12:14 PM EST

• For those of you who are diligently seeks no the truth there are some other developments taking place as well. The Cabal our if Europe specifically known as the “Common Wealth” our if London is currently trying to get various countries under their control again by getting them to accept the British Pound as their currency making all of that country’s wealth common. In other words, instead of being Sovereign as is being offered, they stay under the control of the corrupt Rothschilds. That being said Zimbabwe has rejected joining the Common Wealth and this resulted in the attempted assassination of President Emerson Mnangagwa.

Now let’s consider for a moment where the exchange process is supposed to be operating out of. HSBC. Headquartered in London, England and controlled by the Chinese Elders. Now why would one of the largest Chinese owned institutions in the world allow the Common Wealth if England to re-emerge as a Super Power in the financial world?

Because they’re all part of the same organized criminal effort to enslave and eliminate humanity. The Chinese Elders are just a different color Dragon Family. There’s two offers on the table: Freedom or enslavement. Choose freedom.


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