22 April, 2018 09:34


The link below is composed of snap shots taken by a cell phone camera at a meeting with the Evil King who once held the position of the only Sovereign Entity on the planet. At this meeting they discussed the “Divine Plan.” In these documents there is language that seems very common to the way we ourselves may design a governing system that connected God to the Government. I advise you to read with discernment and consider carefully that the “Divine” mentioned in this plan is not God in the way that we worship an all powerful deity that always acts in the best interests of his creation. The “Divine” refers to the Draconian King who ruled with an absolute purpose to gather and take ownership of the resources on the planet, and to enslave and kill all life on Earth. This plan has been disrupted but IN MY opinion it’s essential that we know what we are fighting against.


The Divine Plan

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  1. hey tank were is the link to the documents tath you send early???? i was about read it and now desapired whats up with that???please let me know that seemed interesting but ther are gone

  2. Tank, Gunner & Kim,
    This was a GREAT article. I have always believed that we need to take out the crazy “Gods” that are really running the show. We know that the Hillaries of the world are totally insane and I actually feel sorry for her, for her freedom has been totally compormised as a slave to whoever she serves.

    You say that this Divine Plan has been disrupted. Can you explain more about that? How gone is this false God. Is he still here in any way. Is there something you suggest that we do about him, and any organization he has?

    How did you learn about him?

  3. Renee Trenda,
    I too have wanted to know all these things & more, that’s our nature I guess.
    I find comfort knowing the promise “all things secret will be revealed, all that is hidden will come to light”
    God bless you and remain diligent.

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