The Choice

There are 7 CIA Satellites down since Friday. They tried to reboot them just to have them fizzle out again. The idea that this is the time when the White Hats go out and arrest 51,000 Cabal members based on the big reveal of the sealed indictments never made practical sense to me.

Firstly, the “White Hats”are still providing protection to the Chinese Elders the last time I checked. Based on this alone it would seem that the ones most directly responsible for the organization of the crimes don’t seem to be concerned about being arrested. At this point countries all over the world are approaching the Trustee because they recognize the Elders aren’t able to pay. I was contacted by Viet Nam and the Ukraine just this week looking for help to get funding.

Secondly, from a tactical standpoint it doesn’t make sense. You’re going to launch a full on Military strike in the midst of an ignorant public, after generating thousands of names, and warning them for years that you’re coming? It would seem that if the Order has been able to pay the salaries of the US Military, hold them hostage by taking control of their equipment, then leasing it back to them for the past three years that they probably have the resources to create a solid defense against such an event.

However, it could be the stage set to launch an all out war through chaos and confusion. It was a year ago that the Rothschilds got up at the UN to threaten every country in the world that if they took a dime from the Manna World Holding Trust that they’d unleash biological weapons and kill everyone on the planet.

Also in reference to the mysterious disconnection of the CIA and British Intelligence Satellites it seems that everyone has a theory about who did it. Think about it. These Satellites would have to be some of the most advanced technology available to any Government in the world. The list of capable suspects is very limited. In fact, I’d say there’s only one entity on the planet who has the capability to shut them down and keep them down.

The so called Quantum System the intel providers keep describing is essentially a Microsoft Data Base that was disabled last Tuesday. This is the same inept technology that is supposed to protect the world after the fabled currency revaluation.

For the record, there is one real Quantum System that is the largest mapping system in the world. It does have the ability to read intent, brain waves, and DNA. It is operating right now within the current financial system like the Nervous System in the human body. It gets stronger and safer as the banks continue to break the laws by manipulation and threats to humans working for them. It has nothing to do with the currency revaluation happening over night. It’s about a thousand times more advanced than any other technology we have available to us.

Two weeks ago I presented absolute proof to the banks of the validity of the Trust and the funds available there in. I also proved that I had the right to access them based on my contract with Manna. Furthermore, I showed them in their own code of conduct that they were obligated to provide me with the same services as they would anyone else making the same request.

Here’s how they block things. The next step for them would be to submit the paperwork I provide to legal compliance and gave them review and validate. Inevitably they’d have to use a Government level Terminal such as a SWIFT 2 or a Treasury Direct Access Terminal at which point the transaction could easily be pushed through.

Instead they begin to bottle neck the transaction through the “Humanitarian” division of the bank. I’ve come to the conclusion for some time now that this is always the Order finding a way to take their cut. I received a phone call finally from the “Global Security” division of the bank. He was threatening and condescending trying to intimidate and scare me. I asked for his employee credentials so that I could know who I was speaking with. He said, “You’ll know who I am when I close your account.” He proceeded to call me a fraud, then that I was being fooled. When I referenced the paperwork I had provided, he neither read it or even had copies of the paperwork in his possession to look at.

His sole judgement was based on an average person like myself bringing in such a large portion of money.

After several emails citing the specific banking laws they were violating, a complaint filed to the OCC, twenty phone calls to various levels at the bank, and a certified letter sent directly to the legal compliance department requesting a written response as to why they were not respecting my rights as their client of CHASE Bank, they still have not responded in any way.

They are now liable to the US Government. This is a statement that should have some weight, but doesn’t seem to evoke the response one would think appropriate from an institution that is supposed to act according to the laws of this country, and as the fiduciary for the clients of the bank.

The reality is that when people are used to walking all over other people because they’ve been told they can, they’ll continue to do so as long as we let them. What they have failed to realize is that some of us have already decided to keep coming until they honor our rights. We know who we are and what we can do. And the remaining resistance that continues to fight for their right to remain enslaved and protect their positions of illusionary power at the expense of the people will be held accountable.

