Transmutation – the action of changing or the state of being changed into another form.

The way our vision works is that the images we see enter into our retina upside down. The image crosses over as it is projected on the back of our brain so that we perceive it to be right side up. Our brain translates the data so that we can comprehend what our eyes are absorbing from the environment around us. In essence, everything in our reality only exists as we perceive it to be in our mind.

Here in lies the beauty and complexity of every human experience. Perception is reality. On one hand, this makes us a very easily hacked organic computing system. If our environment is controlled from the time of our birth, then it is very easy to control our behavior with almost no resistance. If we’re raised to think that Blue Eyes make us superior to other people then we would grow up feeling entitled to certain privileges based on what we are told about the experiences of superior people. At every stage of our development we are creating more permanent structures in our reality. The deepest aspects of that reality begin in our earliest perceptions of being alive.

The first years of life are so essential to our ability to perceive and create a reality where we can thrive. The most natural aspect of being human is philoprogenetiveness, or the natural love of one’s off spring. This opportunity to love one’s own child is a reflection of how we feel about ourselves. Our ability to reproduce ourselves is a witness that we are made in the likeness and image of our creator. There is no human who can truly look into the eyes of their own child and deny in their heart that God is real. One’s programming may cause the words to come out of their mouth that “there is no God,” but this kind of ignorant bravado quickly changes when the same one is faced with the fear of losing a child, or being killed themselves. As they say, “There are no atheists in foxholes.”

This connection to the spiritual hierarchy of “God” is the substance of the entire human experience. Our direct connection and communication with the divine is our right, our identity, and our responsibility. This charge is an innate driving force in everyone of us. It manifests differently for each individual as we respond to our personal creation that exists in us, and the world we all exist in together. Our version of who or what God is, is created by our perception of what love is. How we act in response to our natural connection to love, and desire to love one another is rooted in our earliest experiences connecting to our parents and their example of love towards us.

We are a self generating conduit of the light that constitutes all organic life. The environment we exist in responds to our perception of it and of ourselves. As generation after generation have been programmed to feel and believe that we need an intercessor between us and God we have become less and less healthy, getting further away from a greater spiritual reality from which we draw all knowledge, understanding and appreciation of who we are. Our awareness of who we are is the key to empowering the people to create a new reality.

Always keeping in mind that perception is reality we can appreciate the need for enlightenment to overcome the current situation. Humankind has been subjected to thousands of years of lies and limitations that only have power because we hold them to be true in the perception of our own reality. As the sleeping masses wake to a startling new vision, we are breaking from the comfort of our enslavement. We have lived a lifetime accepting our mediocrity as an immutable condition of our reality, never considering that even that is the product of our collective will.

The challenge we accept in discovering who we are is that once we know, we are responsible for the power and possibilities of all the generations that come after us. This moment is historic, and you are shaping the future history and meaning of what it means to be human.

We could have been killed off, leaving nearly a blank slate, with a few hundred million people left to be enslaved. This would have changed the history of the future, creating a legend of a dark force that no one had ever overcome. Fear would have spread like a virus throughout Galaxies as this force opposed everything natural to life. But a few of us have stood up for all of us and that was all it took to take over the world.

We have an obstacle that must be used as an asset. We cannot forget the suffering of this time, or how ugly the crimes against us have been. They have provided the contrast that has defined who we truly are. But we cannot allow pain, disappointment, and fear to be the foundation of the new world we are creating.

The new world we create must embody the most natural aspects of the individual human experience, while existing in harmony with the collective energetic world we manifest together. This is a world we have co-created with our oppressors who have heroically played the role of the villain. They have helped us understand the struggle of feeling powerless, the sadness of feeling disconnected from God, and the crippling paralysis of fear. Their role has not been an easy one to commit to. There is no joy, no peace, and no love in their perception of the world.

We are charged to take the energies created by the fear, apathy, and control of this world and transmute them into Love, consideration, and independence. We move to empower the people with the freedom to be themselves and the means to discover who that is. Rather than destroy all that we have created together with our adversaries, we have the unique opportunity to reshape the world.

We will take the same stones that have been thrown to hurt and divide us to build bridges that connect us. We’ll use the fear that has been used to keep us in darkness as the driving force that inspires us to shine brighter. And the ego driven need to control the planet and each other will become an antiquated reference to a time when freedom was not present on Earth because we had lost our faith and connection to God. We will demonstrate the love of the divine by recognizing that our own life is a divine gift. That demonstration will forever set the tone of the great society of free humans that overcame the dragon that could not be slain.

We are the unified creative force of the people. It may be our ability to love our enemies that makes us powerful, because we are most powerful when love is at the core of all we do. But it is how we use that love to create a new world that will make us such a force of nature. Our physical vision is just a type and shadow of how we see spiritually. It is our personal vision of the world we want to create that is being translated into shape and form by the collective mind of the Universe. We are already victorious when we choose love over hate. The act of transmutation is a combination of change and creation colliding together to create something never seen or imagined before. So pay attention carefully because you will never have this chance again. You’re watching the birth of a brand new world. And like every proper birth, it is essential to bring it in with love.

And that is how we change the world.


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