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I Corinthians 13:4-13

4 Love suffereth long, and is kind; love envieth not; love vaunteth not itself, is not puffed up, 5 doth not behave itself unseemly, seeketh not its own, is not provoked, taketh not account of evil; 6 rejoiceth not in unrighteousness, but rejoiceth with the truth; 7 beareth all things, believeth all things, hopeth all things, endureth all things. 8 Love never faileth: but whether there be prophecies, they shall be done away; whether there be tongues, they shall cease; whether there be knowledge, it shall be done away. 9 For we know in part, and we prophesy in part; 10 but when that which is perfect is come, that which is in part shall be done away. 11 When I was a child, I spake as a child, I felt as a child, I thought as a child: now that I am become a man, I have put away childish things. 12 For now we see in a mirror, darkly; but then face to face: now I know in part; but then shall I know fully even as also I was fully known. 13 But now abideth faith, hope, love, these three; and the greatest of these is love.

My father always told me that the best way to show you appreciate someone is to make use of what they’ve given you. In some cases that’s an example, and in others it’s a gift. I appreciate the opposition of those who feel entitled to make accusations against someone working night and day to give them the freedom to do just that.

In I John 4:8 the Messiah says “He that Loveth not, knows not God: for God is love.” To just say that God is Love essentially connected two invisible ideas without much of an explanation as to what either really was.

Later on he told his disciples to “love one another.” So it would seem that if Love is God, and we are to love one another it is something very important to identify and understand thoroughly. In John 17:3 it says that life eternal is to know God, so if one knows love then it would seem that they are closer to understanding and attaining unto eternal life. Still, there doesn’t seem to be a tangible explanation as to what love is during the time time the Messiah walked the Earth.

Fortunately the Apostle Paul explained the deeper manifestation of what love looks like in 1st Corinthians the 13th Chapter. He implies that right now we see in part, but soon all will be revealed and the characters playing the different roles in life will no longer be able to hide.

He says that love suffers long, and never fails. When one is in love they never waste their time complaining about how hard it is. In fact, it’s effortless and energizing to be in love. To be in love is to be connected to God. When we are conscious of that connection we are able to act in that space as a conduit of love regardless of the circumstances. For this reason, love often frustrates her enemies as they seek to injure and distract those seeking God. And because every battle begins in love, and ends in love, it’s impossible for love to fail. That’s why she’s so willing to suffer with our ignorance so patiently.

Love rejoices in the truth, and never acts unseemingly. In other words, love is not hiding but available to everyone, willing to share her abundance in a manner that demonstrates exactly how God is love. And when all the knowledge, promises and predictions have gone away, love will still be standing.

Today I’ve read many attacks against my friend who works night and day to free you from these chains of financial slavery. I read one article where the person seemed to think they had somehow stopped the scourge of Kim’s evil plans. You have no idea how fortunate we are that she is an advocate for humanity, because neither that author nor anyone else could stop her if she wanted to do something nefarious.

I read another piece where a bird of some kind didn’t really say anything of value, but seemed to feel they dropped the mic after making a profound point. It was just another hate filled article about nothing, offering no solutions only more confusion.

And while they criticized with erroneous information, Kim popped up just once to respond politely and went right back to programming to make a way for her critics to be free. She’s endured more than most of us can imagine, and stayed the course for our sakes when offered a way out at our expense.

It’s ill advised to be so critical when all you can see is years of broken promises on one side, and a limited view of the other. There’s only one source who’s made a challenge to everyone in the world that they will prove everything they say, Head to Head with any opponent. You couldn’t even tell me the name of a Chinese Elder if you wanted to criticize them.

And through all of the boring attacks, and regurgitated nonsense, Kim has held back demonstrating how much control she actually has over the Quantum system to give us all the chance to choose life over death. Sadly, if the choice is left up to us much longer the evidence would suggest that most of us would choose death because we’re so afraid of facing the truth.

As I watch people terrified, criticizing and pounding their chests with silly claims, and not so clever allegories, it makes me sad that some are so filled with hate that it’s become more than a feeling to them, but a state of existence.

