The Art of War

“So it is said that if you know your enemies and know yourself, you will not be put at risk even in a hundred battles.If you only know yourself, but not your opponent, you may win or may lose.
If you know neither yourself nor your enemy, you will always endanger yourself.”

-Chapter 3, The Sun Tzu Art of War

I want you to know that you are part of a war that has waged for thousands of years. We are only now coming to a place where we are resisting with any kind of significance. The odds stacked against us are nearly impossible. We’ve been programmed to be submissive and accepting, while working as slaves for our oppressors who thrive on more war. There was a master General in place known as the King of Kings, or the Great Dictator and the true author of the Sun Tzu Art of War. The leaders above the leaders took direction from him and in all things he was considered the last word on all matters. Messages were passed down from him through various channels without ever revealing his name, location, or any real details about him. Orders from the “Devil’s Wife”, or some other made up code name that struck fear into leaders knowing they were receiving direct instructions from the War Lord ruler of the planet, and these orders were always followed for fear of dire consequences.


This King had existed for a long time and designated himself to be the only Sovereign on the entire planet. This was commonly accepted amongst Church and State world wide. Believe it or not “The Crown” often referred to by Common Law experts isn’t the crown of England but of this unseen General. I liken him unto Satan in the Bible because he was considered the God of this world. There’s even a “Divine Plan” that had nothing to do with any version of God that we have commonly believed in, but the plan of this one mortal being’s will. He was a mastermind of the Draconian methods of deception, control, planning, and execution. It’s important to understand and realize the existence of this being on the planet having ruled us for the past 13,000 years or so. You might think this is important because he is your enemy. But he’s not. Because he’s dead. But he shaped the reality and the path of the world we live in now.

What is important to understand is the culture he left behind. This super villain really existed and controlled all aspects of beings around him, and everything below him, which was everything on Earth. He created myths and legends around the Galactic beings that people naturally worshipped thinking them to be Gods based on their awareness and application of their abilities and sometimes unique appearance. He staged reenactments of miracles performed, and noble acts of valor to claim credit for anything that could be perceived as divine or heroic. Much like the CIA he made sure that everything that humans believed was a lie.

If everything is a lie or has some element to it that perverts the meaning, then the controller could write the narrative as it suits his purpose. One would think that if this creature is dead then why are the people still enslaved? –
Programming. The head slaves who were basically placed in their positions because their vanity was so easy to use as a tool for control and manipulation, would follow directions of any kind no matter how ridiculous because they thought they were above the beings they persecuted. As far as they are concerned their bloodline makes them elite and thus a authority over the rest of us. This control clearly applies to all those on the Government level who have still not accepted their Sovereignty.

Let’s address that for a moment. There is a letter of authority from the Manna World Holding Trust, known by many names over the years including “The Unknown Country”, The Alpha Omega Trust, the Dragon Trust, etc.. The letter acknowledges the independence of the United States and gives authority of the Federal Reserve to the United States. This returns the authority back to the Government of the United States of America as a Sovereign entity. The “Crown” that is often referenced and attached to the Queen of England was actually the “Crown” of the Controller discussed above. There is only one person on the planet left at this level of authority. I want you to consider this carefully. If there is an offer of Sovereignty, freedom or independence on the table being offered to the US Government by the highest authority in the world, then why hasn’t it been accepted? This offer has to be accepted and a working relationship needs to be formed so that the funding from the Federal Reserve can be received into the United States.

It would seem that there are two offers on the table. The first offer is the same one we’ve been offered by the Rothschild families for years. We get to live enslaved to their system being allowed enough income to live week to week for the rest of our lives. The second offer is freedom for our country and for ourselves, with the wealth of the world being returned to the people. Unfortunately the programming is so deeply entrenched in the leaders of the country they have yet to embrace the reality that the former Trustees do not have access to the real wealth held in the trust. In fact, they don’t even know how the Asset Redemption plan was used to gather the resources of the planet before they were cut off in 2007.

