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7/23/2018 1:42 PM EST

When I was 26 years old, recently married, and aggressively pursuing happiness, I was offered a job where I would have made over 400k a year. If I took the job I knew I’d be consumed with the pursuit of money working 12-14 hour days, justifying neglecting everyone and everything I loved because the money I made would take care of their financial needs. Instead, I took a job as an Art Teacher making 38 thousand a year. That was the best decision I ever made.

I had told every girl I dated since the seventh grade that I would have twin boys one day. With no history of twins in my family it didn’t seem likely. Ignorant that it ran through the Woman’s side at the time, I always told my wife we were going to have twin boys, even though she had no twins in her family either. But I remember choosing to be there as a father to my nonexistent sons when I decided to be a teacher. Four years later those sons were born.

When you know something is real, it doesn’t matter what currently exists or what anyone else believes. It doesn’t matter what has happened in the past, or the probabilities if it happening in the future. I loved my sons completely even before I knew how they’d come to exist, what their names would be, or who was the woman who would be their mother.

The Multiverse just created my sons from the substance of our love and focused intention. I never considered the details. I made the same choice everyday to believe myself over multiple miscarriages, naysayers, and solid visible evidence that we wouldn’t even have one child. We never used in-vitro, or any other kind of fertilization technique. But I never doubted I would have twin boys.

We’re faced with these choices every day: Love or money, life or death, God or Man. Often times when we make these monumental decisions we are completely oblivious to the power of the moment. There’s plenty of reasons to justify whatever decision we make, and for the most part no one would blame us for our decision.

But what if we knew the gravity of our next decision? What if we knew that some arbitrary choice we have that could easily be forgotten in a week would ignite a butterfly effect that changed the course of our entire life?

Perhaps we’d peer into future events, able to see the possibilities, realize the immediate impact, and choose differently because of how it would effect our path in the long run. Whether you know it or not you’re faced with these choices everyday. You’re deciding right now if this is worth your time to consider and hoping you make or have already made the right choice.

These aren’t the typical decisions that we take the time to consider. Those decisions require obvious contemplation and often require the counsel of the entire family or a trusted friend. These path changing choices happen in some of the most subtle moments of our life when we’re alone and no one is watching.

One of the most common ways to identify a path changing decision is when there appears to be no consequences for choosing something that is out of line with our innate desire to Love one another. The decision to lie to a homeless person when we know we have change, or to stay in a meeting instead of going to our child’s game are common occurrences that hardly register in our consciousness, especially when we repeatedly make the wrong decision. Bad choices become easier the further down a path we go.

There is a reality about the harshness of the environment that we currently exist in. It was our choice. We chose this path, this reality, and this moment. We’re not here because of someone else’s bad behavior, but because of a choice we made that was out of line with our higher calling.

The exciting part about that revelation is that we have another path changing choice in front of us now. We’re in a transitional historic moment that may not be written about in books, but will decide if our path tells a tale of a failed attempt of a race of slaves to liberate themselves, or a dark time in our past when we lived unconsciously before we finally took ownership of our power.

We are the creators of this world. We get to decide what that world is today and what it becomes in the future. We are the children of God, an expression of Source, and ambassadors of his loving kindness. We have allowed this world to operate in darkness because we have refused to shine. We have remained ignorant of the truth because we have chosen to ignore the strength and impact of our existence. We choose mediocrity because we’re scared to be exceptional. We spend our time trying to fit in and conform to a slavery system that protects us from the burden of freedom.

Teddy Roosevelt said that “No one cares how much you know until they know how much you care.” So what if that’s the key to knowledge? What if you can unlock an entirely different path for the world just by casting out the subtle offender that has enslaved all of us? Our oppressor is apathy. Indifference is the opposite of caring. There’s plenty of evil deeds to blame, and various people in authority we can get mad at because they allowed a certain behavior to go on. We’ve been doing that for a while now and it hasn’t seemed to change anything. We’ve convinced ourselves that complaining about something is the same as doing something about it.

The truth of the matter is that we make decisions everyday to wait for someone else to take action to liberate us. We ignore real problems because we think we’re not important enough, strong enough, or smart enough to make a difference. All of our issues seem to exist outside of ourselves and we play the part of a victim. Our silence has become our consent for the continued oppression of our innate abilities, rightful authority, and natural desire to shine.

“The only thing necessary for the triumph of evil is for good men to do nothing.”-JFK. This statement is either a call to action for how the “Good” will prevail, or instructions on how “Evil” will triumph. The forces outside of ourselves can only control us because we give them permission to do so.

Today we can choose a new path. Immediately this will cause anxiety for some, asking ourselves, “What can I do?” But the answer is right in front of us a dozen times a day. The choices we make are not really right or wrong in the absolute sense that punishment or reward is realized based on what we choose. The power in everything we do comes from the knowledge that we are an embodiment of divine love in shape and form. It is our conscious awareness to act, think, and speak in love that allows us to become a conduit for change.

