23 June, 2018 16:06

To: Galactic Journey Woman
Response to Questions for TANK:

This is off the top of my head because it’s really time to get some of this stuff straight and I’d rather we get to it quickly than to allow further misunderstandings to linger. I’m sure I’m missing many details but the basic idea is accurate.

1) How would you possibly know if only Kim has access to a Quantum system. Certainly there is more than one. Kim may have access to ONE quantum system that holds the “Manna” Funds. How would she now about everything everywhere?

•There is ONE Quantum System on this planet, created by Galactics that were enslaved here with us. There are two Galactic groups that would conquer other planets. One would use War tactics (The Draconians) and the other used technology (Not sure what they’re called but if I remember correctly they look like insects). These two combined forces and have been taking over planets and taking their resources for thousands of years. The Quantum system is a massive AI. This AI under the control of the previous Comptroller only received a limited set of data which caused it to set the planet on a path for destruction. Kim reprogrammed it to gather ALL of the data so that it could see the value of the human experience and make more educated decisions, so to speak.

The Quantum system was designed as a tool to control our thoughts, our weather, our computers, or health, our weapons, and everything you can basically imagine. Kim decided this was too much control for any one person to have and she turned it over to the Galactic council. In addition, it was designed to gather and account for ALL of the assets on the planet so they could take them to use what they needed and trade the rest.

I have been on the phone with several people claiming to be the rightful Trustee to one Global Trust or another. They have paperwork, signatures, seals, and the appearance of authority. What they do not have is access. At the end of every call, they have paperwork given to them by the Cabal, to try and use them, but they don’t have working codes to release the funds. They always end up asking for codes after they list off their impressive credentials. And every Global Trust so far has been contained inside the Mana World Holding Trust.

The Quantum system is connected to the Human Being with the closest DNA to the original humans that walked the planet. There are five races that originally inhabited the planet and Kim is a 99.8% Boo-identical to the Mitochondrion Eve. She has been tested at least half a dozen times by various Governments and I’m sure other people as well.

The Russian Government currently has her paperwork and if she was able to receive it, there isn’t a bank in the world that wouldn’t receive her transfers. This is the real cause for the sanctions against Russia, to prevent Kim from being able to get money to the people.

2) There are many different world funds out there. Kim has the Manna. She cannot speak for the rest.

•See above

3) Of all the on and off world technology gurus out there only Kim can get the job done??? We have Galactic help, remember? Certainly if Kim were that crucial we would have heard of her via a source by now. St Germaine would have dropped her name in praise. Jesus too. Anyone of the others. This site is huge on channeling. Her name would have come up.

Remember a while back when they said the Galactics had left the planet and left one behind in charge? Well she’s not a Galactic exactly but she does serve on the Galactic Council, as an Ambassador for Earth, and as the Earth Commander of the Galactic races that permanently reside here. And yes, all of these forces are working together to assist us get free.

However, it is up to humanity to take their own freedom. Our “leaders” still believe the Rothschilds are God’s and pander to them no matter how insane they act. They threatened to use chemical weapons against the world if anyone accepted funds from the Manna World Trust.

And I don’t know any Channeler that has been right ever. That’s not to say that their message isn’t true or valuable. It is to say that there is something lost I translation. They are speaking from a dimension where time and space don’t exist or matter. Here in this dimension they are very important. As anyone who has watched their children grow up as they chased this dream knows, time is possibly the most valuable asset in this dimension.

Furthermore, everyone always seems to think that just because they’re channeling a being from another dimension that it is who the being says it is. But just like any soul, they have their own agenda and in many cases may not be who we think they are.

4) We believe the Alliance has this covered, working on it for decades., with off world help. Without Kim. Kim just showed up months ago.

•Leta consider who the Alliance really is:
The Chinese Elders-100% Dragon Family from the Order, the Golden Dragons which are just the new regime scheduled to take charge of the planet for the next 100 years. This was decided in 1978 and has resulted in the American Villians (Clinton’s, Bush’s, etc.) and the Chinese tales of benevolence. They’ve actually convinced us that they should be in charge of our country and we’ve all but signed off on it.
The Republic– now I’m not sure who, why or if the Republic has a benevolent side, but I do know there is a Rothschild Republic that runs out of Paris France and cooperates directly with the Shadow Government. This is where many of our too good to be true stories are generated. They are the ones running the RV, with the fake US Treasury not acknowledged by the US Government out of Reno. This obviously makes sense as they are the ones pushing the RV for the Chinese Elders to crash the world’s economy and buy it back for pennies on the dollar.

