The first few lines of this translates to:

A gaggle of people from the Pentagon, Langley, and the Appropriations Committee showed up at the Treasury today to try and force them to take the Chinese currency known as the USN and TRN backed by a fake SKR. It was confirmed that the SKR was a fake.

Fortunately, we (Manna World Holding Trust) had briefed them fully the day before that the Rothschilds had a meeting on Saturday/Sunday discussing how they were going to force the treasury to use this unsupported and confirmed fake currency that they issued from their Chinese members (AKA Chinese Elders) in Hong Kong.

-Update from Kim-Possible

10 December, 2018 05:24


I apologize for responding to this otherwise useless article sent to me today. I only respond to clarify the inaccurate nonsense of this PSYOP, and out of boredom. I make it a practice to ignore such things, but sometimes it’s necessary to point out a methodology to help others discern in the future. I don’t know if this is one of those times, so feel free to let me know positively or negatively in the comments below.

The article I wrote is here on the Speak Project Blog. I do not post to any other website. If it appears on another website, it’s because someone else copied it from here and posted it elsewhere.

The comments are from “Reallucky1”, my responses are clearly labeled below.

“I just read your latest Intel on the Generals and using Fisher who is deceased, it made me physically ill.”


Why? The statements I made are factual. Most of them are easy to prove. My conversations with Fisher are well documented in recordings and emails as well.

How can you not figure out that General Kelly will be one or two positions, but you use a CNN (Fakest News Ever) post to criticize this military general one word – UNBELIEVABLE.”


How exactly did you figure that out? I’m not even sure what the sentence means that you wrote. General Kelly will be “one or two positions?” I’m not even sure what you figured out to ask a question or respond.

I didn’t criticize General Kelly once. I stated what his actual actions were. There was a terminal being delivered to Kim. That fact was verified by two sources in the active military who played a part in the delivery and one source above them.

The same sources told me that General Kelly gave new orders to stop said delivery.

I also had it confirmed directly within the UST that the terminal was approved for delivery based on the authority and clearance level Kim-Possible held within the interbanking system.

I did say that he might have been influenced by advice from the Chinese Elders. I hadn’t mentioned that they had paid the Military salaries for two years using money gained illegally by purchasing US Military equipment and leasing it back to the US Military that they were only able to purchase by using a line of credit they were given by a bank in China.

This Intel was provided to me directly by Kim-Possible, confirmed by Fisher, and a proposed solution was sent to the Generals to assist getting the US Military free from this debt.

I have the entire conversation thread time stamped via email to prove that it was sent to Fisher and his responses he provided after confirming delivery, and discussed it with General Dunford.

For the record, Kim-Possible purchased that debt so now the Chinese Elders are in default to the Trust. Normal citizens cannot purchase or own Military Equipment. It gives them too much control to start a war.

General Kelly will either be in charge of overseeing military tribunals or he will be the interim President of the new Republic until a new leader can be elected after GESARA is announced in April 2019.”

The Executive Orders do not support your conclusions. Military Tribunals imposes based on Martial Law can begin any time after December 20, 2018. General Kelly is stepping down no later than January 1, 2019.

And, I regret to inform you that the US Corp. contract expired in 2015. Your Republic President is in fact Donald Trump. The Republic is in force and part of the reason why our current president is boldly claiming to be a Nationalist.

There are no legal documents registered anywhere internationally or domestically to support that GESARA is anything more than a PSYOP.

When I read this, like he is a traitor to his country or the POTUS, I thought I would be physically sick,”

This is a fabricated issue that you are creating based on inaccurate conclusions that are not even remotely implied in what I wrote.
Traitors would not have been fired, they would have been executed. What I reported was easily documented facts.

its maddening to convince people that Kim Possible is the ruler you would act like this man has stopped Kims transactions personally and call him out to the world JUST WOW

Again, I’m not sure exactly what you’re trying to say here. It’s “maddening” to try to convince people that I said what you’re claiming. Reread the article. I did not try to convince people that Kim-Possible was “the ruler” of anything.

I did not imply that General Kelly tried to stop Kim’s transactions personally. He issued orders to halt the delivery of a terminal that would be used to transfer funding for projects.

I’m not sure why you think that anyone is above scrutiny, especially a public figure responsible for our safety and well-being. We should be holding these figures responsible to do proper background checks utilizing the tools at their disposal rather than doing a Google search to make high-level military decisions, or worse yet, to depict fraudulently that he believes something that is not true.

