It’s come to my attention that there is an erroneous and malicious rumor being spread that your association with this group, Kim or me will get you “chalked” so you can’t exchange or even arrested. It’s an ignorant accusation but, I respect your desire not to have this happen, and certainly don’t want anyone to continue their affiliation with us if they believe this.

In a legal system that allows Political leaders to filet the face off of a child, wear the face to increase the fear of the child to increase the adrenachrome in the blood, then drink the blood, while recording it on video, and still maintain not only a leadership position but almost get elected President, there is certainly reason to believe that anything is possible.

However, to the best of my knowledge, there is no crime with being associated with someone who has the legal authority to distribute real money in the hopes to revitalize humanity. There is no law or contract that allows the illegal hold on our funds.

There are laws set in place to protect the consumer from the illegal hold of money without proper cause or notification. There are laws in place to protect our rights to speak, and to ensure that everyone is treated fairly regardless of their bloodline or position in society. There are also laws in place that make it illegal to redirect funds under penalty of treason.

The laws are on our side, however there is little evidence that anyone is enforcing them. With that said, this fight is not for the faint of heart. We have been enslaved for generations and we are at a pivotal moment in history. We have a choice to make between freedom or slavery.

I choose freedom. I choose love. I choose joy. I choose to create a new world where our children are protected and we can still do business with a handshake and a promise. I choose to be exceptional, advance technology, and stay connected to God at all times. I believe that every human being is a unique universe to themselves and that universe can be filled with fear or filled with love.

My world is filled with love and I’m not concerned with the broken promises of dishonorable men. This may seem like a fantasyland to most of you, but it won’t feel that way when we do it. This community must stand together and if you do not stand with us, I respect and encourage your decision to leave.



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