Now consider that there are an infinite number of possible realities coexisting at the same time utilizing your exact energetic signature. The principle of 3,6,9 act as the meta-physical shape and form that allow the physical attributes of this existence to manifest. 3 governs the numbers 1,2, and 4. 6 governs 5,7, and 8. 9 is symbolic of God and governs the 3 and the 6. 9 symbolizes God or Source which is the all in all. It is the “Aya Asher Aya” or the “I will be, what I will to be.” In other words God is the ultimate Source, substance, limits, bounds, essence and origin of all things-both good and evil, spirit and material, etc.

The reality you exist in is an energetic match of your frequency to the Spiritual Hierarchy governing this current creation. We have all submitted ourselves to the ignorance that previously controlled this creation, accepting that we would not know who we were, where we came from, where we were going, or what our purpose was. The change to this reality comes from the infusion of knowledge allowing us to create a new reality based on our decision to remain ignorant, or embrace the truth. In essence, the universe undergoes a programming change much in the same way a computer changes its function based on what it’s programmed to do.

The spiritual hierarchy had a physical representation that was rooted in a human enslavement programming model. The current spiritual hierarchy is built around a human liberation programming model. It’s important to recognize such a massive shift because it allows you to make more educated decisions about the world you want to be a part of and ultimately create.

Our thoughts, words, and actions are programming the Multiverse where we want to exist. In times past we chose to stay ignorant by making decisions based on a limited amount of data entrenched in the illusion of linear space and time. The current infusion of knowledge gives us the option to consider the unlimited possibilities, reactions, and outcomes spanning in every direction through time and space without being limited by either.

The world we create together now, based on our collective consciousness and imagination, is no longer limited by anything other than our willingness to embrace our power to manifest it into reality. This concept seems like such an enormous undertaking when looking at the Quantum reality of endless possible timelines.

What we create generates from our thoughtful intention combined with the substance of our emotional state of living as if that has already occurred. If we feel desperate, scared, or sad, then whatever we manifest is built from this substance, much in the same way a building can be built from brick and wood, or steel and concrete. We can take the most skilled builders and architects in the world and give them popsicle sticks and glue and although they may be able to build something that looks impressive, it would never compare to an edifice built from bricks, wood, and steel.

That being said, I choose to build my world from the substance of love. Love is the intangible spirit material most recognizable as God. We cannot quantify it, but we all value what it feels to love and be loved. There is an unlimited energetic supply of love and it has a positive impact on everything we do. To be “in love” has been recognized as the most sought after and desirable aspects of the entire human experience.

Love has been presented as a weakness in a war driven creation. It’s been used as a stimulus to create wars and as a weapon to manipulate the outcomes. But it is our ability to love, and to be loved by another that all of our strength exists. It is the most natural human thing in the world to care for and love one another. The messiah made loving one another his primary commandment to the disciples before he took off the flesh. In the world where we have existed we have grown fearful of heart break, disappointment, and depression in our willingness to express the power of love.

At this time we are in a historic moment where love has returned to full strength, and our expression of that love is creating our new reality. Our frequency is adjusted based on the Source Energy we absorb allowing us to feel the love of God. In our acceptance of this truth we empower humanity to change the world and create something never before experienced by the beings living here today. This is not a cliche statement, but an intrinsic scientific reality to know that “love is the answer.”

The decisions we make are not nearly as important as the connection we feel to those decisions. Exist, move, and act in love, from the smallest to the largest decisions in your life. Each time we choose love as the substance from which we build our future, we strengthen the bonds of truth, charge the Universe to respond in kind, revitalize the spirits of the broken hearted, and empower humanity to live in peace.

The world is powered by the light of love, and we are conduits of that unlimited Source energy. It is our heart where in lies the key to unlock all of the esoteric, and scientific secrets of our existence. We’re constantly faced with small choices where life and death are the choices. It’s just as real to understand that every decision comes down to love, or not love. Choose love.
Your life depends on it.


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  1. Tank why can’t you just tell us how close to relief for us without anything you are. You and Kim have been at it for months talking about it! Time to put up or shut up! That’s how I feel about it!

    1. Maybe if your greedy little ass was concerned about something other than money you would understand that Kim CANNOT fuel the fire by funding the people, because MOST people aren’t even aware that they are no longer slaves and actually have individual power!! I’m sure you’ve heard the euphemism, “like taking candy from a baby” right? What makes you think it would be any different for the wolves who have fed off the people’s blind-faith while terrorizing them into submission?? Effectively forcing a complete surrender of all sovereignty and stripping them of all personal value, wealth, and liberty?? Or are you chomping at the bit and pathetically, disrespectfully calling out to Tank and Kim because you have intentions of doing some of what I described above?? Maybe you are simply selfish and self-centered, with no regard for the magnitude of what is being attempted here. Or maybe Kim should just keep the financial lockdown in force indefinitely!! That would at least make the people wake up to the greater reality of what is going on and possibly inspire them to be creators of their world once more. No you sir, shut up or put out

