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The Kingdom of Heaven

Luke 18:20-21
20 When the Pharisees demanded that Yahshua tell them where the Kingdom of Heaven was, to know where God would return, he answered them saying,
21 The Kingdom of God cometh not with observation that one can say, “Look, here it is” or “lo, it is there”, for behold, the Kingdom of Heaven is in you.

As of December 27th, 2017 the five year extension of the Order’s contract to bring the world under one Government and eliminate 90% of the human population ended. Their efforts now, after spending the last 30 years doing nothing for humanity have been rooted around getting countries to sign the same contract again. After destroying whole nations economies, eliminating opportunities for new technologies to come to market, poisoning our air, food, water, and medicine, and generally violating every aspect of said agreement, you can imagine that Countries are not as willing to re-sign such an agreement. This is where the Chinese branch of the Rothschilds comes into play. You may know them as the “Chinese Elders”.

They’ve created the myths of the benevolent Chinese Elders, the Ancient Elders, the Dragon families, and a myriad of other possibilities. Depending on who is telling the story you’ll hear about Grandfather and his life long mission to protect the wealth of the world, the Gold of Solomon, and the great wisdom of the Chinese people. All of these things were designed to shame us for our lack of appreciation and knowledge because of the youth of our nation. These are clever methods to control us.

The reality is that the Dragon families have nothing to do with being Chinese, except for the Golden and Black Dragon Families of course. The Blue Dragons are British, the White Dragons are Austrian, the Red Dragons are Russian, the Black Dragons are Italian, American, and Chinese, and the Green Dragons are Middle Eastern.

Hillary Clinton and Barack Obama are currently acting as Co-Pindars. Obama used his presidency to get Pablo Escobar’s right hand man released from prison and he in turn organized MS-13 to work in the banks all over. They receive text messages on burner phones that tell them to block or redirect our transfers.

Meanwhile, Eric Prince founder of Black Water’s civilian military was hired by the Chinese Elders to destroy the American Economy and buy it back for pennies on the dollar. Their methods of warfare are to essentially block any money coming into the country, especially from the Trust. He’s also supposed to steal as much money from the Trust as possible and take a 20% commission.

There’s currently a firewall set up around the entire banking system. But it doesn’t matter how much money you have if people won’t sell to you. Kim has purchase orders from countries all over the world for various products that are desperately needed. She’s given the large companies the chance to do the right thing but they refuse to sell her anything for fear of repercussions from the Rothschilds or their Chinese counterparts the Elders. They did after all threaten the world at the United Nations in September that if they did not have absolute control of the world by September 2018 that they would unleash biological weapons and kill everyone on the planet.

The way it works is that the Rothschilds are the “Crown” that all of our legal system has pledged themselves to. What they don’t realize is that the “Crown” is owned by the Trust. Therefore, the Trust is the only Sovereign entity and everyone else is a sub-sovereign. This is why the document that was provided by Kim-Possible releasing the United States from the Crown is so important. The key to all of our freedom is in them accepting this Sovereignty and standing on equal ground as a fellow Sovereign.

So we have a task ahead of us as the money is securely released to the people. We’ll have to create business models that develop products and services from the ground up. The Rothschilds have controlled every aspect of production for years. They have controlled the mines for the raw materials, the factories, the patents, the labor, the technology, the employees, and all the factors in between to ensure they profit on every transaction. This system stagnates the ability of alternative ideas, methods, and technologies from ever emerging unless they own them. This is the Non-Compete system they have used to monopolize the world.

The Rothschilds evil empire seeks to enslave or kill everyone by getting countries to renew contracts that expired in December 2017. Fortunately, countries are catching on and have been reaching out to the Trust to get their own Sovereign paperwork and proper designation. Once they accept that reality, no one can renegotiate their agreement for 499 years.

The played out practices of the head slaves are predictable and illogical. It prevents development and limits human potential creating the illusion that we are less than they are. They are not Gods or even Kings. In fact, there’s only one King on Earth, and that is God.

Now if there is one King and he is divine, then we are truly living in the Kingdom of Heaven. This Kingdom is exactly what we make it to be. That means that we have to accept our role as the children of God being made in the likeness and image of our creator. Our thoughts, our words, and our actions have the power and potency to create the world we want to live in.

People are always waiting for a power outside of themselves to come back and save them. But consider what the scriptures actually say. The messiah told the disciples to wait in the upper room for powers from on high. On the day of Pentecost they received the Holy Spirit in their hearts and in their minds. Now if God is the Father, the Son and the Holy Spirit, then didn’t the Messiah already return?

So what are we waiting for?

If we’re waiting for a sign from Heaven, then maybe this is it. God speaks to us through everything and everyone. The critics and various haters have yet to explain the constant nonperformance of the Chinese Elders or whoever it is that’s supposed to be running the exchanges. I have done all I can to try and give you the truth. I’ve admitted when I was wrong and apologized. I haven’t attacked anyone accept the head slaves who think they’re our masters. I’ve felt the need to proclaim that we are not satisfied with their offers of enslavement and genocide. Our elected leaders have been to paralyzed with fear to respond intelligently on our behalf. God can use anyone to get his message out. Is it so hard to believe that he could use me? What about you?


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  1. So what are we waiting for?
    Many are waiting for the Chinese Elders to give us our exchange. Others are waiting for them to fail. That has been me. They probably won’t do either by just waiting around for something to happen. We are sovereign beings, which means we have the power of god within us, which means we are God. I for one am tired of trying to reclaim my sovereignty from these assholes. They have no sovereignty or power of God. It’s time to put them by the wayside and exercise the divinity that I am. I do that NOW!

  2. Thanks Tank. We are working from the ground up here in Mexico. One person, one pueblo at a time to bring such a simple but critical thing as drinking water. Are you aware of the Keshe foundation and their work to bring free energy to the planet. I listened to John McAfee talk on YouTube on the 19th about using the block chain to change the world and defeat the power structure in every area of human life. Highly recommend. We are with you. How do we work together?

  3. Since 1999 the Lord has sent me all over the world. I wait upon Him and at the right time He gives me my assignment. What the Lord has done has changed the atmosphere above and below ground in given situations over from death to life. I rarely speak about this, but I believe the Lord told me today, that in my telling you, this may well be the ‘linchpin’ in releasing rebuilding His Kingdom on earth as it is Heaven

    in 2017 the Lord had me publish a (what is looks like working) little book titled ‘Miracles are for those who can’. When the reader begins reading from the ”very first page to the end”, and allows them self to enter into the simplicity of what the Lord is conveying, they are changed and become a part of His ‘plans and purposes’ in restoring the whole earth one miracle at a time.

    The earth is an enormous pile of distorted corrupted puzzle pieces. The LORD needs to have a people who are called by His name, surrendered to ‘hear and do’, so He can use them to help Him heal and assemble these restored pieces into His original intent.

    I am amazed at the number of people who want miracles, but are not wiling to pay the price of absolute surrender.

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