•What will the Fed head address this week?
•What does it mean if the FED Reserve goes Public?

•What is on the POTUS agenda for the UN security meeting this week?

•Annual Luciferian launch meeting just concluded, so what should we expect from them now?
•Did their rituals wake up some new level of demonic support?

•Galactic Council intervention?
•What is hidden in plain sight on the PUBLIC DECLASSIFIED CIA ONLINE LIBRARY?

•Is there an “Unknown Country” that legally has authority over the UN?
•Who do the Six seats held by the Rotten Children actually belong to?
•What country do they represent?

•Is there a UN that actually runs the swamp?
•Storm clouds are forming.
Do you think we’ll finally see some lightning strike?

•Naked volunteers are welcome to the cabin, but the cloaked experts are no longer being trusted. Who will have the courage to step up?

•Answers are in plain sight. Executive Orders are hiding what they reveal.

•Who has Cosmic Level Clearance?

•Watch for the right hook, even though it’s their only move, it can still catch you off guard.


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