4/27/201811:11 PM EST

•Right now everyone continues to wait for the exchanges to start having full confidence that ten years of nonperformance will suddenly change Monday.

•Meanwhile, Kim-Possible has been on the scene for about four months and already hydrated every country in the world to build the high speed rail, and “The Wall”.

•Evidence that the Wall and the high speed rail have both been funded are being seen in the media around the world. This coverage only happened AFTER Kim announced she had done it.

•The Rothschilds/Chinese Elders tried to take credit for funding the Nations if the world but when asked how much they funded, how was it transferred, and from what account did it originate, they couldn’t answer any of these questions.

•The new banking system, designed by the three most elite hackers in the world had another partner as well.-Kim. Kim is actually the one who engaged them to create the system because she was being blocked everywhere.

•What Kim found out after two years of building, allowing them access to see inside the massive wealth within the Trust, was that the head of her security had betrayed her, selling out to the Rothschilds, and the entire “new banking system” was built on the Bush Ranch in Paraguay.

•Kim had transferred 6 Billion Dollars into that system, but had to pull it all back when she realized what was going on.

•The Elders are now claiming that all of the above and in-ground assets of the world were already pledged to the new banking system and they’re using them to back the new currency.

•The rumor is that they’re shutting down all of the off ledger accounts. The reality is they don’t have the access or authority to pull anything from the off ledger.

•They’re using Gold Certificates provided by Jesper, the King of the Manna Kingdom to provide the asset behind the revalued currency.

•When this doesn’t work because ALL of the assets are pledged to the Manna World Holding Trust, the Cabal will undoubtedly start to implement their crypto currency strategy, backed by nothing and easily turned on and off according to their will.

•In addition, the Bonds were already redeemed by the Rothschilds and they gave you an SKR that you still can’t access. The Rothschilds proceeded to steal your money then sell back the useless bonds to other people who are now waiting to redeem the already redeemed asset.

•The RV exchanges are supposed to start Monday…again. That’s every Monday for the past ten years with absolutely no results for the people, but the various factions continue to work for them for free, even while Kim has offered to pay any and all of them for services rendered as long as they get us access to the same terminal to fund Private Projects.

•I heard a rumor that Kim was a fraud and another Gentleman is the real controller of the Trust. You can see by the document below that Kim is the one who awarded that Kingdom of Manna Sovereignty.

•In other words, everyone is waiting for the RV again now while we grind through another weekend hoping the Governments and Chinese
will finally pay them.

•Kim can pay you now. She is ready willing and able to hydrate your projects, your Governments, and your people. She just needs access to a SWIFT 2 Terminal to change the world.


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