You’re in a fight for your very existence against a maniacal group of villains who hate you. They think they are Gods compared to you because they’ve been raised to be aware of possibilities, abilities latent in each of you, and capabilities of of hidden technology that are still being used against you.

Being given an unfair advantage does not make one group better or even more powerful than another. Believing that lie is what makes them seem more powerful, but even that power is given to them by you.

I’m going to keep it short, hoping I can have an impact on the way that many of you think. I’m going to prove to you that we’ve always been under the control of a King, or Dictator. I’m going to show you how deeply evil they truly are. I’m going to show you how they’re still in control. And finally I’m going to tell you how to get free.

Right now I’m just going to show you exactly how they think of you in their own words. Many of you think it’s Kim-possible that is holding things up. You’ve made demands that she just release the money to the benevolent Elders so you can all exchange and be rich. She tried to negotiate terms with them to make decisions in the best interests of humanity.

Below you can read the exact response from the families/ Elders to her request.

We don’t need to negotiate with you slave. If you do not bow to us we will kill you with the thought of our mind. 80% of what the countries have, including any citizen we own. We also own the military forces, including the Pentagon. What you do not understand is the Pentagon is a front speaking for us.

Like the slaves of Egypt, all slaves can be killed. Never forget, Military personel are OUR slaves.

We are Aliens and therefore Gods. If the slaves ever try to go after their Kings, we will kill every citizen of Earth.”

You are the difference. The power in you is what will change the world.


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