Subject: 2+2=4…not 3…maybe 0?


Many people are posting it’s all a lie, all the assets of the world are in China, and THEY or someone who knows a “guy” is the one. You say I lost my position, you say that they know the right guy, person. That is ok.

Yesterday the budget was passed to keep the government running for 2 weeks.. “2”
Yesterday the “Intel Providers” said the elders would release “codes” in 2 weeks “2”

Coincidence? I think not. Seems the Government is being told the same thing you are. “2 weeks”.

To address “All the Assets are in China”. Hmm, I beg to differ. What exactly were all those people doing during the “GOLD RUSH” in the USA? Does the USA not have any GOLD?

Why is the BLM so important? why all the controversy?

No African Country has any assets at all? Russia has no assets? No mining capabilities? Has the whole world froze waiting for some “Elder”? Is this “Elder” so important that all the Nations of the world pledged all their assets? I think not. 23rd of December, 2017 a VERY momentous day.. Remember their “Plan”..Who are these people Mr. Black? It is no longer 1975 THANK GOD!

No one took me up on the “challenge” no one has taken me up on the public display of you enter your codes I will enter mine. Lets see who can drop a dime. Everyone that came forward stated they were waiting for some from an old Chinese Person. Ok fine, Where are you Mr. or Mrs. Old Chinese Person? In October of 2013 a group of “OLD CHINESE PEOPLE” were in Washington D.C., they were claiming they were going to grant 500 billion to the USA, major negotiations were going on with 1/3 of Congress knowing about it. So I got the call. I said ok, if they are who they say, rip the bandaid off and transfer. They explained they had to wait it was a lot of money. I told them ok, fair enough, move 10 dollars, 5 dollars. The next day they were brought a terminal, they failed and everyone went home. What was the purpose? No idea. Free trip to the USA? I was told it cost 2M dollars for that public display of trickery. For me, I don’t care what color you are or where you come from… a lie is a lie. Truth is the Truth. People don’t like the truth…but I do. Bash away people, I am used to it, Bring it. You WILL NEVER BREAK ME, I’ve been playing this game with “you all know who you are” since I was 8 years old. This is not new for me.

Where is the “Old Chinese Person”? No one seems to know and this person remains nameless. Grandfather, Grandmother, Mrs. WU, Imhotep, Jesus, The Chosen One, Joseph, Mother Mary, Kwan Yi, Quan Li, Kiss the Ring, all people purporting they are the ONE. At the end of what seems like the most enlightening display of bulls*&t I have ever heard, it’s always the same line “GIVE ME MY CODES”. If they are chosen, Jesus, channeling Galactics, or some other “benevolent person” then WHY didn’t God/Aliens/Lucifer or someone else give them codes directly? why do they have to go to an old Chinese Person first? Hmmm, and who is this person? and if they did, then why hasn’t anyone entered any? Oh right, 2 WEEKS. Does this not smell of why does humanity need an “intercessor” to reach God/Creator? The answer is you don’t. Dial direct. Dragons Dragons Draco Dragons.. sigh.

Yes I am aware there is a BLOG which, if read all the way to the end doesn’t say I am a fraud, just says I am crazy, and oh, by the way I supposedly wrote it about myself???

I EXPECTED to be publicly flogged when I called TANK. I also HOPED some of you would not. I hoped some of you would come forward and take destiny in your own hands. What does anyone have to loose at this point?

Yes I am aware that the Treasury Dept confirmed TANK has a live code, Yes I am aware the Department of Defense did the same. I am also aware I DID NOT lose my “job” a year ago as it has been 1 week ago today that I made a transfer. I am also aware of the hackers.

The PSYOP is falling apart, the TOMORROW GAME is falling apart. I’m not asking anyone to take MY SIDE, I am not asking anyone to “JOIN ME”. I am not even asking anyone to BELIEVE ME. I am putting this out there in hopes that in “2”, “2 WEEKS” all of you will look back at these comments and say, you know what? Maybe these “people” are “lying”. Families separated, people homeless, etc. waiting on these “elders” is a shameful display of blatant disregard for the very people they claim to care for.

In “2 weeks” we will see what “The Old Nameless Chinese Person” does. Those of you in the KNOW.. I would like to give a SHOUT OUT to SPOKANE WA. I hope you have a wonderful day.

-Kim “Possible”

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