29 December, 2018 15:07

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  1. Do you know about crowdfunding?

    I am away from it, yet my sovereign self won’t ask for anything.
    The lack of people’s ability to see my ideas working, and to never get a penny from any of these funds, make me remove this manifest from this software.
    I came up with a better plan.
    A truth that is lost on earth.

    That is..
    We own this planet.
    It was stolen.
    And the true children deceived.
    Now, they are all operating in confusion.
    They think the 4% left must be fought over.
    Truth is mightiest.
    The reason we are all impoverished is because…
    96% refuse to hear this truth.
    So they constantly gave the lie power.
    As the truth gets out there,
    It breaks this.
    My mission is to use my alchemy to help to return the most important thing To a reality to fuel assention.

    The weight of poverty is beyond able for the few in truth to lift this lie from humanity.

    So, to enable this, the collective Consciousness is causing everything that offered false security, of one against the other to be totally exposed.
    This will show the ones who swear that it is what it is, a total reverse effect.
    Breaking this lie.
    The time is now.
    As I speak this, it accelerated this.

    Victory to the people

  2. Anyone who is supporting the R.V. are aiding and abetting treasoneers.
    Because you are thinking self, and what money can do, you are in fact helping the Chinese Elders, dark dragons who sold us out Millenia ago, as the rulers of earth.
    The same group as the Rothschilds, but the eastern version.
    It was thought it’s the time for the eastern dragons to rule their slaves.
    I have tried my best to educate my so called brothers and sisters, yet, they slip into self interest because they believe, if they focus on the getting this money, the will accomplish they manifest destiny.
    You all, and you know who you are, who have not connected the dots, have limited yourself.
    You have used your dream rays for self again.
    This will backfire.
    Only the fittest of the fittest shall survive.
    Could you be loved, and be love?
    Bob Marley.
    I know who I am.
    I have no friends.
    Fry ends..
    That’s the ego contract saying… We agreed to get along.
    But under what storyline?
    The mission, if you all were not just following orders of suggestions from the liars, you too would have known what is the truth.
    As so, as you think now, well, this is a story I prefer not to buy into, yes, then, you and eye are not one till you respect the Sheperd.
    You say brother, I love you, yet, you continue to listen to liars over the ones you say you love.
    No worries, my family too trust CNN over a blood son or sibling.
    Yet, everything I said would happen, since 9/11 has happened just like I said.
    Still, I am just full of crap.
    I seek truth only, I seek people who are in the knowingness of thought creates.
    People who can step above silly following.
    Nuff said.
    Blog December 30th 2018
    Boom shivah bumboclatts.
    Everything is going our way, with or without you.

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