  2. Tank
    I Love you
    I love ALL fellow Light workers
    We have all hung onto the promise of doing our humanitarian projects
    and, I am sure we all do what we can on a daily basis to help one another out there in our worlds
    Yet?? love I have a foreclosure notice in my mail today
    1,322.41 between me and losing the home I raised my son in,
    ,and the street? Please, tell me? what shall I do now?
    of course I have tried all I know on my end or I wouldn’t be writing this( and I am facing 2 surgerys ,,yet caught in between this struggle? I am sure many can relate
    Godspeed and Bless and Keep us ALL
    I truly mean that with all of my Heart

  3. Hay Sweety

    This came a t a perfect time for me …. I Am studying ALCHEMY through St Germain …… I Know and can See what I can do for myself and the world
    It’s the doing part that I have had difficulty with … It’s magical and in general people don’t believe in Magic …. Actualy Jesus was a Master Alchemist along with his Buddy St G

    At this moment in time, I could uses some extra cash just like everyone else …. Do I know How to make it out of thin air ??? Yup
    Have I done it ? nope … My blocks not the Universe’s …. I’ve even got permission from Prime creator …. LOL

    I Know what I know ….. I am Allowing myself more and more to do what I know …… I Am a healer …. Now I am in to Healer Heal Thyself ….

    All this that is going on is Pushing Me more and More to move Myself forward on My Magical Path
    Would I Love for this whole RV thing and going to the Bank thing to be Finished and be able to DO some cool Projects in a bigger way …. Oh Lord YES

    Keep up the Great 3d work You Tank and Sweet Kim are Doing …. It will Help soooooooo Many
    Let go of all the Naysayers …. At some point the Full Truth of everything Will come out into the Light

    Blessings and Much Love to you Both in this Assignment

    Barbara …. Just ME

  4. I cried Tank…Source is living and Breathing in these words…thank you, and thank Kim for ALL that you DO.

  5. I agree! I believe love is the answer, and i also believe that love is the key frequency for manifestation. Common LOA teaches us that you need to feel good, believe and take action to receive, but from my experience with LOA so far, Love is the key. When you truly Love some thing, and believe and take action to receive, it’s yours! (Unless of course, someone else’s free will is blocking it.) But, love is all that matters.

  6. Tank, we need encouragement and any encouragement or testimony about how love will win is a foot in the door.

    However, neighbors are getting hungry and many haven’t got a clue about how to do canning or grow a garden. Farmers around here are unable to feed their cows for best production and milk is declining while the prices go up. We can love one another by helping each other learn to grow a garden. We can hold clinics about preserving food. We can love each other by cutting back on our travel and spend money in house to help keep the doors of our local shops open a little while longer. We could, but we can’t! It takes “we” to make the difference.

    People not only need to wake up and see the problem but they also have to take ownership and work on becoming part of the solution.

    The Alliance has an agenda that continues to set humanity aside. The churches are wearing blinders and haven’t noticed the evil one perched on their doorstep. The communities have allowed schools to throw the baby out with the bath water. Humanities problems have become it’s excuses as they claim the power to blame someone else.

    Why? The power has been taken away from the people. Nothing appears to carry the priority of “completion”, as it relates to the good of the people. One thing I have learned over these past few years while waiting to be a blessing to others is that the people have been lied to, and the value of life has been reduced to ashes. You suggest that humanity would have the power to bring freedom into reality if they would only take it. How can humanity claim that power when their health is being attacked, their food is harmful, their shelter is at risk, and their safety is threatened, and the rest of the world is in just as much of a mess as they are. How can humanity climb out of the ruins they are living in that have been caused by the ravages of war, the destruction of natural events, as well as the increased poverty felt by so many.

    We can choose to love one another but loving without a physical connection doesn’t motivate people to make earnest changes in their lives. Just as I have expressed a sincere agape love for you and Kim, that expression hasn’t been extended for the purpose of creating any motivation for change.

    However, the one connection to love that humanity can be assured of and trust is the connection it has with the Creator, the Father, the Shepherd, the One who has expressed and defined a trustworthy plan for change and freedom. The Master Builder with all the resources necessary to rebuild or change the nature of a life. Satan loses any hold on the life that was bought and becomes a member of Gods family. I know my life has been redeemed through the price Yeshua paid. He bought me out of darkness an into the green pastures where I am known by the Shepherd. That is a freedom that is held by the power and love of God and the presence of the Holy Spirit. That love is the connection that causes a person to have the motivation to change.

    Introducing humanity to a freedom from tyranny was Gods plan and He is still extending the invitation. He is in the business of changing lives. His children, in the power of His love, introducing the reality of life changing possibilities to humanity, can change the world.

  7. Beautifully put Tank…..truth is our weapon when we feel powerless!!
    . We need to sow it every day and like seeds it will grow and grow.
    Love is the answer for sure but humanity is frail and hurting. Hunger, thirst and endless suffering have dimmed the light. We are coming back, bolder and stronger for it . Here and now the dark no longer stands a chance. They will find another time and space to evolve.. they too will find light and love eventually our journeys being the same.
    Regardless of all before us, thanks to Kim and yourself for you endless willingness to overcome… mankind needs to find their backbone, at times I too lament!!
    Still onwards and upwards keep shining your light…. we are unstoppable!
    Ml Vanguard

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