People often discuss the power of meditation. In our inter-dimensional journeys we discover the unlimited potential of our imagination, create hidden worlds for us to escape to, and expand the effect of our conscious minds when we return. We connect to energy on an entirely different plain, a unified field where limits do not exist and all things are possible.

Mediation is a healthy practice regardless of anyone’s spiritual beliefs or lack there of. It’s been proven to have an effect on the physical body, reducing stress, and even been accredited to healing disease.

Meditation is the practice of mindfulness, being present in a moment within one’s self, and absent from the struggles of our three dimensional circumstances. It is our connection to conscious thought, subconscious reality, and unconscious possibilities.

Our thoughts create energy. Everything is energy. The microtubules in our brain expect an out come based on history, experience, and understanding, and in turn effect the path that becomes our reality. And if we collapse all other realities except the one we want to be true, we can actually manifest our desired results in any situation.

Energy moves matter. Matter is energy in shape and form vibrating at a frequency that makes it appear solid. You are energy. You are matter. You are the force that makes your energy matter.

Perhaps, if more of us took what we learned in meditation and allowed it to move the matter that we call ourself, we could get to the desired goal faster. Often times we seek to get to a higher vibration thinking that this makes us a superior being, so we can exist in a state where everything happens just as easily as a thought. And, when we hear of individuals who have accomplished this level of enlightenment they no longer seem to be effected by this 3D world, because they can exist in a higher state and leave the body behind.

But if one is truly ascended they have the ability to go from spirit, to material and back to spirit, without ever losing the integrity of who or what they are. These ascended beings realize that this world of matter is uniquely magical as it provides us with the full creative experience played out in space and time. This three dimensional experience is like meditation for ourselves as we exist in another world, focusing our energy on the weight and density of each electrical current that stimulates a new creation.

These ascended beings chose to exist here. You chose to be here too. Make that thoughtful energy mean something. Be sure that the energy you produce in mediation moves matter. You make meditation matter to the world you create by allowing it to be the energy that inspires your every move.

Move your matter. Because this is where and when you chose to exist. As a matter of fact, you are energy having an impact on the things that matter most to you based on limits you set to attain self mastery. Bring your meditation into action by using your personal matter to express your innate power.

Make yourself matter. Create the world you want to create by ascending in to alternate dimensions, and back into the third dimension creating an unlimited flow of alternating current that’s strong enough to empower everyone you meet, and inspire growth in everything you do.

Every thought, word, and action we have is just a message from the unified energetic field expressing itself as the matter that you think is you. And because you think it to be real, it manifests as your reality. And the more you allow those thoughts to move matter, the more clear the message becomes to those that matter most to you.

Your message is important. Make it matter.


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