28 June, 2018 11:17


1,953,318 people have died from starvation since I posted an article about the non-performance of the Chinese Elders to release the RV back in November of 2017. They’ve had years to work out the glitches with their financial system if they actually had control of it.

But just within the Part year they’ve launched “Hercules”, “Prometheus” and yesterday I heard they launched an ancient system called the “Alpha Omega”. These are all hacking and syphon systems designed to try and hack the real Quantum AI System.

As of yesterday the IMF put out some further nonsense declaring themselves the “Supreme Power” over the financial system and that the new Chinese Yuan would now be equal with the USD. I’m disgusted by these people. They’re not worthy of a response.

The same animals set up a bunch of car bombs targeting Kim-Possible, her team, and I believe her daughter. Dumb move. Remember, she’s the same woman who just powered the entire financial system using “God Energy”. You might want to rethink if that’s someone who’s child you want to attack.

They don’t have control of anything other than peoples perception. And right about now, we should all be waking up and getting on board with the truth.

The world must change from the roots. WE ARE THE ROOTS. We are the where change comes from. The top down approach can’t fix the problems at the foundation.

We have already won. We’re getting ready to open the blinds and let the light shine in. And every second we’re held back we’re only getting stronger.

Humanity is about to open for business.


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  1. Such ambivalent feelings… sadness & madness at the elders standing in humanities way of inconceivable and profound change… the likes of which we have never experienced. Hence such anticipatory joy and exhilaration, as we wait with baited breath. Time for humanity as a whole to THRIVE… thanks to Kim and all you bravehearts too.

  2. Throughout the years I have been watching for an RV, have paid attention to Intel and researched outside sources concerning the coming transition for humanity from slave to free. I have been extremely supportive as I frequented Dinar Chronicles and hoped that what seemed like a consistent smoke screen would clear and that a clear sky would appear. The sky has not cleared and I am still struggling to see if and when humanity will find relief from relentless suffering. It has been as if “the chosen” have been marching to a “fake drum”, talk about “fake news”?

    As I have been led to believe that challenges from the cabal have caused the delay for the GCR/RV, humanity has slowly and painfully vanished by the thousands on a daily basis. All the while, the availability of healthy foods and clean water have also diminished. I have often wondered that if there is such a great deal of wealth tucked away so that the one ZIM could heal the World, why would we not use it to invest in the lives of the suffering. Humans seem to be able to manipulate so many things. When a person wants something bad enough he or she usually gets it. We live on credit, couldn’t we use credit to save a life. Countries have created an enormous amount of debt a little more might have fed a child.

    Dinar Chronicles is a resource for Intel where I read for hours. Members post, Gurus post and from time to time a troll attempts to upset the apple cart. From my perspective I have never been sure of who held the key that would open the door of the GCR/RV and it seemed that the controls were handed back and forth until the Alliance was called upon to bring it in for a landing when the time was right. At that point I wondered what the qualifier/s would be to finally allow the GCR/RV to land.

    I am from the old school, and I have parented four children that indoctrinated me into the school of what you see may not be what is! As I have been on this journey I’ve been watching and have noticed so often that what I was led to see, wasn’t really happening. My family has brushed me off and think I am living a fairy tale. My son has an entirely different sense of respect for me and hasn’t called me for a couple years. The only reason I stay, listen and do my due diligence is because the Lord has created this soul and this life for the purpose of serving others through the power of His love. Along the way I’ve sacrificed time I could have spent with grandchildren. I’ve set aside an avenue for income and am struggling to survive. I know so many others have done the same.

    Over the years many of the puzzle pieces I’ve gathered have begun to form an impressive picture of what really resembles the goal of finally gaining a foothold in life and finding the ability for humanity to come out from under the thumb of tyranny. Add to that puzzle a few more pieces and we may all celebrate humanities freedom. But where are the pieces and what do they look like?

    The words and information I found at SPEAK PROJECT have provided several sensible answers to several of the questions I have gathered over the years. I find and hear truth and a team effort to fend for humanity. I believe I will be able to find the answer here to the most important question I have had since I began the journey to help humanity. It is a one word question. “When?” When I am able to work on a project that will benefit others I will know I found my answer. I sincerely believe I found truth here and believe I will find an answer here. Only God has the Key to the GCR/RV but he also has the key to the plan He has for my life and why I am here.

  3. The RV was a Rothschid Scam involving the phoney Chinese Elders.Their plan was to steal your payout through backdoors to computers an refinance their failing babylonian debt slave system and proceed to kill 90% of humanity.The real top dogs are the Jesuits who worship Lucifer and kill children.The population has been intentionally dumbed down and poisoned with Fluoride,Chemtrails,GMO foods and more.

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