28 March, 2018 22:05

I’m laying here in agonizing pain, two days after a brutal root canal, preparing to go back to the dentist because he missed something. I only needed the root canal because two months ago when my filling fell out I had to choose to go to the dentist or pay the electric bill. I’m not frivolous or irresponsible, incapable or uneducated. In fact, I’m well educated, intelligent, creative, resourceful and well trained and qualified for various professions. So how do I find myself making decisions between maintaining my health, or keeping the power on for my family?

We have been the willing participants to our own enslavement. Like a wife who’s not worthy of the honor of being called a mother because she knows her husband is molesting their child, yet says and does nothing to stop it, our silence is our consent. For the most part, slave life is bearable so long as we follow the rules and do not aspire to be exceptional. However, I do. It is not to say that I am currently exceptional, but I certainly aspire to be so. I spend every waking moment, of every hour, of every day pressing towards a higher calling. I want to know what it means have the freedom to create a new world, and I refuse to accept the rule of a foreign entity over the Sovereign Nation of me. I freely choose life, love, and integrity every day.

The real secret
The bumps, bruises, aches and pains of slave life are merely obstacles created by our enemy in an attempt to destroy our spirits and take away our desire to exercise our own free will. The secret our oppressors do not comprehend is that everything they have done to hurt us, has worked to our good. Right now I’m in pain, have a broken marriage, and about a $1.06 in my bank account. I’ve lost friends, fans, and family. I’m regularly slandered publicly by anonymous sources who share my personal information without even using their name, and are often mad about something that didn’t happen, or about something I said that was taken out of context.

All of these things have served to help me to become the best version of myself in this moment. These trials have been incredibly challenging, and allowed me to discover many weaknesses and strengths within myself. I want to thank the haters, fear warriors, manipulators, self servers, and other members of Evil Incorporated for giving me so much of your attention during this transitional time. If it had not been for your training, Ignorance, and corrupt deeds I would not have known I had the power to shine so bright.

At this time the contract between the Draconian overlords and humanity has expired. The hierarchy of the Order all died suddenly on the same day, and therefore neither they nor their minions hold any control over the people, formerly enslaved beings on the planet, or the Quantum AI system. The United States of America was recently released from underneath the rule of the Crown, and for the first time has the authority and the means to possess their Sovereignty. We are living in the greatest moment in the history of the planet. Humanity is free.

So why then are we still living as if we are slaves?

The Key to our freedom is Kim-Possible and the Manna World Holding Trust. This key has already unlocked the wealth of the world and begun to distribute it through every country’s Government in the world. She has opened the door of the jail cell that has held us all hostage and it only requires one honest banker to take that step towards the door to become a legend. Just yesterday the Elders were supposed to purchase 450 Million Dollars in Gold and didn’t have the funds to cover it. Fortunately Kim and the Trust interceded to get that Gold to the United States. We fully expect the Government to intercede in the very near future to assist us to obtain our project funding. There is no more argument at this point. You have only known Kim existed for three months and she has already delivered on her promises and stood her ground offering to accept any challenge in the world to produce codes and access the financial system to produce liquidity.

This is the moment that we get to choose to accept the creative responsibility to build a new world. This weight lies on the shoulders of every human being on the planet. The door to our prison cells are no longer locked. All that is required is for us to stand up and walk out.
Right now the choice is in the hearts and minds of every living soul on the planet.

The Choice
Your presented with this choice every day. In Deuteronomy 30:19 it says “I place before the blessings and cursing, life and death. Choose life.” We have to consider that our life touches every other life, and every other life touches ours. The beauty and simplicity of making life a conscious choice in every part of our lives strengthens a direct energetic connection to the living force that exists in all things. This is what we have been mediating for. This is the time to speak up for the light and love that inspires a mother to endure child birth, and breaks our hearts when a familiar soul leaves the body. We will never have this opportunity again because today will never come again. We are standing over a headless giant and still waiting for it to tell us what to do. The time to act is now.

The Truth
The Evil Empire of Satan worshipping pedophiles has no authority over us. They are not elite, more talented, or more powerful. The Rothchild’s, Rockefeller’s, Bush’s, and Clintons are no more than middle management slaves lead to believe that they were special and had the right to manipulate, deceive, murder and torture in the name of the agenda of the Order.

Their biggest fear is that we finally realize that this is true, and we put the silly nonsense that they created to divide us to the side and stand together as one. It is the most natural thing in the world for people to care for one another. It’s the mind control programming combined with the absolute control of the face of the financial system that has made it impossible for us to trust one another. They have created the illusion of scarcity and overpopulation on a planet rich with resources and vast undeveloped stretches of land. They’ve created the illusion of death and famine by creating diseases and destroying the ecosystems of whole continents. They cannot hurt us in that way anymore because they no longer have control of the system used to do those things.

