Money is just energy. Everything really is, but money is an excellent example of how energy is exchanged to create and destroy. So consider how money is legally brought into circulation.

Money is a symbol of the substance utilized for creation. When there is a new production line proposed, money can be infused into the system because there is a need for additional substance to create wealth, jobs, trade, and products.

Creation dictates the amount of substance provided based on the need for it to exist. In essence, this is an economic standard driven by Natural Law. It harmonizes the financial aspect of our world with the Natural Order of a healthy planet, enabling a balance for able bodied inhabitants.

Unleashing an unlimited amount of unnecessary substance creates an excess of energy causing an imbalance with nature. Using the human body as an example of this practice, we can see how an excess of energy or calories in the body, creates an unhealthy storage of fat. This fat has lead to the obesity of approximately 66% of the population.

Obesity is a surging cause of many long term medical conditions, cardiovascular disease, and a general decrease in efficacy and longevity. Obesity is attributed to an excess intake of calories that are not being utilized by the body due to a sedentary lifestyle and the consumption of high calorie, low nutrient dense foods.

Now apply that principle to the economy to get a better understanding of what is happening in the world today. The design of the Order, to unload excessive money via the revaluation of currencies, was created to form a satiated and stagnant population of slaves. They have already been successfully infiltrating the mentality of the awakening community. They created myths that promised debt forgiveness, instant salvation, and a sudden and immediate shift in power. In doing so, many of us invested our hopes and dreams into the world we would create if we had an unlimited supply of money available at all times.

As we have waited for this event to occur for years, we have become experts in the subtle clues we believed were telling us of the genius plan to bring this into reality. And many of us have placed our lives on hold waiting for our turn to utilize this unlimited substance. In the beginning we planned, created, and researched how we would create a better world. But, like any excess energy that gets stored rather than being utilized, our wait (weight) has become our prison.

Now consider how their narrative has changed as we have introduced an option to this wait. You can track the Intel updates for the past nine months, and you’ll see consistently that Thomas or I will report an update on the Trust’s activity and suddenly the entire direction of the Intel changes to incorporate what we’re describing. As always, the Order does not have a product line inspiring new creations. They are actors mimicking the truth to deceive the masses.

I watched as the currency community lit up when seeing some of the articles and interviews below. It almost seems logical that this would fit the narrative they’ve created of the Zimbabwe Bond notes suddenly being available to exchange, based on the prolific wealth of Zimbabwe. But, examine them carefully. That’s not what they’re saying.

They say they are using a multi-currency system and a stable currency of their own is necessary to be respected to trade internationally. The Finance Minister and the President both say this process has no timeline, but will take place over the course of approximately five years. They discuss the need for investment from current supporters and their international partners.

The Manna World Holding Trust is one of those partners, with all of the rights, designation, clearance, and authority of any other country. It operates as the Master Central Bank Holding all of the wealth and assets allocated from every country in the world. Manna is one of Zimbabwe’s partners.

The Trustee negotiated a deal with Zimbabwe months ago, to mine and refine Gold Assets that had been previously guarded and controlled by the Chinese (Elders, not Government). These controls have since been removed and this deal created an induction line, where in the terms dictate that the Gold be sold to the United States. The US can then leverage the Gold at 50 to 1 to create asset backed currency.

This does not mean that we will suddenly receive Quadrillions of Dollars for our ZIM notes. It means that a new production line called for additional substance to execute a project. This is why Zimbabwe is discussing their financial stability, because the Trustee successfully provided funding for the Government of Zimbabwe, created trade deals, and programmed the system to protect the money for all parties involved.

This is a Top Down approach. More directly, we’re pressing for our inclusion to receive this same funding from the Bottom Up. For every dollar received by the Governments, a dollar is made available for the people. Although the previous Head Slaves (Dragon Families, The Order, the Cabal, Illuminati, etc.) still appear to be able to block our ability to receive funds, this illusion is quickly dissolving. The Government will be forced to intervene more aggressively and we will have this substance available on the ground level.

That being said, it’s time for us to remember who we are. We are creators and that’s what we should be doing right now. The energy is available for us to put to use. So let’s allow our differences to dissolve. Let’s universally focus on the act of creating the world we all want to manifest. This is our opportunity to get back in shape. The nutrients for us to build on, are already here. We are building from the powerful love present in all that we are, all that we say, and all that we do. The conscious focus on owning our responsibility to free ourselves, create a new world, and put our gifts to use, is the key to unlocking the doors of our prison. From there, all we have to do is to walk out and live free.

Zimbabwe’s Ncube on Currency, Cholera, Dollar, China

Zimbabwe Finance Minister Mthuli Ncube discusses the importance of currency stability, efforts to eradicate cholera, and the economic impact of the dollar and China trade. He speaks on “Bloomberg Surveillance.” (Source: Bloomberg)


Zimbabwe Currency Reforms May Take Five Years, Mangudya Says

Zimbabwe may take as long as five years to reintroduce its own currency because the country needs to address a fiscal imbalance, boost investor confidence and regain access to foreign loans, Central Bank Governor John Mangudya said.

The southern African nation has relied mainly on the U.S. dollar since scrapping its own currency in 2009 to halt hyperinflation that saw prices double every day. Newly appointed Finance Minister Mthuli Ncube has said he favors a return of the Zimbabwean dollar.


Zimbabwe dismisses new currency claims

The Reserve Bank of Zimbabwe (RBZ) has dismissed social media claims that the apex bank will introduce a new currency.

In a statement, RBZ Governor, Dr John Mangudya said the claims are fake, adding that the ‘country shall continue using the multi-currency system as evidenced by the continuous significant disbursement of foreign currency cash in the market.’

“The RBZ would like to urge members of the public to dismiss, with utmost contempt, a fake article being circulated on social media regarding the introduction of a new currency. The Bank would also like to urged members of the public to desist from abusing social media in circulating fake messages that are designed to manipulate parallel market foreign currency rates. Such counterproductive messages are being done with bad intentions to destabilise the economy as they cause alarm and despondency,” said Dr Mangudya.

He also urged the public to depoliticize monetory and financial issues.




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