Light of Love

  • Originally published MARCH 29, 2017

Light of Love

Operates on the principle that we all have an obligation to become agents of change or guides as we journey through this life.True Love which motivates us has no opposite. Many think the opposite of love is hate, however, you have to know something about someone or something to elicit such an intense feeling or emotion. There is no need for previous knowledge of anyone or anything to express love. The opposing force of love is apathy, where an individual could care less about the plight of his fellow man.
True love guides and lights the way for us regardless of our physical location or circumstances. This love is found in all that we do and can only be increased by sharing it with others or simply giving it away. The more we share, the brighter the light inside us becomes and the deeper its roots are planted.The light of love helps us to find our purpose for being a part of the human experience.
While the world seems to become darker due to the lack of love, the light of love will keep us grounded and prevent us from becoming weighed down with the senselessness going on around us. Simply because it is powered directly from our Heavenly Creator, Almighty God, and is the most powerful uniting force in the universe. God is Love, and since we are made in his image, love is the dominant force in us. Love never seeks its own advantage and actively seek ways to express itself for the benefit of others

In summary, there is a spiritual awakening underway that clearly identifies the disconnect from our inner spirit and the loss of love among many. The light of love allows us to focus on ourselves and live from the depths of the love inside of our soul rather than being led by the mind which changes frequently and can never be satisfied. Freeing us from egotism, helping to fight depression and despair with thoughts of gratitude, this teaching serves to unite all people and other living beings and is applicable wherever you reside.ll

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