Rather than fuel these divisive tactics, I choose love as my weapon over hate. If they throw rocks, I’ll use them to build bridges. If they heap hot coals on me, I’ll use them to warm the house. If they act as if they’re entitled to something at my expense, I’ll walk grateful knowing I have already given them everything I have. And when they finally think they have me beat, as I hit rock bottom, I’ll build a foundation on solid ground from the bottom up.

Perhaps the most profound idea that Paul describes for the faithful is at the very end of the passage above. When compared to the giants of Hope and Faith, Love still conquers all. Love is a gift that God has given all of us. We’re reminded every time we hear our heart beat it take a deep breath. We may not always appreciate how profound that the gift of life is, but if we know we’re alive, it makes it impossible for us to deny we are loved by God. And if we are loved by God, then anything is possible.

So perhaps I could persuade you to use the same weapon against the most common opposition to our happiness-ourselves. Find that connection to God within yourself and rise in love to act and be the way Paul described it. Love abides in all of us and was placed there by God. The best way to show we appreciate it, is to put it to use, and allow it to multiply.

And that is how love conquers all.


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  1. Tank, I no longer read the posts and listen to the shows – I am really tired of all the negative bashing of “anyone.” The truth is most of us do not have a clue what is going on behind the scenes, so we must as you say, step into a space of love and find solace in that. Beating anyone does not work, never has and never will. It is obvious that there are many things going on behind the scenes – so there is nothing else to do but to stay in a space of love, and have faith that this is all working for us and in time (when it is right) things will move forward. For all of us, all we need do is to get into that space and do whatever we can to make a difference in raising awareness and our consciousness. Keep up the good work – I enjoy your post and I do have the faith it will all come to pass when the time is right. The challenges, however of watching our loved ones go through so much hardship is really grueling and tough to bear – at the end of the day we must have faith that we will come through this. We are all in it together.

  2. Tank, Many many blessings of all that you each need to Kim & you … I know things will be made Pono when time is right ✨💖✨

  3. Really amazed at the bashers. I like most have chosen to wait and see. If questions perplex, I pray for answers, and sometimes submit by email, but bash? how pathetic.

    Kim, I believe the Lord to say…stay the course, finish the work you are called to do.

  4. Very nice, well said. Stay true and don’t worry about others we are all on our own path. Awake , 😴 asleep and somewhere in the middle. Love conflict and move on is my new normal. Love all that you have done for all. Thank you thank you thank you

  5. This was eloquently said.
    Seems that the ones that don’t know, the ones that are limited in thought are always the ones to say the worst negative things about others while speaking the loudest.

    There are those in this space that are limitless in thought and action and choose not to comment to the sleepers. It does not at all mean we share their view.

    Wisdom is knowing how little we know. It’s a huge fog of misunderstanding in relation to the world we think we know.

    We love them enough to let them open up about nothing, the illusion. We love them to just let them wake up on their own or open their eyes to see through the fog.

    Love is ALL there is.

  6. Forward we March…. Obedient to OUR HEAVENLY CREATOR, fulfilling our purpose…our DESTINY. Powered & strengthened by LOVE…. encouraged thru FAITH….. As GOD’s chosen have endured, with perseverance and determination, our purpose shall be achieved….Tank & Kim, I #SALUTE u both…. #RESPECT u both…. & I’m #HONORED to have U 2 on our side… TO GOD be da GLORY & PRAISE…Amen !!! Scientist, out !!!

  7. All,
    Thank you for showing me that there are people who are real and will stand together and I am with you even through my frustration I can still think outside the quadrilateral Parallelogram. I know in my heart that this will come to pass like the now public redo of the charges against clinton. anyway pray and meditate and we will win together.
    love and Light,
    Brother Dan

  8. So right you are, my friend. Love conquers all. Even the knuckleheads.

  9. Our mother taught us, “turn every defeat into a VICTORY.

    John 15:13 … King James Bible

    “Greater love hath no man than this, that a man lay down his life for his friends.”

    Daily beloved Kim risks her life for ALL God’s children. Love always Triumphs in Victory.

  10. Forward, we go… In LOVE…. we are unstoppable for we have da HEAVENLY CREATOR with us…so, to da cabal..( u may plot & plan…but know dat….)…Da Supreme CREATOR’S plan is DA BEST OF PLANNERS…
    #SALUTE Tank & Kim… Lord Sintis & I’m out !!!

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