You see, the Order had its head cut off and now they’re fractured fighting for control to be the next one in charge. As far as they’re concerned, Kim-Possible is just another faction fighting to rule the way that they have always done. In reality, if they were well informed of the hierarchy that has always existed above them, they’d realize that the ones they worshipped and received instructions from were removed by the Trustee and current Comptroller of the Trust.

Unfortunately for the Cabal they will not be able to restore Order from the Chaos that is currently underway. The Pope himself is being held accountable for crimes against humanity for covering up and enabling the sexual abuse of the Catholic Church. They have not been able to successfully pull of their corrupt Agenda 21, crash the economy, or take control through the creation of fake digital currency. Unlike the rest of us, they’re not use to being without funds to function as they’re use to. They need this capital to create elaborate schemes, false flags, and start wars.

Fortunately for us, Kim-Possible has control of the real Quantum System, she does know what it’s like to overcome impossible odds with nothing, and she’s determined to execute her duties as the Trustee. These duties include getting funds to Governments to build infrastructure, and to the people to restore the balance of power and the economy.

Real power isn’t in the acquisition of more weapons, It’s in utilizing what you have to neutralize the weapons of your enemy. It’s knowing the only thing you will ever need already exists inside of you, and to be willing to make the inner journey to find out what that is. Knowledge is power in this situation and there’s nothing more dangerous than knowing how to use it.

Consider the videos we all saw of the Wal-Mart’s turned into FEMA Camps. For the most part we dismissed this believing the Republic had neutralized any such threat of our wrongful incarceration. Around this same time we would all wax poetic about the White Hat operation controlling the various exchange centers at undisclosed locations. They were often described as warehouses in the middle of nowhere heavily guarded by the Military.

Meanwhile I had first hand reports from Marines who said there were black boxes stacked outside of the Wal-Marts that upon further examination revealed Guillotines and coffins. Is it possible that the exchange process could have taken us to a heavily guarded Wal-Mart with us expecting to exchange only to have them get rid of the evidence of their crimes and further Agenda 21 to reduce the population? And after we went in, disappeared and spoke to no one, everyone else would have assumed that we signed a Non-Disclosure agreement and were living the good life some where on an island.

We know from other first hand reports that the Military anticipated a SARS outbreak and the need to herd the masses into stadiums to quarantine them. Meanwhile certain skilled individuals would receive a sticker on their car so they could go to and from their homes, as if some how the sticker would magically protect them from a deadly airborne disease. It’s easier to commit genocide when you gather the people you want to dispose of into confined spaces.

I only mention all of this because humanity is facing a choice. We are all use to this world the way that it has always existed and for the most part have only desired to be successful in it. But the fact is that you’re choosing to be entertained, enslaved, and slaughtered or liberated, empowered, and responsible. The last word in that sentence is what we’ve avoided so carefully. Most of us have been waiting for someone else to free us, whether it’s Galactics, Governments, or God’s. But truly the choice that we are all facing is whether Humanity is worthy to lead as the children of the Most High.

We are Human. A family of divine spiritual beings manifested in physical shape and form in the likeness and image of the Creator. Our source, substance, limits, and bounds is the light energy emitted directly from Source. We have been imbued and endowed with all of the magical powers and abilities latent within the strength of our will, and the far reaches of our imagination.

The awareness of these powers is not common. But our ability to discover, develop, and utilize them is common to all of us. The illusion is that we deserve less than the beings we have worshipped and admired in one way or another. This creates a natural state of subservience, unable to embrace the divine power within us for fear of blasphemy or punishment. The choice we make now to remain a slave in the current world, or to take the responsibility to create a new one is the deciding factor that will dictate what we deserve.

It’s not a matter of who or what you believe to be the truth. It’s about remembering who you are, why you’re here, and knowing what you want do next. Because the next choice we make will decide how our story truly begins.

Humanity can be free. But only if that is what you want. Choose wisely.


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