men from various faiths stand before an audience walking their partitioners through a ceremonial ritual with the added glory of God’s Natural cathedral.

But this is what I see: Each group in their own way holding up a cross with a symbol of God manifested in the flesh-crucified. The church parades the symbol up and down the aisle declaring their victory having successfully killed the son of God. The focus is his death, rather than his resurrection.

In fact, the Pope use to wear a crown that said “VICARIUS FILE DIA” Vicar or Substitute to the Son of God. He donated this crown to the Smithsonian after a book titled Elohim the Archetype Original Pattern of the Universe, written by Dr. Henry Clifford Kinley was published in 1958, that pointed out that the Roman Numerals on the Pope’s crown added up to 666.

Back at the beach the crowd was walked through a ceremony honoring the Mother of God, which is a Pagan symbol added to Catholic dogma to insert the Greek Goddess Helen of Troy. They reference Mary as an idol who intercedes for them to gain favor from God.

Next to the Priest was a flag that represented the Catholic Church. A symbol that seemed to represent power and unity under one body, subtlety demonstrated how we’ve all been duped.

Most of us would defend our selves and or our religion, believing that we haven’t been effected in our consciousness by the spells, hidden symbols, and contracts we’ve agreed to with our silence. But consider how important certain things have become to us that we now identify as facts when it comes to understanding God.

I’ll use the Christian name for the messiah as an example. I had intended to list several examples, but there’s so many obvious flaws in each of these myth’s that it took up too much space.

The Myth – The name of the Messiah is Jesus.

The FACTS – There is no letter J or combination of letters that make a J sound in the Hebrew, Greek, or Latin languages, which are the three languages that were most commonly spoken during the time the Messiah was in his ministry, and the three that were used to inscribe “INRI” (commonly translated, “Behold Jesus of Nazareth King of the Jews”)
•And yes that means, no Jehovah, no John, no Jerusalem, and no Jacob.

the Bible actually states that Gabriel the messenger angel appeared to Mary and to Joseph, told them their unborn child was in fact the son of God, and his name would be Emanuel. This appears three times in the scriptures.

•The name Jesus is repeated 983 times in the older King James Version of the New Testament, and 1273 times in the New International Version (apparently he appeared an additional 300 times as time has gone on).

•The origins of the name Jesus go back to the Greek term “Hail Zues,” so even if it’s a person’s intention to honor the messiah by using the name Jesus, we end up repeating and giving credit to another God altogether.
•The most common argument given when this is brought up is that the “name doesn’t matter.” Well, it must have mattered to God because he included it in the most essential tenants of the laws he gave the Hebrews, the Ten Commandments – #3: Thou shalt not take the name of the Lord thy God in vain.
The literal translation means to falsify who God is and what He stands for.
•So if I put my name on your paycheck, isn’t that falsifying who the credit for your work belongs to? In like manner, if we use another God’s name for the work done by Yahweh, doesn’t that mean we’ve taken his name in vain? Yes, yes it does.
•And by the way, breaking one of the Ten Commandments was punishable by death. So it certainly matters

This should be important to us so that we can become aware of the spells being cast on us. Because we could easily find ourselves bowing or kneeling to another God submitting ourselves unknowingly to our own enslavement. These practices get our consent to intercede, block, and disconnect our natural awareness, appreciation, and direct connection to the Source of all life and creation. Here in lies our approval to live as victims under the illusion of scarcity. Not having access to the unlimited wealth of our heavenly inheritance creates the powerlessness many of us feel to change our circumstances.

Notice how all of the members participating in this service have submitted to the ceremony of kneeling to the Priest as he stands above them interceding on their behalf to communicate with God for them. Much in the same way an army would surrender to a conquering army’s leader by laying down their arms and kneeling, this congregation has done the same, thinking they’re honoring one God but paying homage to another.

Consider that the scriptures say that we’re made in the likeness and image of our creator. Moses is given the Tabernacle Pattern on the top of Mt. Sinai where Elohim transfigured from his metaphysical shape and form into the Tabernacle Pattern. In the Most Holy Place of the Tabernacle you have the clear and obvious ways in which this correlates to our head cavity. Your brain is gray and white matter, much like the cloud of incense that would rise into the MHP.