The OSS- the operation of the CIA created by George Bush Senior that runs out of Rockville Center in New York City. Dick Chaney was in charge for a while but couldn’t get control of the Trust so I believe Hillary Clinton and Barack Obama split the leadership at this time.

The Meritocracy- this is the non bloodline elites who want to have control be based on the attributes that they deem to have merit. It’s just another group trying to control the world based on different standards like intelligence.

The United Nations– Obviously the UN was the Rothschilds controlled attempt to create a one world Government. There are good people working to keep the peace at the UN, but every nation vowed still at the Rothschilds threats. At the G7 they just made claim that they had control of the SWIFT system still and they wouldn’t allow money to be transferred into the United States. They found out on Sunday, they were wrong.

The White Hats-now I had some White Hat connections who verified that Kim is exactly who she says she is. But when they realized there really wasn’t an RV, they decide to support the lie so they could get rich, instead of upholding the laws to ensure they stopped the terrorists stealing money and trafficking humans everyday. Like any group, I’m sure most of them don’t even know it, but they’re supporting the very ones trying to kill us all. The ones who can actually make the difference are contained in this group but the ones who really know what’s going on are at the top and everyone beneath them knows how to follow orders.

-The list goes on but the basic idea is that the Rothschilds have told everyone including Countries that THEY are special and THEY will be in control.

5) You keep interjecting Bible quotes. You forget this is a Biblical phenomenon, a prophecy. Other world events are falling into place. Trump is part of that plan. The Alliance crew and white hats are all of the best caliber working with Trump to bring this about.

•Firstly, most of the things you think are in the Bible that were prophesied about, are mistranslations from a paid ministry.

The Rapture is a concept never mentioned in the Bible but interjected in modern religious theology because the Cabal has to warn us of what they’re going to do. So the mark of the beast on the back of the hand and the forehead were referring to control technology microchips that the Overlord rulers had used on other planets to control the beings there. There were stacks of guillotines outside of the Wal-Mart FEMA camps where they intended to kill the people going in for one reason or another, and I wouldn’t be surprised if the “exchange centers” weren’t suddenly hidden at Wal-Marts. But we’ve seen the cages inside of these zeal-Mary’s, and we have first hand witnesses who have seen the coffins stacked up there as well. The guillotine concept was mentioned in the Christian “Rapture” series as far back as the 80s.

But if you want a prophesy to hold on to I’ll give you one.

Revelation 12:1 And a great sign appeared in heaven: a woman clothed in the sun, with the moon under her feet and a crown of twelve stars on her head. 2She was pregnant and crying out in the pain and agony of giving birth.

3Then another sign appeared in heaven: a huge red dragon with seven heads, ten horns, and seven royal crowns on his heads. 4His tail swept a third of the stars from the sky, tossing them to the earth. And the dragon stood before the woman as she was about to give birth, ready to devour her child as soon as He was born.

Now the woman cloaked in the Sun is referring to Eve. When God told Adam to be fruitful and multiply, at that time Eve hadn’t been created yet. She was still in Adam. Later is says depending on the translation that God took from the rib and the womb to create Woman and that was Eve. When God have the commandment to be fruitful and multiply, the woman was cloaked or covered by the Son of God or the first man Adam. And when a woman is born, she is born with all the eggs she will ever have. So as the adult woman was brought forth she was ready to bear off spring.

The twelve stars are symbolic of the Twelve Tribes of Israel which is probably referring to the 12 Chakras.

Keep in mind that Kim is the Bio-identical to the mitochondrial Eve. And when a child is born it is essentially being set free from its Mother’s womb or her protection. In like manner Kim is birthing freedom for humanity. Right now we are still under her protection. In addition, she understands how to utilize the Source light energy to manifest, move, heal, create, communicate and defend herself. Her sole purpose is to reunite us to our natural connection to God within us and all around us. This is where the mastery of the Chakras comes into the prophesy.

