24 November, 2018 02:19


You must have misunderstood. I never asked anyone here or elsewhere for a dime like Yosef. Nor do I predict any rates dates or give any Intel about the RV/GCR. Why? BECAUSE I AM NOT INVOLVED IN IT.


Most of the information we have provided here was educational, no promises made to anyone about any dates, rates, RV, nor any request for money.

I have no desire for anyone to follow me anywhere. There is no “bandwagon”.

Information can be classified into two categories ACTIONABLE ITEMS and NON-ACTIONABLE items.

ACTIONABLE ITEMS are something that can be done by someone personally. Can you do anything about “it”? It being the information.

NON-ACTIONABLE ITEMS information that comes across your path that you can not do anything about personally. Such as “wildfires in California”. Are you in California? If not, there is most likely not much you can do to either a)put the fire out or b)move yourself out of harms way or c)help someone else move. The Chinese Elders are or are not funding tomorrow/today/next week, another non-action item. A) You do not know who these people are, B)Even if you did could you force them C) Do you understand the moving parts of such an operation, and if you did how can you help? Fly to China? Knock on the Door of the White House? Pentagon? Treasury? D) If you did would they take your call/meeting? Most likely not. You are one of millions of people waiting to get paid, bashing people on the internet is not a job, and cursing them out on the internet for flying to China (as in Zap/Jerzy) and not getting this done fast enough is not in anyway a “job” nor does it help anyone including yourself!! The people who are “willing” to take that risk to try to help humanity should not be basterized by some armchair blogger. WHAT HAVE YOU DONE? Living in a state of eternal bitterness is very bad for your health and spiritual path. As for myself I have flown all around the world and back and am continuing to talk to heads of state, educate and fund where possible. I didn’t know Tank had a problem with his teeth?? Or is that just another bitter comment from a bitter woman such as the same “suggestion” you sent me as in “I need to get laid”. Nice kind classy comments continuously from the same few people (which are probably all the same person). And these are our “future leaders into a better humanitarian future”. Oh dear God help us all.

Ranting on the internet about people you like or do not like does ZERO. It creates neither an ACTIONABLE ITEM nor a NON-ACTIONABLE item. It is just a person’s negative thoughts with the hope of dragging other people down with you. In that sense, worthless time wasting banter.

The information Tank and Mr. Williams puts out, for the most part, does not even apply to you nor are we expecting you to do anything about it. It is directed to specific individuals you most likely do not know personally. It is to get the truth out there so the individuals WHO CAN actually take action do. So unless you are one of those persons, it isn’t even worth you reading. Since this is so offensive to you, such as most of what is posted by Fireswan and Reelman and others on here is to me, I just ignore it. No muss no fuss, all fall under the category of “Soap Operas” I choose not to watch due to useless content and drama.

Anna and I have been talking a lot for the past week off the internet circuit to hash out real solutions to real issues. Issues such as Laws, Regulations and Government/Non-Government bodies who are stopping the people from progressing. ACTIONABLE ITEMS either myself or herself. ACTION is then taken to attempt to correct the issue.

As for IDC, I hope all of you have a wonderful holiday season filled with good will for your fellow man/woman. I hope you all find your little slice of happiness in this ever changing crazy world of ours.

May God bless you the way you bless others!

Kim “Possible”

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  1. Dearest Kim, thank you for being a part of our lives. May you and your family be blessed at this time. Love from Jen and Pat and all our family xx

    1. Being able to follow you Kim in a heard of turkeys is rewarding to say the least. God Bless you Malady. Clear skies and smooth sailing be at your path as you travel a path for the betterment of the human experience. You are much appreciated Kim. JD 😊

  2. Kim, God Bless and bolster your Light, positive truth and encouragement will continue to drag out the human garbage and its vile indirect hate for what they do not want to know. They like the life they live. Do not let this type of people distract you from your heart felt purpose. You, Tommy, Tank, and all those in your court are in our prayers not for the Manna Holdings but for the heart felt truth you speak that is to help your fellow man. You are And always have been a Champion in our eyes Kim. Stay your coarse. I’m sending you Love and Light 🙏

  3. Much love and respect for communicating. Both you and Anna together just may get this job done and I, for one, am grateful to you both beyond anything I can put into words.

  4. Kim, firstly I am not trying to be disrespectful I simply have questions looking for answers. Firstly you state that you are speaking to certain people & releasing funds & working on the mess we are in due to a slave financial system. Many others have said this, some I have worked with & yet nothing has happened. Some of us are no longer sheep & will not simply believe what we are told, some of us want proof before we consent or imply consent, some of us want to speak for ourselves & get answers. Please understand I am not discrediting you as much you have spoken of I have have some dealings with & have been around the block on this information. I have been told by a contact that arrest warrants are out for you & Tank but I would question that as surely at least Tank is not too hard to find. I have been told that you are the step daughter of Wild Bill Donovan. I don’t know if any of this is true or even matters. I also was told that the Manna Trust was created from the Bedford Trust. What I do know is that you work with Thomas, you had a recent falling out then reunited. You post on Tanks site & yet Thomas in his latest podcast seemed to dismiss Tank. You all claim that we need to come together & yet whenever I reach out to contact anyone I don’t even get the dignity of a reply. Thomas is constantly disrespecting people & practicing the divide & conquer game, not cool Thomas. We are ALL in this game together, love DOES conquer all & lets just get on with fixing this. I for one have my hand constantly up to participate, as I have done with other parties you speak of. I have walked away from those better informed but saddened by the same power games. I am ORIGINAL SOURCE CREATION & I wish to represent myself. I have other intelligent loving light filled people around me who wish to do the same so where & how do we come together as one? Presently I work on holding the light, keeping my frequency high & staying informed. I am not looking for a leader, I am looking for a team so if you wish to answer questions & work together on solutions then my, & others, hands are up. I appreciate you are busy with your job but just maybe some other perspectives can be helpful. I am always mindful that I could be walking into another minefield of people claiming to be M1, account holders etc etc, believe me been there, done that. I would love for us to be living outside of the financial system since WE are the value to start with but as we are not then a transition plan is in order. Some speak of some Divine intervention & I am open to all possibilities but I tend to err towards WE are the ones we have been waiting for so WE better get to work & fix this. Anyway, enough said. You may not want to post this in Tanks comments due to some names mentioned or you may want to address it publicly. Either way is fine with me as I will have my answer due to whether or not I get a response. Lastly, again I wish to clearly state that I am not being disrespectful or argumentative, I am being accountable, liable & responsible as the I am that I am. Nothing but love to you Kim, it’s a hell of a game!!!

  5. ⚡️… loving more telling it like it is! … happy to hear Anna is working with you … and you know how to watch your back … in the meantime we each and all keep the frequencies high-💖

    1. Hello Leland, yes and please remember to remind everyone in Paul Stramer’s (that supposedly cast me out over a silly spell) forum who got under Anna’s skin and got her talking with Kim and not slandering her. Not that you will not that it matters as “they” are talking.
      My mental virus (just psychology 1 o 1) does seem to be working.
      Lightning bolt!

  6. Kim, your system of honesty and love for humanity is working. Those who are still blind may not have a clue, maybe if they allow themselves to be healed they will really see what is going on? When and if they see all you’ve done there will be a monumental “a-ha” moment for them. All because you stayed the course. They will realize you have given all for all. Love and appreciation…K

  7. I am deeply pleased to see that Kim and Anna are trying to work together to bring relief to the enslaved People of the world. There is so much suffering both physically and mentally. Thanks for your efforts to help humanity! My prayers are uplifted for your success. Your friend from Louisiana…

    Blessings to you always,
    Louisiana Tim

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