23 March, 2018 19:19


To: The Old World Order on March 23, 2018, It’s our desire to work with you and show you the kindness you never showed us. We want to offer forgiveness, peace and actual benevolence. There’s more than enough to go around and even you can appreciate the value of that.

You’ve managed to fool everyone again today offering nothing but promises of gold standards, USNs and pending exchanges. In so doing you’ve delayed us temporarily.

Those with the ability to open the door for us to fund our projects now, would rather remain enslaved to your lies and wait in the hopes that you’ll finally come through. Much in the same way an abused spouse will return to the man who sent her to the hospital because his dinner was cold, our fellow humans are still suffering with programming issues, not realizing that their partner will never change.

I understand why you’re fighting so hard to maintain such a lavish existence at our expense. You believe that you’re above us. You were raised to think that generations of inbreeding somehow made you superior to other humans. You can’t help it. I don’t even blame you.

However, I do hope you understand that people are waking up to the reality that you’re not more powerful, more talented, or more at anything than us. While many are still enslaved to your programming, it won’t take that many of us to overtake you. We’ve already beaten you with little more resources at our disposal than the raw will of the human spirit.

I understand that you are the way you are, and I accept you just that way, I hope you’re able to accept that our pursuit of freedom is relentless, and we will have to make practical decisions when the time comes on how to best manage a secret society of elitist pedophile, murderering thieves and liars. Forgiveness is a gift we can give ourselves which we cannot afford not to give. But to trust that you’ll ever do anything you say you’ll do would just be naïve on our part.

My main concern at this point is the Zombified leadership who appear to still be operating under your control. The Manna World Holding Trust funded every Government in the world just last week and after years of you promising to do the same, I wonder if you somehow convinced them that it was you. Manna also transferred money into our accounts that you’ve cleverly managed to hide and keep out of our reach. We do hold those in the banks, Government and Military accountable for examining the evidence and to make intelligent decisions in the best interests of the people. After all, the people are the ones they are responsible for.

For fear of angering the walking dead I dare not discuss the “RV” at this time. Everyone can continue to look forward to this event while we are allowed to receive our funding from the Trust. The Trustee has made arrangements for some version of the exchanges to take place to compensate people for their money and time invested in this process.

I did find myself discouraged for a moment today when I realized that there has been no one in any agency, Government, Branch of the Military or financial institution that have demonstrated the integrity, courage, or care enough for their fellow human beings to ensure that our transfers were cleared and placed in our operational accounts. This is a tragic karmic decision that you and they will have to live with. I’m certain you all know the desperate conditions you have created for so many in the world today. The people who have helped you after seeing so much evidence that you are no longer in power are just as liable as you for the deaths and suffering that is taking place because of their unwillingness to take action.

We are able to move forward together but it requires some level of cooperation on your part. You don’t get to hoard the wealth of the world away and live like Kings while children starve and people die from curable diseases. The trained officials who control our access and ability to fund our accounts should at least be able to assist us without worrying about the consequences they will suffer at your hand.

I cordially ask you to refrain from these divisive stall tactics and embrace the Real World Order. Your contracts have expired and all of humanity rejects any kind of extension. We are the creators of the new world and we claim our right to be that. No further negotiations are necessary as you have nothing left to threaten us with or to offer. It will go a long way towards a peaceful transition of power if you were to show some level of honor in the way we conclude our business.

As I suspect you will continue to connive and plot your evil plans right up until your complete extinction, I want you to know that we are willing to stay the course if that is what is needed to have and maintain our freedom. We ignorantly looked to you for structure in a fragile time in our development. You played the role of savior and adversary all at the same time. At this moment we are no longer contractually obligated to your service in any way and choose to move forward as free men and women.

You are welcome to stay, but you are no longer in control. You will not be allowed to maintain any position of power ever again and it would be in your best interests to take decisive action that are in the best interests of the planet and the people.

Your cooperation is required for your survival on this planet. We welcome you to observe what is possible when humans are empowered to thrive.


The Sovereign People of Earth

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  1. It really irritates me that Trump continues to act like he needs funding for his wall,if 30 billion has already been afforded by Kim.

  2. Trump really need to be transparent about Kim’s assistance. I am surrounded by sleepers who are zombies of the fake news. Where can more info on Kim’s efforts be found?