In the midst of your brain you have the Arterial Circle of Willis which is described as a stick figure of a red man in most medical books. This personifies Elohim sitting on the Arch of the Covenant as seen by the High Priest during the Flash of the Sheckoning on the Day of Atonement. Also showing that it’s God in measure in you who rightfully belongs in the place of your higher understanding symbolized in the body with the Pineal Gland. The Pineal Gland responds to light which stimulates and sends messages all the way down to our sexual organs. Symbolically and literally showing something from an abstract idea, coming down into the flesh to manifest as a creation, much in the way a child is born.

The Ten Commandments were placed in the Arch with 7 Commandments on one side and three on the other as the Master Law to Israel. In your brain you have the Pituitary Gland which is the Master Gland of the Body with two lobes secreting seven hormones from one side and three from the other.

You also have two primary functions of your brain, motor or actions, and sensory, the giving and receiving of messages. These correlate to the two arch angels on the Arch of the Covenant Michael the Warrior and Gabriel the Messenger.

Now on the Catholic flag that all of those people on the beach were kneeling to, there is one depicted that is above the throne where the Most High is supposed to sit in our consciousness. The Pineal Gland, where the Eye of Understanding is supposed to be stimulated by the light to bring forth creation is covered by a shrouded crown giving someone else authority over God in us.

The scriptures actually say, “It is the father, both to will and to do.” That means it’s God that is the free will in you making decisions to create or be enslaved, to speak or stay silent, to take a stand or take a knee. You may have been unaware of this reality before, and could therefore be excused due to ignorance. But if you know what you are participating in, and continue to do so now, you’re willingly choosing to serve man over God. It is in these choices that the mass consciousness can change or remain stagnant.
It is our indifference to these acts that allows all other acts of violence, and perversion against us to be tolerated.

If you look within yourself for an honest answer from God to ask if what I’ve written here is true, I guarantee you’ll see that is. The only question left is, does God want us to continue to bow down to something or someone who has exalted themselves above his Holy Name, our family name denoting the righteous character and reputation of the creator? Or is he the fire and the light that’s burning in our souls telling us to bow to no one, stand up for the family name, and make that name mean something again.



Metatron’s Cube


Metatron’s Cube in 3D.

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  1. According to Hebrew scholar Dr schmuel Asher, Eternal Creator (GOD) true first person Name is AHYH, or AHEYEH, not Yahweh…have you heard this before Tank?

  2. TANK, so important! Your thoughts are appropriate. Thanks for guiding the way. Who do we serve this day? In the Bible, we are directed to: be ye Holy as I am Holy! As He came to bless and change the world, we have been given the same job to do now as then. How can that happen without a “change of course”? As painful as it might seem to forge a new trail, it will help to remember that the old trail has become deadly!
    “When Angels Sing”, Yesterday, I started singing a little song I had remembered from childhood and hadn’t sung since then. I was also amazed by the quality of tone I was hearing as I sang. The little song that is sung as a round goes like this: White coral belles upon a slender stalk, lilies of the valley deck my garden walk. Oh how I wish that I could hear them ring, that will happen only when the angels sing. We are told that the angels sing when a person becomes a citizen of Heaven as a redeemed member of the family of God. That person is set apart from the darkness of evil and brought into the Light of the King of Kings, Yahweh, Emmanuel! As we live a life in response to and surrounded by the goodness of God (white coral belles) we have an opportunity to hear them ring and know that angels are filling the Heavens with magnificent music, blessing us, our world and the Universe!

    The goal is to honor God in complete faith!

    There is an Alliance plan and there is a Kim plan. God can use any resource in the Universe for his plan. It is easy to justify the use of funding that becomes available as the needs of humanity are abundant. In one post you made a statement that currency would not be considered in an application made to draw on the trust Kim holds. You also commented that if an RV happened to go ahead and exchange.
    If each specific nation is backing their currency who is funding the exchanges/redemption of currency for the RV? Is it the nation, the Alliance, the Republic, the banks, other trusts? I understand that there is deception and that the intentions of man apart from God are not God’s intentions but how is the funding separate from the will of God for humanity?

