21 May, 2018 13:50


I spoke to a group this morning that was part of a Tier 2 exchange coordinated by a network of 1,500 lawyers. The lawyers are dedicated to ensuring that every aspect of their exchange goes off without a hitch. They already have 8,000 projects that have been vetted and approved to ensure they are real and meet the guidelines established.

In my experience, even one lawyer can be a challenge to come to an agreement with, let alone coordinating the efforts of 15 Hundred. So I’m certain they have covered all of their bases and everything is 100% above board and legally grounded so that there are no issues.

It’s a ZIM Bond exchange so the amount of money about to flow into the system should be formidable. It’s an exchange with the White Dragon family so there’s the added comfort of knowing the very ones reported to have our best interests in mind have already agreed to release the codes when the final paperwork is submitted. The deadline was adhered to and the Royal Bank of Canada has signed off.

That being said, if Tier 2 has already finished paying out, then why is such a prepared group still waiting to exchange?


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  1. Tank, will you please refer me to one of those people in that Tier 2 group so I can make connection with one of the lawyers. I need to know (as well as others here I am sure) the criteria to meet the requirements necessary so that my humanitarian projects are acceptable at the point of presentation.
    Advise, ASAP
    Thank you

  2. I’d still like a better sense of the criterion necessary to receive (now a group of lawyers are riding herd) philanthropy’s blessing. I’ve slowly been working on a project for two decades, pruning it, working out the kinks, massaging it…and I’d be devastated if, after all my work, I didn’t make muster. So beyond having a consummate and viable idea, are there any “boogaboos” that should be looked out for?

  3. Oh goody, just what we need… More lawyers controlling humanitarian funding. Jeez, will we ever be able to fund our work????

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