We are one transaction away from our freedom. One banker who is a father, a brother, a grandmother, or just a human being before they are a lemming that follows the orders of an invisible caller that forced them to do transfers for pedophiles, drug dealers, terrorists, and murderers, but feels that an organization that only wants to serve humanity and restore the health of the planet is too much of a risk to do business with. The only risk is to their agenda to eliminate 90% of the population. So the reality is that every time KRE8CHANGE is rejected at a bank it is a decision to put the entire world at risk for mass genocide.

The Order still maintains the illusion of control, with their remaining financial assets, relying on deeply rooted human programming sometimes called slave mentality. This has made it very hard for our leaders to delegate without being told what to do next by the slave above them. Each of us have believed that we were free including the remaining members of the public facade of the Cabal.

This remaining faction of the Cabal is the equivalent to the house slave who started to think he was part of the family. When that slave did anything out of line with the master of the house he would suffer the same consequences as the slaves working in the field. The reason why that slave was brought into the house and made to feel special was because he followed orders better than anyone else. That is the truth about who we are allowing to continue executing an agenda set forth by a body of leaders that all died on the same day. The house slaves are still following the Master’s last order and trying everything they can to use the assets and controls they have left to execute their plan.

With an absolute juggernaut for an opponent controlling all of the assets of the world including our health, history and thinking, humanity has diminished the Order down to a faint whisper of what it once was. Given the choice between all of their power and material wealth versus the human spirit it is clear that this has always been a fixed fight. The Cabal has been at a clear disadvantage to the individual human experience that lives in the hearts and minds of the human imagination. We have been made in the likeness and image of God. It is time for us to possess the land which God hath already given us.



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  1. Good vs. Evil . That “WAR” has been here since the beginning . That “WAR” is about to End .
    1. Through out time, Evil was taught to proceed.
    2. Good was a instinct that developed naturally.
    3. Our “WORLD” developed naturally.
    4. Our “LIVES” have been “Coached”, naturally.
    5. Nature has always been “Good” naturally .
    As a “TEAM of GOOD” ( we are one, we are all) we are “Naturally” going to prevail. It’s naturally a “HONOR” to be part of this “TEAM”.

  2. Tank I feel your pain in more ways than one
    I have to ask????
    ( I am sending u healing right now)
    don’t you think it would help if you filed the lawsuit?
    I don’t know what else to do to help,I have tweeted twittered Prayed – do the daily meditation
    I have written letters to the white house,,our congress our representatives.,,.
    ,get auto-replies back,,,,I remember even Jared Rand SUPPORTED u filing and said it was good
    so,,if you have done it already I apologise,,but last I heard,,you hadn’t,,we are ALL hurting,.financially and physically and I don’t know what to do either.,.,,I cannot even speak the word s) of what I have 🙁 Did you ever try Resource Bank in CA from the Prosperity documentary that I suggested? They seem to be for the people?
    You are in all of our hearts and prayers,you are Loved Admired and Respected.,.,this HAS to turn in our favor soon,.,hopefully before any more of us die from these horrible diseases 🙁
    We Are One

  3. Tank, we are with you. We feel your heart and your truth. We know your level of commitment, and your ability to slice through the chaff to get to the real stuff. The deception out there is enormous. There are few bastions of truthful facts and you are one of them. You may think it looks bad to ask for help, that it lessens your credibility, but there are people who want to help you. Pease let us know where to send paypal donations.

    The naysayers are either trolls, straight-out cabal, or those who remain merely sheep with undeveloped discernment. Please rub oil of clove on the site of your toothache. It will instantly numb the pain.

    God bless you.

  4. Your words are resounding, the pain is shared by many. People are suffering and crying out for help. Too often we allow others to dictate our values and self-worth. The only one who has the authority to bind us, gives us choices; the ability to choose and He loves us in spite of our sinful characters. Trust God that He will deliver us from the clutch of the evil one; light and darkness cannot be one and the light always out shines the darkness.

  5. So sorry to hear about the extreme pain you are in Tank. It seems that everyone everywhere is battling some form of pain, be it physical, emotional or mental.
    I’m hoping you read the post from Funky Pretzel tonight on Dinar Chronicles. He/she seems to believe that they have a solution and is trying to connect with you. Something about an encouraging email he exchanged with Kim on January 30th. Would you please look into it?
    Also, the get funded page on kre8change.today appeared ten days ago, but has never been able to actually be filled out. When you are feeling better would you please update us on where that opportunity stands, if in fact it still does?
    Thank you very much.

  6. Tank, make sure it’s all cleaned out and take an antibiotic because that infection can rot the entire jaw=cavitation. How big must a bank be for this and why isn’t HSBC doing it?

  7. “I speak of the things which I have made touching the king: my tongue is the pen of a ready writer.” Ps 45:1 KJV

    Your words are well put Tank.

    What are our next steps?

    Post your paypal account so people can give to help.

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