The Moon is know. To be a neutral base used much like the United Nations where I’m sure the Galactic Council meets. And she’s on that council.

After that there is a seven headed Dragon ready to devour the child when it is released from the Mother’s womb. So we’re dealing with the Dragon Families and there’s probably seven of them, but I’m not sure. And they’re watching for when Kim releases that money into our accounts so they can devour our funds, our lives and our chance at freedom.

So the Alliance you’re counting on is the Dragon families. The RV and the immediate GCR would weaken us enough for them to continue to enslave us, and like a baby we wouldn’t even know what was happening because we think the Dragon is taking care of us.

6) How can it be that Kim would be more gifted than the most enlightened galactic help that Creator has sent. And yet she is unsupported.

•She is supported. And she is enlightened. In fact, she coordinates with the Galactics on a daily basis. Many of the things reported in the news as chance occurrences we attributed to the benevolent Chinese Elders were the result of Kim’s Command if the Quantum System. You can imagine what the world would be like if the Sorros voting machines didn’t suddenly malfunction when Hillary Clinton was supposed to win.

In fact, she could have done all of this with no criticism, no help, and no one else. She included ya to give us a chance to be a part of our liberation. And the Galactics off planet do not concern themselves with the domestic issues of our planet. They’re only concerned with issues where Universal Laws have been violated that effect the rest of the Galaxy.

When she needs to involve the Galactic Council she has successfully made a case to take action against the Order when their actions have gone too far. She’s cleared it with them to completely take over the financial system, to eliminate their hacking systems, and to assist her with the ground team to disable various threats around the world.

The financial system is one very small aspect of her many roles, but it’s the one that frees humanity.
And on a day like today, knowing how she has locked down every aspect of the Cabal, the only thing I can imagine that may be holding her back is our ignorance. Because we’ve heard something so many times we are certain that it’s true. We don’t discern, listen or consider that there’s a lot more to this world than anyone is considering. What we see is the tip of the iceberg and the so called “awakened” are the worst. Most of us are so convinced because of a dream we had or a Channeler we heard, thy we can’t even be taught anything because it’s controversial to our “absolute truths.”

Because we think we know one thing for sure, we base everything else in our understanding around that. So consider that your absolute truth is wrong and then you can begin to see.

I have lost friends when I said the name of Jesus couldn’t have been Jesus. That was their absolute truth and when I challenged it I was considered a heretic. But it’s easily probable that there’s no J in Hebrew, Greek or Latin. The letter J wasn’t even used in the 1611 version of the King James Version of the Bible. And to make matters worse when I told them that Jesus means “Hail Zues” I nearly got into physical fights. In the Bible three times it tells you that Gabriel came to Mary and Joseph and said the name of the Messiah would be Emanuel. So why don’t we use that name? Not to mention Yahweh, Yahshua or almost anything else? Because on every page of the New Testament they tricked us into hailing another God, praising and other God and worshiping another God just by repeating the name Jesus on every page of the Bible.

We have been brainwashed by the repetition of erroneous information. You will have your financial freedom and what you do with it will be up to you. And I want you to know where it is that you live so we don’t all up enslaved again. I want you to know who to trust and turn your money over to some nonsensical bullet trade platform that hasn’t been working for years. And lastly, I want you to know that Kim stood up for all of us including the people who watched like cowards in Governments as these pedophiles raped, kidnapped and molested our children for entertainment. She stood up for the people working at the power plants who don’t know that they’re slaves, the Bankers who’s families have been threatened, and the former soldiers who don’t realize they’re following orders from the bad guys. She has stood up for every human being on this planet and she gets mocked, ridiculed, and abused by trolls who most believe are good people and secretly work as operatives for some corrupt aspect of an agency.

The things I share can be proved by any intelligence report from any Government, and because of that there’s really no reason for us to disagree about it. It’s not a matter of my theory or opinion against yours. I have the GCR plan. I have the Divine Plan. I have the long term plan of the Order. I’ve spoken directly to the CIA programmer face to face who designed the whole system. I’ve spoken to these other so called Trustees who claim they are the ones in charge.