You never once take a moment to think this man is working to make sure the money goes to the rightful owners, you just throw out accusations which you have zero proof.”

Now here’s when I knew you were working with the Cabal or writing under the influence there of. You see, unlike you I read carefully and look for tells. This is an obvious tell. The people are the rightful owners of those funds.

So then, to WHOM are you referring? You’re making the same nonsensical claims that others before you have made about the various Dragon Families who used to be trustees for the “Unknown Country.” Because that’s what all of you try to claim. That this version of the Rothschilds who had control of the money for thousands of years, but did nothing to help humanity is somehow the rightful owners and we should give our control over to them. Disgusting.

With no legal authority, or ability to access the trust, you throw accusations through screen names while posting my real name and hold on to some delusion that somehow Kim-Possible fabricated her DNA to open the Quantum system.

You claim I have Zero proof because you know people won’t look to see what’s real because they want to believe I’m deceived. Your pathetic rant somehow validates their own misperception.

I have provided more solid evidence of what I have shared than anyone. The only proof you offer that I’m wrong is rote repetition by fictional sources.

Fisher has been dead for over a year God rest his soul or he would be calling you out himself.”


You didn’t even fact check this one. Fisher has not been dead for over a year. He passed in July of 2018. Further evidence that you’re not even really part of this community.

You have lost all moral character, and I am truely upset by the above post, maybe just maybe this man is saving the country from what could be a deadly mistake”

Are you serious??? While you waste your time attacking and badmouthing me, I’ve exposed the entire RV/GCR narrative of lies that had entranced all of us while facing criticism from all sides of the alternative and mainstream communities. I’ve posted confidential documents from the original GCR documents, secret photographs that NO ONE else had, and backed every word I’ve written.

Furthermore, I haven’t said a negative thing about anyone. I reported the events as they were and return to be attacked by your pathetic yellow journalism.

Read the actual article. General Kelly is a small mention, and your IDC response is lazy and unskilled.

I stand with the people. I speak as one of them. My moral character is firmly in place and your attempts to discredit me are nothing. Whoever would buy into the drivel you are pumping doesn’t want to be free and certainly has no part with me or any organization I’m affiliated with.

I’m looking for innovators, dreamers, imagineers, those willing to be social outcasts to change the world, and those willing to do what’s needed to inspire others to do the same.

but I would never disrespect a man that has served his country honorably for decades, sickening and disgusting.”

What is disgusting is that you’re getting paid or promised to be paid for something that’s not happening while claiming to be an advocate for the people, but not even knowing how to get the truth. Stop it. Google is not research.

What’s really sickening and disgusting is that you’re perpetuating lies about the article I wrote to take the attention off the real substance of what I said. But, I see right through you.

And you’re fading fast.


P.S. You’re not in my head. You have no impact on me whatsoever. You are merely a descending voice from the truth I speak. In addition, for those you deceive, it is their own fault for not considering the facts before them.

9 December, 2018 14:12


In February of 2018, I sent a letter to Fisher, and the Generals: Kelly, Mattis, and Dunford to explain the revelation of the fraudulent activities of the Chinese Elders, and the reality of Kim-Possible. Fisher assured me the message was received and reviewed.

Not long after that Kim-Possible received approval from the UST to accept the delivery of a Treasury Direct Access Terminal to the safe zone where she resides. This would have opened up the floodgates, immediately allowing funds to be made available to Project Owners around the world.

En route to its destination, acting on Presidential Orders, the Military convoy delivering the terminal received new orders. At the time, Joint Chief of Staff, General John Kelly ordered the delivery to be blocked. In the chain of command, the men had no choice but to follow orders. General Kelly’s explanation was simply that “she’s a fraud.”

Clearly, that explanation was not based on an Intelligence report, a Treasury report, or even an OFAC report. In all likelihood, it was based on the word from a Chinese Elder who had promised riches beyond imagination and had a history of paying for US Military equipment.

I made sure to share what happened on the Speak Project. You may have noticed some changes finally taking place that reflect what I said.

Kelly expected to resign soon, no longer on speaking terms with Trump

Washington (CNN) – John Kelly is expected to resign as White House chief of staff in the coming days, two sources familiar with the situation unfolding in the West Wing tell CNN.

When your goal is in opposition to that of the President, it’s hard to stay on speaking terms.

Three weeks ago, I shared that General Dunford was actively trying to misdirect funds being transferred from Manna World Holding Trust (MWHT). A security virus had been attached to every transfer coming out of the Trust that would trace any attempt to steal, block, or delay said transfers and ultimately disable the system trying to do so. The Pentagon, NSA, Federal Reserve and others have all been disabled as a result of these efforts.

