Re: Galactic Common Sense” – Kim Possible Update 6-23-18

The Trust is not a “company” therefore it would not be registered at any Corporation Commission. Certainly it is NOT a USA entity.

In 1930 The Bank for International Settlements was formed and fully funded by The Trust. The Trust was listed in these documents as “unknown country” whereas all of the other “member nations” were listed as “United Kingdom” etc. etc.

The Bank for International Settlements is the settlement institution for all Central Banks worldwide.

In 1946 The Bank launched it’s proprietary software system. It does not sell this software therefore it does not need to be licensed. It’s “License to Operate” is a “Country Code”. You may or may not be aware, it’s location in Basel Switzerland looks much like a compound and is on it’s own Sovereign Ground registered fully as a subsidiary organization to “unknown country” now known as Manna World Holding Trust. Many countries have their own National Payment Systems now, as you mention quite often China has CIPS and also Union Pay. Fedwire is Oracle Software. Central Banks also have their own proprietary software and in most cases hardware systems as well. This is created by the country itself for it’s own use there is no license required and doesn’t have any kind of registration. Oracle Systems created Fedwire as a CIA contractor and sold it to the Federal Reserve. A private company selling software to a government/bank hence licensing.

Every “Member Bank”, in this case only “Central Banks” is issued a “Country Code” or an identifier number in the financial system. This IS it’s “Registration”. The Trust also has this same “Registration” and also a “UN Registration”. The UN issues it’s member nations, suppliers and contractors these Registration Numbers. None of this can be found on any internet search. However, if you have access to an intelligence agency system, Lexus Nexxus, Interpol, or some other all of these registrations are there, so is mine. It also doubles as a diplomatic channel for communications on a secure network created in the 70’s. This network is also not “registered” on a public site. As an example, what system does the CIA use? China Secret Service? Russian SVR? anyone know? I can assure you these systems are not registered.

The Trust’s Registration is fully registered with Homeland Security for dollar usage worldwide and has it’s own clearance code. “Right to hold allocations of dollars”. The Trust holds this same registration with 173 nations for their currencies respectively. The Trust also has it’s own clearance code for private banking institutions.

The new system was approved and accepted (as it relates to the USA) under The Department of Homeland Security Safety and Security Act. It is also registered in other countries with their own agencies respectively. No further permission nor licensing is required as the Trust is not a Company, for legal purposes it is registered as a “sovereign country” with all the rights and privileges of any other. This is not a new designation the Trust has held this status for many years. Lastly, for legal purposes and right of ways the trust owns it allows the Trust to “upgrade” any of it’s “properties”, nothing further to be said here.

Lastly, the name of the Trust, Manna World Holding Trust was created by me after the consolidation, I can rename it at any time and register it respectively. I personally chose the name Manna as it is recognized by all races and religions and is not offensive to any group. I can change the whole trust to be some other name and it has no bearing on it’s registration what so ever.

As to your request to use the existing Quantum System, The new Laser Transfer Systems and the New Bank Server Systems with a third party that is tough. You see any of these “third party system persons” are all anonymous. Lastly I have no indication of a secondary Quantum System currently operating within the banking sector. I would assume I would have run into this with integration by now. Who are they? I mean “Chinese Elders”? The population of China is somewhere around 1.3 billion people and I would guess at least 25% would be considered elderly. So if these people want to work with the new system, my system I built myself then they are going to have to call me as these people are named only as Alliance/Elders/White Hats etc. Too many people to call, and my system is running fine without them although of course we will work with anyone as long as it is to the benefit of humanity. Do I know who some of these people are? Sure. As I said before, the ones I know have no interest in humanity perhaps there are others.

One thing you should be able to see is SWIFT no longer taking days to be received, wires should be running more smoothly, etc. since last Monday when the laser transfer systems were implemented. Laser systems require no changes as all changes were made via the data cable networks at the port to each institution. I am not “going to” launch anything.. I AM launching and integrating these systems. The new system is very compatible with all software and will not cause disruption as it has been integrating now piece by piece for 2 weeks. Everyone is very happy with the progress and I’ve been complimented by governments on the upgrades as the “cabal” had a habit of helping SWIFT and WIRES etc go missing. Missing money is the “cabal’s” specialty, those days are coming to an abrupt end.

Kim “Possible”

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