23 January, 2019 17:41

Rothschilds threaten to shut down U.S. Banks if President Trump accepts funding for the Wall from the Manna World Holding Trust

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  1. Tank,
    Appreciation is an understatement. Keep Bright Light exposing the dark shadows and systems. All Loving intentions for expansion of all consciousness to these revelations, expositions & awakenings. Kimberly, thank you for your standing up/holding your own creative vision, against all odds of this enormous fraud that has been perpetrated on all mankind. Paul, thank you for your loving being and working with these loving beings. Peace. ra

  2. Sure would be helpful to offer what you are looking for as projects. Because so far I have hearing you are only interested in …. out of the box ones that make money.

    For Boomers like me whom were never interested in having their own business and or making lots of money …. and never had a big dream (except to be a principle dancer … creating the beauty that feeds the Human spirit) … there is nothing I can think of to submit.

    Have heard that we can “be our own projects” … but what dors that mean? … what are the limitations? …. Still live in a tiny box barely able to make rent …. still having to work as these rapidly aging programed bodies are breaking down? …. And what about those whom sudden can no longer work? …. where living on the street is their last option?

    Us Boomers whom came to integrate our shadow sides into Source within ourselves (to inner hells and back many times over the past decades) so that we can hold highest frequencies for this 3D fake reality to shift into 5D co-creating …. while Dreaming in a new timeline …. clearly are not being offered anything.

    It appears that the Trust has no place for beings like us.

    But what else is new … as the Eons old agenda here had no place for us either.

    For those of us no longer playing the victim – savior roles here … we are used to having no place or value outwardly in this fake reality.

    But deeply appreciate all you Kim are doing!

      1. Hello Mr. Wanta,

        Awesome to see you here !! Good Lord, if the walls only had
        ears and we could only sit by the fire place and listen to all the
        stories that you could share on the current state of affairs in this
        country, as you were really on ground zero on all of this.
        May the Good Lord Bless you sir !!

        Tom W.

  3. Tank. Is Trump going to help repurpose the UN?? Thank you team for all you are doing for humanity.

    the other ra in support of the other ra . 😉

  4. Kim, Tank & Paul:
    Sara Fran, in the comments for your video a question that has merit–quote:
    Why not set up State Chartered banks that are not part of the Federal Reserve. And use them to give money to the people. <<My response to that, is to add: give money “directly” to the people.

    Contemplating some of your questionable language in the video about “legal” as opposed to “Lawful”; then “registered” has a really bad connotation because of all our births being “registered” to the State Corporate franchise that is aligned with either the Queen of England’s for profit Territorial United States, Inc. or the Pope’s for non-profit religious corporation MUNICIPAL UNITED STATES OF AMERICA, INC.

    It seems that I read 2 years ago that Anna Von Reitz with the Living Law Firm already Lawfully organized (charter?) the American States and Nations Bank? That would be a good place to start, to get the funds to We The People. If someone has the prototype established, wouldn’t that be a good place to start for just regular people, instead of focusing on project planners that would take years to get the money to the bottom feeders?

    Thank you for your consideration and taking the time to respond regarding this matter.

    It is going to take all of us together with our different realms of study and knowledge to get this whole abundance manifest destiny at the ground level for all people–not just the few brilliant project managers.

    Peace. ra

  5. the threat was issued to Republic of Ireland also in 2008, use the taxpayer to bail out the banks. Republic of Ireland was loaded with 40% of the financial debt of EU banks.

  6. Amazing that these nefarious individuals still have so much control, they should be imprisoned like the rest of the Deep State.

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