24 November, 2018 15:38

“Re: Awakened” by Kim Possible – 11.23.18

Dear Awakened,

My full name is Kimberly A. Goguen, My Clearance Code is T7777

I have Cosmic Clearance here in the United States and Level 64 Clearance Globally.

Please have your high level contacts verify everything I have stated above. Please also name your high level clearance people and what clearance level do they have?

There it is in full plain view for the world to see. Check it. I will see who runs reports on me and when or IF it is actually verified I will put the EXACT date and TIME a verification is done which you can relay back to your sources here on this site.

Facts are REAL, everything else is just talk. Walk the walk.

Kim “Possible”

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  1. i sent a copy to a friend w/ military intelligence background, who thinks you are a fraud, and asked him to check it out through channels. i hope he does. i’m just an old carpenter, kim, and all this is way above my pay grade, but i believe you are trying to do right by us all. i’d really appreciate it if you could fill in the blanks about all the history to which you have alluded. also, it seems anna von rippemoff has slipped and bumped her head! her latest response to your response was just plain crazy.

  2. Kim,
    What can we do to stop the murder of our people by DEWs like in Paradise CA. ?
    They are ramping up with blatant disregard for being caught.
    I feel like I should be contributing to stop these attacks !

  3. Hey Kim “Possible” ,
    You are Amazing . . . . . .
    You and Your Heart are Beautiful !
    Only Positive and Uplifting Energy to You.
    May Eternal Love Encase and Protect You in every way. I know You are Real. Your Character is Upstanding and Impeccable. Stay the course. May our prayers and meditations rejuvenate Your tenacity, encouraging You to complete Your great calling, and be Healing to Your Mind, Body and Soul.
    “ I Believe in You! “
    Heartfelt Smiles and Joy to You.
    “ Eu Te vejo “

  4. I have no clearance. I have no title. I have no intelligence resources. I am but a spec upon this ball yet I am human. One who has had all but very very little stripped away from. One who wants to know the whole truth. The magnitude of that statement is great I know. My family has been, to the best of my knowledge, all common people working farms. Raising cattle, growing apples, working bottom rung warehouse plants, to even a truck driver, all the normal professions in my family. Not one person has ever been rich in my family, and when I say rich I mean having no debt. House paid for, car paid for, that is what I consider rich! The house I live in now 150 k with 29 years left to pay on it! Have only known paycheck to paycheck all my life and lost so many things when I lost my job earlier in life. All grandparents dead. Father passed away already, and I’m not even 40 yet! We can tread water no longer and are on the verge ( family of 4 btw) of loosing it all to greedy corporate banks because interest keeps going up. I know the economy 45 portrays is a farce and the States are about to hit a rude awakening once the plan is shown in the light in action for all to see. I am afraid however for my family and how I will be able to provide for them during this period of necessary change and transition. Any advice?

  5. My heart goes out to you Joel and to so many. But I can say to Pray and Trust in the Lord. For He, Jesus Christ is your Lord and Savior and it is thru Him you will find Rest !!! As we continue to pray for Kim and Tank and Gods protection over them.
    We are forever thankful for all they do and continue to do in helping us aid in being and becoming even more of a blessing and light for so many in this world. God bless all of you❤🙏❤

  6. Hi, Kim Possible. (a name I’ve heard some time ago, not on this website (like, some some time ago..))…

    If you need help when you don’t know what to ask for, now you have my email address ^^,.

    SOrry for the wierdness (yeah, wierd instead of weird is kewl, they say), but I am not crazy, a stable genius, is you will myself that reflexion.

    Okay, bye, this was a comment from …

  7. Whether you are legitimate or not is irrelevant.
    I question why you are doing this to us.
    Why must we know who you are for you to do the right thing?
    Is it glory? Do you need your name sung in songs to come? Do you need encouragement?
    Do the right thing and Q won’t destroy you. If he can’t I suspect the force behind him could.
    I grow bored with all of this

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