28 June, 2018 09:15


Our project application form scheduled to post today will require an additional five days before we can officially post it.

Funding is currently available. However, the safe transfer to the people is an obstacle that we are currently securing so that there are no issues once funds arrive in their accounts.

We expect this to be resolved within the next few days if not sooner. When this issue clears we will post the project funding applications at:


I do apologize for the inconvenience but the added security measures are necessary for everyone’s safety.

Best Regards,

Steffen Rowe

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  1. Thank You..I have many projects but 2 Stand out..
    Creating an Original Medicine Association Internationally so that Indigenous people can belong and a World Conference every year to showcase Original lineage Medicine by lectures and hands-on workshops. My business partner in this is in Uganda like me he is a natural born medicine person and family line. We would like to also create cultural appropriate schools starting from birth so that children can learn all of the necessary functions of society and their cultural medicines. I would love to have help with this.
    Bridgette Lyn Dolgoff

    1. Please, forgive my intrusion to your comment. I would like to ask a couple of questions if I may :
      Is this lineage medicine exclusive to Uganda, and if so does it have a basis in scientific fact?
      Would bringing natural medicine with lots of studies behind them better serve Ugandans?

      Just curious, thank you.

  2. Thank you from our hearts and Protection over us ALL
    Tank? can you please clarify ? does this mean we are to re-send our projects in after we hear from you in a few days ?
    for those of us that have already sent our info
    ( projects and relief ) in?? or?? not?
    Please let this be so
    Prayers and Blessings

  3. My idea is to build a small farmstead and grow in greenhouses real food non polluted by chemtrail or Monsanto, heirloom seeds and have it a place where school age children could come and learn and share in how food grows. Teaching from start to harvest, then can in mason jars and share this food with the needy to ensure that everyone has something healthy and nutritious to eat. As well as instilling valuable knowledge in several ways, respect for our food, respect for where our food comes from, respect for the importance to keep this knowledge alive for their and the next generation in their hearts and not to rely on corporations for this. Most importantly that everyone deserves healthy food to grow and thrive , not just wealthy people. Prime source meant for all humanity to share blessings, share love and co-operative kindness and abundance for all his children. Let thy food be thy medicine, let thy True Self be thy guidance computers are an asset but these man made machines do not instill life skills nor respect for this beautiful earth we are blessed to live on. Just one of many of my ideas I feel could benefit everyone. Thank you for all the hard work you are all doing I am grateful to read these wonderful posts showing the CHANGE has come. Sending lovebeams to all. Glory Be

  4. Thanks for letting us know Tank! I went looking first thing this morning for the new application and was happy to see soon after that you had posted an explanation about the short delay. That was kind of you to take the time to keep us informed.

    Much appreciated!

  5. I tried to sue Wells Fargo and use the funds to set up common law Grand Juries, but I was stopped by the court system. Maybe I can now bypass the crupt court system and get the funding from the senior enity to Wells Fargo. I would like to send a copy of my case but not here.

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