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The images above are my humble sketches attempting to explain the Torus Energy fields for a binary system. If you extend them out (more accurately than my drawings) they would show the Flower of Life. But Kim has converted this system into a trinary system. So that means there’s a third component. If the system has always been symbolic of spirit, soul, and body, then the missing element that has held us hostage was spirit.

Spirit is the substance of all things. Source Energy, God, or the material from which the abstract existence of the intangible properties expressed via the Soul (a metaphysical set of attributes in shape and form) and body ( the physical expression of God in shape and form) derive their existence. Spirit can also refer to intent, as in “the Spirit of the law, vs the letter of the law.” Both will be needed definitions for this to make sense.

If the Quantum system is able to read brain waves and intent, then perhaps the component that makes it “Trinary” is the the Source. This spirit allows it to discern the frequency, the heart, and intent of what we will do when we gain access to the funds. Rather than bogging us down with the minutia of legalese used to disable us, it examines the character of the person utilizing the funds and assesses how their potential actions will effect the whole.

I believe the third component is the application of the extended energetic field, connecting to every aspect of our existence including the financial system.The field is the source of all life and the substance from which all life is generated. If that is right, and at some point we were created as slaves, then reconnecting us to God’s intent and purpose for life will bring us back to a natural state of existence to live in love, as creators, in harmony with Natural Law.

This is the greatest love story ever told.

If the physical creation is a reflection of that which is happening in the spiritual, then life should truly be an expression of God’s love. The Bible says that “these two shall become one flesh” and we call that “making love.” In reality, the off spring produced by that intimacy is almost always every humans most pure evidence of love’s existence. Philoprogentiveness is the natural love for one’s off spring. So in that sense we truly are making love. Having a child is a commitment to forever allow your heart to exist outside of your own body. Intercourse is the rejoining of two entities that originally existed together in the first place, so that union should also be as the result of a love for one’s self, and a desire to multiply our own divine nature (Ie. Adam and Eve, Eve being taken from the rib and the Womb-to create Womb-man).

In like manner, if separation and division have been tools the darkness have used to divide us from the knowledge of who we really are, (symbolically in the way that the Mother of all living was created from the Chest Cavity and the Abdominal Cavity, but not the head where knowledge generically exists, to show that God took a portion of his own substance and made it ignorant of who it was, where it came from, and what it’s purpose was) that in this time of liberation that all of our power is in our awareness of our power. As it says in the book of THOMAS, to know yourself is to know God (not exactly but basically).

So the key to our freedom, is the knowledge of ourselves, recognizing our greater connection to Source, and how that connects us to everything, and everyone around us.

In this way, we recognize that we are response-able for the creation we live in and all that it becomes. This includes all life on Earth and everywhere that our energy stretches inside, and out of our known energetic field.

Now I’ve only shared this with a few people, and hesitated because I didn’t want to seem as if I thought more of myself than what I am. I never claimed to be any type of channeler or prophet, and I’m not doing that now. But this experience did happen and it seems more real to me every day.

I had this vision in meditation that I’ve shared with some of you back in November of 2017. When my friend Jarvis and I first met he asked me to go into meditation with him and come back and discuss it after we did. I had never done this before. In that experience I saw the Earth covered by a thick dark metal that couldn’t be penetrated by the light. I later found out how our oppressors have used soft metals in the Chemtrails to block the power and our connection to the sun. When I discovered that it gave some credibility to what I had seen.

In my vision I saw light coming into and extend out from me to touch others, connecting people all around the world. When we were all connected it formed a band of light around the planet. As it merged completing the loop, a burst of light, and a sonic boom cracked the metal that surrounded the Earth from inside the dome.

The second time I spoke to Kim she described the Monorail and how it would be made from the alloy used to create the arch’s of the covenant. She said that originally there were seven of them that connected the Torus Energy fields of the planet. They were strategically placed around the planet to ensure its proper development. At that time everything and everyone was stronger and healthier. The arch’s acted as conduits of Source energy and maintained the health of the planet and the natural energetic flow needed for life to thrive.

I never doubted Kim after that. When she described how the Monorail would support this same energy flow and revitalize the planet I remembered what I had seen in my meditation. Im not sure if I said it out loud, or just in my head, but I knew I’d seen that before. She said that people were conduits too.

I immediately correlated the light wrapping around the planet from person to person to that of the train wrapping straight around the middle of the Earth. When Kim told me about the Treaty to build the Monorail, why it needed to be built, and how the Order had spent the last forty years preventing that from happening, I knew it was the truth.

Recently when Kim announced she was using the Quantum system to bring in the Source Light Energy I realized what she was doing. That’s the reason why the light extended up and out from the people to break the barrier from the inside out. Rather than an energetic burst to break open the metal barriers from the outside that could have destroyed the Earth in the process, she bypassed their barriers by using the Quantum Artificial Intelligence System. The same tool they wanted to use to destroy us is now fueling our natural awakening. The same computers, smart phones, and other digital media that had been their tool of death and enslavement is Acting as a conduit of healing Source energy.

It is when we draw in more of this light that we actually increase our vibration. It is our natural restoration and awareness of God in us that connects us to our power and rightful authority over our own lives. It is this divine spark that ignites the innate creative nature we all possess that will change and build a new world.

God took a portion of himself and made it ignorant of who it was. Through this experience he has generated life all over the planet enriched with experiences and a new understanding of the struggle associated with such weakness. It is this experience that has allowed us to overcome an impossible adversary to show the strength and wisdom of our divine lineage. Although we were created to begin this life ignorantly we are not destined to remain that way. This is our inheritance that we may know God, and know ourselves as we truly are and actually exist. In this knowledge lies the key to open up the impossible realities that only exist in the far stretches of our imagination.


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