24 September, 2018 21:35 #BANKTREASON

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  1. Good Work! I thought nobody was going to curb him! It’s 2008 all over again & he was a part of the “Housing Crisis” that took the wealth of others & put in the hands of a few, an elite few & he was one of the few, elite few & it’s nice to see your article now, but it don’t put my friends back in their beautiful homes that were lost because of people like him.

  2. Tank,

    I hope beyond hope that you have been in touch with President regarding this matter. You are right, this is definitely a treasonous act and Mnuchin should pay the price -GITMO. Years ago I am the guy who called YOU Donald Trump of the room and now you must step up and be that person again and take this case to President Trump!!!!!

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