The Evil King had an antihuman agenda. His job was to gather all of the assets under his sole ownership, destroy all life on Earth, and trade the assets throughout the Galaxy. The head slaves who were face of this Evil Empire would never actually see the King himself, but the other beings below him would relay messages. Like those of us at the bottom Rothschilds were given their own version of rituals, religion, and unbreakable codes of ethics. They were the easiest to control because they are most prone to their own vanity. It’s easy to control someone by telling them they are special and better than other people. From there the Evil King would give them different exalted roles like the Chosen one, the Pindar, or Trustee.

The Trust had a simple rule system: assets in, money out. You couldn’t take money out unless you put assets in. Once the assets were all gathered the Trust was shut off. The Rothchilds had until 2012 to eliminate a majority of the people on Earth and enslave the rest. Or at least something like that. This is the reason why cures for cancer are hidden, known treatments for deadly diseases are suppressed, healing technologies are hidden, our food is poisoned, nutrients have been made illegal, our water is drugged, our vaccines are infected with disabling elements that hurt our children, there hasn’t been any significant projects that would benefit humanity in years, and we live in a constant state of war and fear.

In 2012 when the Rothschilds and the other Trustees failed at accomplishing their mission, the assets of the Trust were supposed to be returned to humanity. Kim-Possible took control at that time, but still saw those at the top as her bosses and didn’t really realize that she was the only one who could access the trust and the Quantum AI system. The Trustees were given a five year extension to dissolve their interests in the trust or accomplish their mission. Kim-Possible studied their behavior, listened carefully, and realized that they had the same agenda to destroy the economy and humanity with it. She actually sat at a meeting when they discussed the Evil King’s version of the “Divine Plan”.

The Divine Plan was supposed to be the new law of the planet under the world Government in which he was the Divine. That detail changes the whole meaning of waiting around for divine timing as the Chinese Elders continue to make promises and not deliver. It is in fact an accurate statement. Everything really does happen according to divine timing. But you may not have realized that, that statement was part of the programming of the Evil King and he was the so called “Divine’ one who timed it. And rest assured that the “Global Reset” was part of that plan. However, the real plan was more of a life on Earth reset than a currency reset.

I started discussing the Sun Tzu Art of War and the first phases is to know yourself and know your enemy. It seems like the Evil King is our enemy but he’s not. The enemy is Apathy. We don’t have enough humans acting with any sense of urgency or responsibility. The Government has given clearance on 276 Billion Dollars in project funding from Citibank because Kim sold it back to them as a failed asset for a dollar. Technically, this should mean that we could easily get project funding to the people because we already have approval to distribute funds and approve projects, but the Government hasn’t taken any action that implies that they are supporting this to happen. The Clinton’s were also exposed for the way they gathered the money illegally to start this bank and yet, no one has taken action to arrest any of them.

In addition to the financial system, the Quantum system has access to all of the Black Servers which have been shut down since Kim took control. For those of you who demand proof of Kim, but never seem to require the same from the Elders, you’re welcome to reach out to me because I actually have the override codes for these servers at the UN. These servers have recorded every evil deed ever committed by the head slaves, and these reports have been sent to every intelligence agency, treasury, and Government in the world. This is why Kim was able to expose the dirty dealings of the Clinton family towards Russia and return assets stolen from them to start a war.

These details should actually outrage you. You should be inspired to reach out to your Congressman, Senator, or local CitBanker and demand that they relinquish control of their position. The Government is accountable as well. Everyone knows that 700 Billion Dollars magically appeared for Military funding, but no one seems to acknowledge that it came from Kim when she provided funding for the High Speed Monorail. She’s also the Trust that funded the building of the wall. The Government and the Military were provided funding to prevent the Rothschilds from crashing the economy and taking full control of the financial system by repurchasing the United States for pennies on the dollar.

Our enemy on some level is the Rothschild’s. They promise through the face of the Chinese Elders for years on end that the RV will happen this week, knowing full well that they have no intention of paying anyone. They have not performed yet, and someone turning in their currency and having no access to it doesn’t count. It seems like we are at odds with the Government as well. The authorized the administrative fees from the division of Citibank to be used for Humanitarian Projects but they’ve done nothing to manage the Citibank asset to take away control from the Clinton/Rothschilds. But our biggest enemy is ourselves. We continue to wait for a miracle that exists outside of ourselves instead of recognizing the miracle inside ourselves. It’s this miracle that has the ability to change the world. It’s as simple as taking a stand for our freedom.


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