“What is Achievement and Free Will”

From Kim-Possible

On occasion I still pop in and out of IDC and I can see everyone is still buzzing about what Tank is reporting and the consistant degrading comments by all of you “enlightened people”. So I thought I would take a moment and address what appears to be “concerns” addressed both AT and TO me.

Most of the “Gurus” on here are still reporting “Tomorrow” the RV is going to happen, the 800 numbers are coming and everyone (Tier 1, 2, Santa Claus) except for all of you has gotten paid. Now if all these “benevolent” people have been paid repeatedly for the last several months if not years, why are none of them sharing anything with humanity? “The Elders got paid” you say? These are the same Elders that want to change the world and help humanity, where is humanity’s part? Oh right, it is coming tomorrow. That is the question I have, it is fine if none of you question this, but I do. Free Will is my right as much as it is yours, your ability to discern information is not greater nor less than mine. I have a right to look at the facts as they are presented, analyze them and come to my conclusions and so do you.

I AM NOT involved with the “GCR/RV” as it is discussed on this forum. I am not involved in currency rates nor anything that has to do with exchanging. I made that very clear in my posts. The Trust is involved in “project funding” which DOES NOT require you to give up currencies nor pay anything at all. Several of you have called me a scam, what am I gaining from this? I am not collecting money, currencies etc.? I do not understand.

Now lets talk about Tank. Most of what Tank puts out he has seen with his own two eyes. Not heard about from a guy who knows a guy, etc. etc. These are real experiences he is having. As for the information “Going After the Kings” etc. he has SEEN the letters sent by them with his own two eyes. You can choose not to believe any of it, heck, you don’t even have to read it. FREE WILL. What some of you do is continuously post/blog about how he is wrong. Does this do anything for any of you? Why not choose not to read or follow anymore? Are you helping people by attacking me, Tank, Zap, Anna or anyone else who is relaying information to you for your own discernment?

Neither Tank nor myself ever aspired to be an “internet guru/sensation/famous” etc. If we did we would only be telling you what you want to hear and collecting donations in the process. Lots of people do this to the IDC and other related communities. This is not my nor his goal.

I put information out there for you, I referenced other reports which can be found online. Some of you understood it others rejected it. That is fine, my only goal was to try to help people. The information I put out there had no affect what so ever on the RV/GCR/Exchanges. No positive affect and no negative affect. Clearly the same thing being reported in December/January when I first posted is the same thing being reported this morning. One more time… I AM NOT INVOLVED IN ANY RV/GCR/EXCHANGES etc. I am not “helping it” and I am not “blocking it”. The Trust’s instructions are clear on my side of it “projects, production lines, development, assets etc.” If there is some other Trust out there that is revaluating currencies and/or paying out trillions or even quadrillions as the rumours tell it, then great! I hope they do and I do hope they pay all of you.

I do understand since there is no “named person” who is actually coming forward from any of these other “trusts” other than “elders/royals etc.” then you have to point your frustration somewhere and I guess that person in some cases is me.

Some of you have normal jobs you do everyday. You get up go to work in the hopes the RV happens and tomorrow finally becomes today. So the fact that Tank is working on project funding with me doesn’t in any way take him away from one day hoping to exchange. Just like your “day job” doesn’t distract you from exchanging in any way.

Lastly, I never meant to cause confusion within the community. My only intention was to relay to you my experiences, places I have been, people I have met and let you know who is who. Further, it is my “FREE WILL AND CHOICE” to choose not to believe someone who has told me “tomorrow” for years, just as it is Tank’s. You can choose to believe tomorrow is the day for as long as you want. Also your choice, doesn’t make you a good person and doesn’t make you a bad person.

I titled this “what is acheivement”, why? While all of you have your own sense of discernment of information being presented there is no reason to address anyone with such negativity as some of you have in this forum. I mean “she needs to get laid” to “cabal beaver” and everything else in between. I am sure your “other trusts funding the RV/Alliance” people read this stuff too. Of course you SHOULD question everything, but do you really bash everyone who writes on IDC in such a manner that even if true is so negative no one wants to read it? Bashing Tank constantly helps you how? Helps him how? He is still waiting to exchange and is doing something else in the process. How is that bad? Is reading Tank’s blog “required reading to exchange”? If it does not resonate with you then ignore it totally. I ignore CNN, you can ignore Tank’s blog just as easy.

This being said, I truly wish all of you the best and hope you do one day receive the blessing you are waiting for and create a positive change for humanity. Remember “Thoughts become Things” both positive and negative. This is your world, be careful what you create.

Kim “Possible”

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