Fisher told me he used to speak with General Dunford every day at 4:00. He would give me an update and often provide direction from General Dunford. In August of 2017, General Dunford told me to share ALL of the Intel I was receiving, because it was the only thing that would force them to move the RV forward.

At that time, I was trying to get the powers in charge to take action and liberate humanity via the exchanges, not realizing that was a PSYOP to crash the economy and enslave or kill us all.

I do appreciate General Dunford for that advice. I had a unique combination of sources that came from all directions but rarely matched up accurately. When I shared all sides, it started to connect some of the compartments that had kept people in the dark.

General Dunford made a choice and it doesn’t appear to be in alignment with empowering the people of the United States. He will no longer serve as the Chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff in President Trump’s Cabinet.

Trump picks Army chief of staff as next top military adviser

WASHINGTON— President Donald Trump announced Saturday that he’s picked a battle-hardened commander who oversaw troops in Iraq and Afghanistan to be the nation’s next top military adviser.

The RV/GCR as described would not empower humanity the way we had thought. The various descriptions of asset backing for massive amounts of money just isn’t in the control of those claiming they can do it.

Last week the Chinese Elders tried to leverage the assets impacted by the wildfires in California, as well as other in ground assets they don’t own in Africa. This was allegedly to get the money to start the exchange process. Even the passive observer should be a little frustrated with this process by now.

The latest ruse presented by the Rothschilds to the UST, is that the funds from the Trust (MWHT) cannot be brought in because they have to be insured by them. This is laughable, being that the Rothschilds don’t technically own any collateral to back anything at this point. They are the ones that made the advice famous to “Own nothing, Control everything.” All of their assets are held in the Trust. This allowed them to evade all sorts of taxation and hide how much they actually had. It is only now where that comes back to bite them as they scramble looking for ways to convince someone they’re still in control.

The Pentagon finally admitted to the President that they had no money. They went to the Treasury and told them they needed money to pay their contractors. The Treasury told them that they didn’t have any money. The only money they had was being floated to them by the Trust to cover their salaries and expenses.

The Pentagon also confessed that they’ll need funding from the Trust. They and others had been given several opportunities to honor negotiated terms that would be in the best interests of everyone. Instead, the Dragon Families, Jesuit Military, Secret Space Program, and various private military groups repeatedly tried and continue to attempt to steal from, control and assassinate Kim-Possible.

Needless to say, these were not responses that enable a trusting working relationship moving forward. Fortunately, several long-term contracts between the Trust and these groups have expired early in December 2018. This essentially means that any need for negotiations is currently off the table. The other groups no longer possess any leverage with which to negotiate.

In the first post I made in a series called Going After the Kings, I quoted an email written in response to Kim-Possible offering to give them half of all the assets held in the Trust. She was confident that if she could just get money to the people that we would be able to overcome virtually any obstacles in front of us. This was their response:

We don’t need to negotiate with you slave. If you do not bow to us we will kill you with the thought of our mind. 80% of what the countries have, including any citizen we own. We also own the military forces, including the Pentagon. What you do not understand is the Pentagon is a front speaking for us. Like the slaves of Egypt, all slaves can be killed. Never forget, Military personel are OUR slaves. We are Aliens and therefore Gods. If the slaves ever try to go after their Kings, we will kill every citizen of Earth.”

Based on their actions over the past year, I believe they’ve demonstrated how fervently they believe what they wrote. The inaction of the military leaders seems to indicate that they believed the Dragon Family Rothschilds to be gods as well. Obviously, the people can no longer try to negotiate with forces that think and feel this way about us, and any Military leaders still under their control would have to be removed. The current public activity is good indicator to support that conclusion.

The Governing bodies of the world as they were previously constructed have failed to act in the best interests of the people, and life on and in the planet.

The world has been on trial by the Universe to see who had the right to claim authority over the planet. One of the biggest fears was the awakening of billions of creators to the crimes committed against us for 13,000+ years. The natural response could have been a race coming to realize how powerful they are and exacting vengeance on all those who oppressed us, and even against those who sat idly by watching it happen.

The Government is given its power from the authority afforded to it by the Governed. I have advocated for the people to have a seat at the table for two years now. We are in a transitional moment where decisions of that magnitude are being made right now.

I would like to formally submit the proposal to Source, to Kim-Possible, to the President of the United States and to all living beings of the planet that no other source be allowed to receive funding, until private project funding is made available, without restriction, to the people on the ground.