The only one person you have spoken to or heard from who’s dealing directly with the people, who actually explains exactly what’s happening before, during and after it happens is Kim-Possible. Look back over the past few months. They only start saying they’ve done something after I tell the world what Kim did. They try and take credit, and because we’ve heard it so many times, we just eat it up because it confirms our comfortable ignorance.

I appreciate your questions. I know what you think and I know why. It’s comfortable. I’m trying to make you uncomfortable so you’ll have a chance. Because now is the time when change is possible. And it requires us to stand in the truth and stand together. Kim is the truth.

And just because you don’t know about something, doesn’t mean it’s not real.

Hope that helps,


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  1. Applause, Applause!
    Thanks for taking the time to lay this all out again for folks.
    Sometimes it takes different words, a turn of phrase, etc. that can allow information to be uploaded. Even a good lawyer will speak to the jury kinesthetically ( what you feel ), audibly (what you hear) , visually (how you see) and digitally (how you think /intellectualize) as we are all different. Just ask the ‘millions’ of couples out there in the world that can’t communicate! :-}

    1. Kim and Tank, thank you for all you do. How can I be of service? Email if you are moved to do so, love and joy to you both!

  2. No one wants to be made un-comfortable…a tall order to get people to hear an un-comfortable message. I hope people will put aside their dis-comfort long enough to listen. How we treasure our comfortable lie.

  3. Tank, thank you for your explanation. Great news. What can we and or I do to help right now?

  4. Tank is excellent information and what do you say? It is totally real ask Kim if he is of the Taygetan race belonging to the Pleiades but you should bear in mind that the vast majority of people are unaware of these beings or older brothers who are in our aid in this transition from the third to the fifth. dimension transition that takes place in all physical and spiritual aspects and be able to move to that new era of AQUARIUS or golden age for all humanity and we can become that new race belonging to galactic federation and that is why all These benevolent beings are in our help in all aspects of the human race so that we reach that collective ascension together with the great EVENT that we are living in these moments of belonging to a higher consciousness and thus be able to awaken from that slavery that has maintained the draconians reptiles and hostile races that have manipulated humanity for millions of years. I am very aware of what Tanque is talking about and I can assure you that what he says is totally true. The only thing that these benevolent beings who are in our care want now is that we rise in conscience so that we discover the truth. I do not know Kim and I do not know if he belongs to these benevolent beings who are at this moment in our help I hope so? and if so I would feel very fortunate to have her by our side because I know and I am convinced that with the help of her and these other beings or older brothers we will soon win this battle of the RV / GCR Tank has been very brave in revealing This truth only wants to help us wake up so that we reach the truth and therefore deserves all our respect and possible help until we all wake up from this slavery that we are living and that implanted us in our DNA so that we do not really know who we are where we come from and where are we going?

    Tanque es una excelente información y lo que dices tú? es totalmente real, preguntale a kim si es de la raza Taygetana perteneciente a las pléyades, pero deberás tener en cuenta que la gran mayoría de personas desconocen a estos seres o hermanos mayores que están en nuestra ayuda en esta transición de la tercera a la quinta dimensión, transición que se lleva a cabo en todos los aspectos físicos y espirituales, y poder pasar a esa nueva era de ACUARIO o edad de oro , para toda la humanidad y podamos convertirnos en esa nueva raza perteneciente a federación galáctica y por eso que todos estos seres benevolentes están en nuestra ayuda en todos los aspectos de la raza humana, para que alcancemos esa ascensión colectiva junto con el gran EVENTO que estamos viviendo en estos momentos de pertenecer a una conciencia más elevada y así poder despertar de esa esclavitud que nos ha mantenido, los draconianos, reptiles y razas hostiles que han manipulado a la humanidad por millones de años. Soy muy consciente de lo que nos habla Tanque y puedo asegurar que lo que dice es totalmente cierto , Lo único que desean estos seres benevolentes que están en nuestra asistencia en estos momentos es que nos elevemos en conciencia, para que descubramos la verdad . Desconozco a kim y no sé si pertenece a estos seres benevolentes que están en estos momentos en nuestra ayuda espero que sí? y de ser así me sentiría muy afortunado de tenerla a nuestro lado, porque sé y estoy convencido que con la ayuda de ella y estos otros seres o hermanos mayores muy pronto ganaremos esta batalla de la RV / GCR, Tanque ha sido muy valiente en revelar esta verdad solo quiere ayudarnos a despertar para que alcancemos la verdad y por eso merece todo nuestro respeto y ayuda posible hasta que todos despertemos de esta esclavitud que estamos viviendo y que nos implantaron en nuestro ADN para que desconocemos realmente quienes somos, de a donde venimos y para dónde vamos?

