29 January, 2019 14:03

“Like Us” Tank introduces President Trump as the President of the Republic of the United States for America


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  1. Inventing a new “style” for the republic doesn’t change anything. The original “style” was created at Article 1 of the Articles of Confederation:
    The style of this confederacy shall be “The United States of America.””
    No clever wording or unusual capitalization. By inventing a stylized version, you’re actually identifying a DIFFERENT entity, one that does not actually exist!

    1. Agreed. The United States of America (unincorporated). “The devil is in the details” and everyone is learning exactly what that means. We support and correct each other with love, not attack.

      It is so simple and this brings this point out into the open how mankind needs to view himself as opposed to how Black’s Law
      in “legal terms” wants us to accept as our definition of self .
      1-28-2019 Gobsmack & Field McConnell + Phil Roberts

      Peace. ra

  2. My suggestion/ keep it simple/there is enough complication. Otherwise you will alienate the very people you are speaking to.

  3. Trump is not the president of the Republic. He is the president of the corporation THE UNITED STATES OF AMERICA. No matter how much anyone likes him, this will not change until the corporation in dissolved & we return to operating as the de jure government set up by our founders. Listening to the video I thought maybe Tank was running for President.

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