  3. I already follow Truth Honor and Integrity. Anna Von Rietz’s blog. And this site. Kinda gave up on Jared Rand because Dr.W seems conflicted, and interrupts him.

  4. Now that’s the Tank I love. Direct, Open in Truth.. Yeeeha lookout for the Gangstar Fairies. :-

  5. Sure sounds like the government is freezing all monies when Kim makes transfers. Just saying, that could be why you see monies but cannot “use” them. Keep us all posted!

    The monies that Kim has to send from the Trust to help in the humanitarian projects is from all the stolen monies from our peoples. Plus she worked with the cabal for years, her saying, unknowingly though. I believe she said on one of the calls that she was on … she had paid out over 900+ Billion and that money ended up going to the wrong ones. Might be a reason for funds not being really spendable.

    I say keep your beliefs in humanity strong and spirits up, PLUS question everything, and everyone. Step back and access all.

    Good spirits being sent to you Tank.

  6. Bless you, Tank, for having such a forgiving heart and conciliatory attitude toward our oppressors. Unfortunately, you’re overtures can not and will not be met with like-hearted thoughts, feelings, & actions on their part, for they are incapabable of such. They are REPROBATE and totally depraved. Sadly, the only thing they understand is brute force. Love & forgiveness do not resonate with their dark spirits. My prayer over the years on their behalf has gravitated from one of mercy & forgiveness to petitions to the Creator and Father of Light for their total annihilation, utter destruction, & complete removal from the face of the earth for all time. Sound harsh? I think not, for pure unadulterated evil can not be given quarter in an environment of peace & order, for the two are mutually exclusive. Hard truth, but truth nonetheless.

  7. If Trump was afforded the 30 billion for his wall from Kim, why is Trump tweeting this?”I am considering a VETO of the Omnibus Spending Bill based on the fact that the 800,000 plus DACA recipients have been totally abandoned by the Democrats (not even mentioned in Bill) and the BORDER WALL, which is desperately needed for our National Defense, is not fully funded.”
    It’s no wonder people are skeptical.

  8. A beautiful declaration. I’am for the continuity of life on Earth and the continued existence of this world paradigm is in direct conflict with that. It must be removed/replaced with a truly benevolent world paradigm that embraces individual liberty and provides all life with the ability to thrive – free of contractual obligations, fear, want, deception and deprivation.

    We, the seekers and knowers, are growing in number and when we are legion, we will change the face of this planet – forever!

  9. Nick… using the term ” we are legion” may sound cool and threatening to you… however in the bible it was spoken by satan of evil… legion of demons. We need love and courage as Jesus taught. Because the heart of man is basically selfish a “New world order” will never work. There will always be groups that will try to take power…. sadly and unfortunately.. ALWAYS. Protecting our rights defending our boarders is the best bet for now. Islam will be stepping in to take over and the war you are threatening will be with them. Stop being so nieve.. When all America shows love and tolerance to eachother then and ONLY then can we talk about what ro do to spread peace. Until then you people need to figure out reality and fast because if you do not have weapons or the right to speak out against whomever you wish… you’re own government will annialate you. Look at England already and Europe. Stop bashing Trump and prove you give a fuck about those close to you. This is all part ofvthe division you say youbare against. Wake up! Start here.. by defendingbour borders and your constitutional rights. No America isn’t perfect, it has a sick history but it is a place that has the potential love, peace, help, growth and posirive change. Protect her first. Support Trump, he is not perfect either, none of US are. He just wants to see America strong… not to keep people out but to have them vetted ro enter with goodwill not plansvrovtake advantage, undermine and break laws. I ASK & CHALLENGE ALL HERE MAKE PEACE IN THIS NATION NOW AND KÈP IT STRONG…THEN WORRY ABOUT WORLD PEACE AFTER YOU SECURE YOUR OWN SAFETYOTHERWISE YOU WILL BE FORCEFED YOUR OWN CRAP BY ISLAM OR AN EVEN MORE CORRUPT GOVERNMENT THAT ARE CLAIMING TO WANT WORLD PEACE TOO. WARNING…. PROTECT U.S. HERE WE CAN OVERCOME TOGETHER OTHERWISE ALL ARE DOOMED. SEEK GOD FIRST.

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