  5. Beautiful Tank,
    love the clarity of this post and the consistency of your focus dispite the unpopularity of your truthfulness,
    Thanks for having the courage to keep it REAL,
    Evidence of the high vibrational BEING that you are!
    Liberating a planet and waking up its population is a messy and time consuming process,
    But we will succeed,

  6. If you listen to someone long enough even in this crazy upside-down illusory world — if there are holes, they will show. Since Feb. I’ve listened to you and I haven’t found any. There’s been a time or two I wondered why you persisted in the face of opposition that made me wince, but no holes.

    I sincerely appreciate your fortitude and willingness to step-up. This is the most important time of my life and I’m on this journey solo, so relevant perspective from someone in a directly related position is tre importante to moi.

    Yesterday I researched a group that eventually showed they are not what/who they think they are. I saw the holes. Nonetheless, they seem to have a strong following.

    What I’ve noticed with myself, you and others I consider true, is that the matrix program makes sure that those who are mind-controlled by it — ignore, belittle and oppress at all costs — the true. Sadly, this assessment is well-demonstrated and confirmed by the treatment of the native, homeless, targeted, and elderly populations, among others.

    From within the matrix reality — whatever it supports is false, whatever it oppresses is true.

    In-truth we release ourselves.

    I am true and I support true.

    Thanks, Tank and Kim — all the very best.

  7. Thanks Tank! As outrageous as this all seems, it has the clean resonance of Truth. Thank you and please express profound gratitude to Kim for the enormous task she’s taken on for humanity.

  8. Its me, Galactic Journey Woman. Thank you for that. Wow. Alot to take in. I have one question at the moment. If Rothschild and asscociates assets are frozen or comphiscated, and I don’t know, wouldn’t that recoup what they made off of Zim, so that if there were a reset, Zim currency holders would get asset backed value. Remember the asset freeze @ December 22- 23, 2017? I know its not about the money, its our FREEDOM, (and money). This is truly amazing. So Kim is the one left behind. Where do we go from here……

  9. It does help Steff, emensely. I know you’re right about who Kim is. All my life I’ve felt that I needed to find and testfor the truth in every aspect of the spectrum of human experiences. It came to be due to a situation that happened at age 7. Without plunging into the full story here, suffice to say that abandonment at that age, when every thing was fine….. and then it wasn’t…… Was more than culture shock, it meant that everything that came before…. Was a lie. So, survival mode to a 7 year old? Too much to go into here, I can honestly say I’ve honed the awareness and the inner voice that must be in part the half of the soul that goes at the moment (flash)of conception to the other world or dimensional plane and can comunicate until the reuniting, that has helped bring me here today !
    I’m full of emotion (joy, awe, love, and peace) and will close now, because I’m on the move again, and have to make haste or…. ? Man, they come from nowhere if I relax, I swear !
    Thanks for being aware & and truly serving humanity like you do with love and all your light, a beacon to me in a darkness that is dwindling fast ! All my love tou you, Kim, other beacons, and all humanity !


  10. So what happens now? Do we give up on currency exchanges or is this still going to happen. So many questions. Who’s working for who. Is IDC working for the good guys or the bad guys? Are they loosh feeding us to the gouls at a profit or do they really believe its any moment? Is our government ciphering enough knowledge off Kim to release funds from other sources, and take the full credit? One system can handle all funds. Is our trust in Trump and the white hats valid?

  11. #MAGNIFICENT … Captain Tank…Truth is TRUTH & Facts are FACTS….u are doing exactly what needs to be done…& Dat is all dat MATTERS… It cannot be ANY clearer…When da smoke clears & da dust settles…there will be NO MORE room for excuses !!! I’m HONORED & HUMBLED to be on ur team (KRE8CHANGE)…Thx Tank & Kim..#SALUTE

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