22 November, 2018 12:13


• Despite operating without a charter, the Federal Reserve continued to try to bankrupt the United States this week. They cited debts owed to the Fed by the UST that had already been allocated to the Manna World Holding Trust and has already been forgiven. This effort was made in an attempt to demolish the economies of the world and buy them back for pennies on the dollar.

NOTE: The Cabal is masterful at creating a disaster and conveniently coming to the rescue with a solution. This solution can easily seem like a Godsend in that moment of devastation. This altered state of reality is how they have controlled the world and successfully enslaved humanity.

• Currently, there is a narrative being reported that ignorantly has portions of the alternate community cheering for an economic collapse, which they believe will be the impetus to begin the Global Currency Reset and or Revaluation of Undervalued currencies. This is supposed to create instant wealth for Bond and Currency holders based on exchanges reported to begin thereafter.

• The above narrative is false. The plan was to implement a completely digital financial system, falsely claiming to be asset backed. This can be seen in the mainstream with the sudden creation of various Crypto Currencies, which reached an all-time high in December 2017. These same Crypto currencies have lost over 17 Billion Dollars in value over the past three months.

• The option to convert the world financial system, to a completely digital platform, was recently offered to every country. The Governments of the world have rejected this offer; hence, the sudden drop in Crypto values.

• The Trust did however pay off the debt owed by the US Government to the Government of China.

• Kim-Possible will not fund the families who have acted as controllers and oppressors of the entire human population. She has stated publicly and privately that she will fund Governments directly and projects directly. This process has been blocked repeatedly as adjustments are constantly being made to circumvent and transform a previously corrupted banking system.

• To empower humanity with the tools necessary to restore the vitality of the planet, it will require the de-monopolization of the current economic structure. Many projects will necessitate the purchase, creation and modification of the various resources, mines, factories and distribution centers needed to bring their vision to life. This step may slow down the process for the project owner to execute their mission. However, this is a necessary step to ensure that we prevent a future corporate structure, imposing their will on the project owners, by controlling some aspect of their production.

• It appears likely that the United States will soon be bypassing the IRS and returning to the Tax Revenue Service. This move is part of the plan to avoid re-hydrating the Dragon Families and return the original structure of the Republic. Kim-Possible has been asked to assist in this transition.

• Kim-Possible has also been asked by the US Government to assist with the current college loan debt repayment system, income taxes, and various other debt related issues. Further details about this will unfold over the next couple of years, as this is obviously not an easy issue to fix.

• The Chinese Elders requested Kim-Possible’s presence in China. The Chinese Elders hold an illegal military equipment contract they use to lease the United States Military equipment back to the US Armed forces (it is illegal for private citizens to hold control of military equipment). She said she would not go without a show of good faith, requesting that they cancel the contract first. The Chinese Elders responded, “What contract?”

• Kim-Possible responded with 2700 pages of documentation including a two-page summary on the criminal activities of the Dragon families against the Nations of the World including the United States that was delivered to the Governments of every country on the planet.

• Although Kim-Possible resides in a universally recognized safe-zone, regular attempts on her life have been made for years now. The misinformed private military contractors have expected to collect a bounty for removing her as the Trustee, unaware that it is her living DNA that gives her access to the Quantum System, and her death would hurt us all.

• Former Secretary of the Treasury, Steve Mnuchin, was busted for signing a contract with the Chinese Elders in March of 2017. He has decided to lawyer up, to fight his removal as the Treasurer, but currently has no power at the UST. The only thing left is his public removal.

• The Alternative media continues to report various narratives from their sources. These sources generally exist in a compartmentalized line of command only being exposed to portions of the true agenda. This version of information is usually attached to some disinformation, or detached from some essential details that make it appear benevolent. Unfortunately, this has lead to confusion even among those with the best of intentions.

• As recently as this week, my own Military sources have confirmed the legal clearance and authority of Kim-Possible over the assets of the Trust, the origin of those assets, and the location of all the major global accounts being housed under the umbrella of the Trust.

• My sources have also confirmed the White House approval and Presidential order to release and credit the funds coming out from the Manna World Holding Trust. The various Executive Orders issued by the President over the past few months show clear public support of this fact.

• We are making every effort to educate and inform the Governments, the people and the various organizations of the world about the reality of the global financial structure, overarching governing body of the planet, and the current obstacles we will have to overcome to return the planet to the people.

• We are only referencing facts that can be proven and verified by any Government intelligence or Treasury report.

• If your intent is to share and understand the truth, and you have drawn conclusions about what that is based on an Internet search, conference call, headline, or any other controlled media with a financial incentive, then I highly recommend you reconsider posting articles or comments about your conclusions.

• The Speak Project is dedicated to exposing the truth, operating behind the veil of the Matrix, in a manner that is in harmony with the best interests of the people, the planet, and the individual human experience. To ensure our message is not erroneously altered or influenced by special interests groups, we do not accept donations, run advertisements, or sell products. We welcome and respect various perspectives from sources that feel they can contribute evidence to support or disprove what we report. All such contributions will be put through the same scrutiny to try to present the most accurate version to the public.


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  1. Thank Y’all For All Your Doing For Us… Humanity .. All Over This Beautiful Blue / Green Orb We Live on & WithIn, That We Know As Our Beloved Mother Earth…
    & Lady Gaia.
    I’m As Happy As The White House Turkey Being Pardoned On Such A Fine ThanksGiving Day… YeHaw… Phew, That Was A Close One ; o)… Wishes Y’all an Enjoyable & Happy Holiday Season .. We’ll Leave The Light On For Ya ; )…

  2. Today being a day set aside to reflect on the things to be thankful for, I resonant and am thankful for restoration of truth and hope. Thank you all for your diligence to help our fellow man and look forward to everyones joys.

  3. Happy Thanksgiving to you both ! Please try and understand the amount of mis & disinformation that has been thrown at us for almost ten years now . Hope deferred makes the heart sick .
    Wish you guys the best and an actual result would be better than any 20 paragraphs of woulda , coulda , shoulda !

  4. To the “Team” : You are the #1 reason I gave thanks for on this Thanksgiving Day, 2018 !
    If there is anything I can do for any of you, name it.
    We owe you our lives.
    Peace to all the inhabitants of earth.

  5. Not to be out of sync but it appears that they burned down Paradice California to harvest for the earths gold resources

    Weather geoengineered warfare ongoing throughout the world
    According to things I have read here they have determined that they are the owners of all minerals of the earth and have plans to harvest everything from it and deprive us of everything
    Of course while they drink champagne and float around on their yachts
    And look who we have here participating in the UN Agenda
    Living villages for the slaves
    Appears that all colleges have been transformed to teach that the human species must be contained to save the earth
    Might want to have a look at resilientcities.org and this
    Psychological warfare
    All comments made without prejudice and all rights reserved

    1. Thank U for sharing this dear. Could it be the Reptilians going for the gold as late William Thomkins has explained in how the SSP was infiltrated by them and still Mindcontrol this Human race ?

  6. GO ! GO! GO …. go shorty, cause it’s ur birthday….we gonna party hard cause it’s ur birthday…(50 cent inda club)…. “Smile” …#SALUTE Captain Tank & Kim-Possible… Lord Sintis… I’m out !!!!

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