  3. Tank,

    I believe everything you’ve said in this post to be true, and I choose change. I’ve always said: “I’ll give mine for freedom”
    I’m willing to do so at any moment.
    I’ve put the lettering on the rear window of my daily driver : “There is no power lost in being wrong, only in remaining so once made aware”and many Dems read it daily.
    I heard it from you, so it’s attributed to TANK.”
    I’m being hit by the opposition through what my phones processor calls a thermal engine. It turns on and overheats my phone when I watch certain channels on you tube like Lucid dreamer, Headlines with a voice, and mostly any that are truthers.
    Having the limited resources allowed by S.S.I. it is difficult some days to get these messages, but I will continue to fight those hurdles to hang on to the escape rope you’ve become in my quest to break out of this self imposed prison !
    Thanks and if I may,


  4. Tank,

    I, and many others, I am sure, would appreciate an update on Kim’s progress toward securing the movement of funds so project proposals can be submitted

  5. Thanks Tank. I’m very impressed with everything you wrote here and I learned a lot.

    In support of what Tank said here I’m including a summary of the ages of Pisces and Aquarius, which came from Alan Oken’s Complete Astrology, written in 1975.

    Pisces is a vehicle for total surrender to a greater spiritual force. This does not have to be through the dogma or rituals of any particular church or ideology. It is universal love and understanding and a respect for Life which is so important. The impact of Jesus’s ability to control the natural forces of life through His highly developed consciousness (often called “miracles”) had a tremendous impact on the people of his time. Jesus showed that through the power of faith and inner attunement to the God-Force, Man could not only be released from the cross of both Earth (the four directions of the compass) and Man (standing erect with arms outstretched) but achieve resurrection and immortality.

    The results of this process often proved disastrous as Man worked to unite the logistical processes of his individualized mind with the spiritual quest for marriage in the “Heart of God” –great paradoxes and dichotomies existed between the Teachings and Essence of Jesus on the one hand, and the practices of the Christian churches and the vestigial “Ceasar complexes” of many of the Piscean Age popes on the other.

    Pisces is the sign of Self-Undoing. In this respect, it is little wonder that the early Christians were eager to suffer martyrdom in the arena. The Catholic Church recognizes martyrdom as a way to enter the kingdom of heaven. By the 16th century the Piscean Church had extended its influence and doctrines (and Inquisition) to theNew World and its inhabitants. In the name of Christ and in the darkness of absolutism, thousands were put to death. The lust for power and wealth and the expansion and crystallization of orthodox doctrine were the causes for much of the negative manifestations of this Age.

    The purpose of Jesus’s ministry was to open the door of this universality to everyone: a universality which we hope to see realized in the Aquarian Age. The message of the Age of Aquarius is, however, that humanity as a whole IS the Messiah and the properties of the Savior within Man are released and revealed as human consciousness and evolution develops. Each individual can therefore find this Light within and bring it forth to illuminate others until the entire race of Man becomes enlightened.

    The ages are changing right before our eyes. (First) let’s refer to a point in history which signified the very beginnings of the cusp of the Aquarian Age. The year was 1781 and the event was the discovery of the planet Uranus. This discovery was extremely significant, for Uranus, ruler of Aquarius, is to be the primary planetary influence for the next 2000 years.

    Aquarius is an airy sign and hence pertains to the mental realms. It formulates ideas from the watery inspirations of Pisces and then proceeds to organize the concepts upon which a civilization is to be based. It also provides much of the technology and foresight which enable humanity to plan ahead for the future. Air is the element of the New Age and this makes communications and inventiveness two of the most outstanding characteristics of the period into which we are rapidly moving. The need to communicate is common to all the airy signs and their planetary rulers. Aquarius distributes the riches of life through an understanding of the nature of humanity, at the same time giving the knowledge and inspiration for the proper use of this abundance.

    Uranus extends the ability for Mankind to tap the energy of the more highly developed forces at work in the solar system and the insight to use this power in order to raise the general level of consciousness of the Earth and its inhabitants.

  6. Tank, I don’t mean to rain on any parade. However, is there any technology that you know of that will counter the smart dust or nanotech that we all have been exposed to? As I understand it has been dispersed into our food ,In vaccines and that 88to 99 percent of humans have already been exposed.All that is needed it to turn it on with a frequency by the military complex.

  7. And I know Trump is attempting to thwart Red Dawn that Sessions had communications with down in El Salvador. Supposedly they have a largest paramilitary group heading towards the USA Mexican border and there are turncoats on the border ready to allow them entry.

  8. While they have already rolled out 5G that is killing us, are there any counter measures to set against these evil corporate entities?

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