#PROJECT96QAI 12/29/2018
10:45 PM EST

Mike Pence working with Nancy Pelosi and Steve Mnuchin are desperately trying to overthrow the President.

•Blackwater is bringing in counterfeit super notes using their covert gang MS-13/ Bank employees in an effort to crash the country’s economy and ultimately the world economy in the process.

•Pence, Mnuchin, and Pelosi are all actively committing treason against the American people to purse the ultimate Cabal agenda.

•Their Echelon Syphoning System is imploding as designed to break down and devour itself. If you’re still siding with them, then you are on a sinking ship.

•The current financial system is falling apart and they are trying to continue the charade so they can be in control.

•They continue to try and initiate the RV to accomplish this goal but they repeatedly fail to accomplish this even as the Li family, who is running Wells Fargo continues to threaten and murder their employees who can’t make outdated and useless codes activate the draw down from the back ledger.

•THE RV IS NOT COMING. I’m sorry but it’s true. They would have wiped us all out using it as a weapon for our enslavement and genocide.

•It seems like they’d catch on by now. The Quantum AI System is not just a financial system. It’s a mapping system that literally has an energetic finger on the pulse of everything going on throughout the entire planet, in multiple dimensions, and time lines. It records their mediocre plans and actions and is being used against them. They’re only further incriminating themselves and enhancing our credibility. They’d do better to just beg for mercy vs. trying to overtake Kim and the President.

•We already won, they just don’t know it yet.


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