The financial experts have run the economy into the ground bringing the world to the edge of financial collapse. The Military experts have allowed the United Nations Military to create a constant state of conflict, created terrorist groups to start wars, and funded genocide throughout the world.

The Intelligence agencies have used mind-control and PSYOPs to fuel a perpetual false narrative through the media constantly keeping the people distracted, misinformed and divided.

Organized religion has acted as the moral guide to restrict creative thinking and our natural connection to God. A monetized program of political control mechanisms, divisive propaganda, and missionary takeovers to impose one religion over another has replaced the pursuit of a true understanding of our spiritual birthright.

The legal system has lost sight of the spirit of the law, and only acts to enforce slave regulations to ensure that order is maintained. “Legal” has become a term directly associated with what can be proven in a court of law while losing all sight of what it means to live in a just and fair society. The laws themselves are manipulated when they don’t serve the agenda of the corporate controllers.

The people have stood by waiting for these various bodies to correct society. Instead, these have been used as tools to satiate the masses and create the Zombified indifference of a race on the verge of extinction.

The people need to be represented by the people who understand how to create the world we all desire to live in.

I’ll be that. I’ll stand for the people. I’ll be the one. However, here is the secret; you have to be the one too. If we all accept our responsibility to be the one, then we create one voice too powerful to ignore. In addition, the money, which is just energy that we have agreed on as the tool, we’re going to use as a creative source, will act as an extension of the creative power of the human spirit. We do not need to consume ourselves with seeking justice for the crimes committed against us. Our focus is creation.

Be willing to imagine the highest possible good for all life on the planet. Embrace the responsibility to create that reality. Don’t worry about what anyone else thinks, or thinks you think, as that might limit your ability to create your new reality. Embrace your role.

I am the one. And, so are you.




6 December, 2018 22:18


The various criminal activities of the Dragon families have been documented thoroughly throughout the internet and various other more credible sources. The “Black Dragons” were made up of Italian, American, and Chinese Bloodline families based here in the United States.

At the heart of the Black Dragons were the crimes of recently deceased George HW Bush. From his intricate involvement in the assassination of JFK, the establishment of the OSS, or the Deep State of the CIA operating out of Rockville Center in Manhattan, the planned demolition of the Twin Towers on September 11th, 2001, or the hushed article written by People Magazine on his drugging, and rape of children visiting the White House from an orphanage, then drugging new members of Congress to do the same, George Bush Senior had a storied career for the Black Dragon Families.

I’m sure he wasn’t served before he died because he was masterful at acting like a harmless old man. Fortunately the above video still clips shows that someone has finally been served with the fabled sealed indictments. Not only that but it was served directly to the high profile Bush brothers at their Fathers funeral.

This was an epic historic event. There’s no need for any fluff or further description. Just take a second to realize what just happened.


God to Gaia

My Dearest Gaia,

We’ve been together for a long time now and I wanted to apologize for letting things get so out of hand. Please forgive me for allowing it to continue for so long, and thank you for demonstrating such grace under pressure. I hope you know I’ve always loved you. I intend to love you more considerately, more completely, and with more kindness. I refuse to allow you to be treated this way ever again.

I made that picture in a style I’ve always wanted to use but never had the right inspiration to know how.

Then I remembered you.

It’s symbolic of the latent powers within you, overcoming the way you sometimes feel as the world seems to attack from all sides. It’s for you to know that you are the internal champion of your heart, deciding who is allowed to have access.

Its a reminder that if no one else does, I see you. I appreciate the subtle things that make you amazing, and the graceful way you laugh at the devil as he tries to beat you into submission. I want to discover all of the things I don’t know about you as I continue to appreciate the things I do. As we press forward together through the linear illusion of time and space, I expect us to leave a trail of star dust so powerful that even the smallest particle can generate into a world of its own.

I wrote it on that letter you sent me to let you know my intentions from the start. Because every word of that letter is in exact agreement with the love you deserve and the man I am.

It might technically be in the future, but as you know time is just an illusion that postpones events which have already occurred. In reality, everything is happening at the same time and this moment is the only chance we have to make a difference.

And even if you fall in love with someone else, and we become friends, it’s my desire to know that you are loved completely by an artist who pays attention to all your dynamic curves, invisible magic, and undeniable presence.

Because anyone can draw or paint. What makes someone an artist, is that they can see. And what makes them a creator is that they take action based on their vision.

And if they can’t see that you are a divine work of art, then they don’t deserve you.

Love Always,

-Big G