24 November, 2018 15:38

“Re: Awakened” by Kim Possible – 11.23.18

Dear Awakened,

My full name is Kimberly A. Goguen, My Clearance Code is T7777

I have Cosmic Clearance here in the United States and Level 64 Clearance Globally.

Please have your high level contacts verify everything I have stated above. Please also name your high level clearance people and what clearance level do they have?

There it is in full plain view for the world to see. Check it. I will see who runs reports on me and when or IF it is actually verified I will put the EXACT date and TIME a verification is done which you can relay back to your sources here on this site.

Facts are REAL, everything else is just talk. Walk the walk.

Kim “Possible”

24 November, 2018 02:19


You must have misunderstood. I never asked anyone here or elsewhere for a dime like Yosef. Nor do I predict any rates dates or give any Intel about the RV/GCR. Why? BECAUSE I AM NOT INVOLVED IN IT.


Most of the information we have provided here was educational, no promises made to anyone about any dates, rates, RV, nor any request for money.

I have no desire for anyone to follow me anywhere. There is no “bandwagon”.

Information can be classified into two categories ACTIONABLE ITEMS and NON-ACTIONABLE items.

ACTIONABLE ITEMS are something that can be done by someone personally. Can you do anything about “it”? It being the information.

NON-ACTIONABLE ITEMS information that comes across your path that you can not do anything about personally. Such as “wildfires in California”. Are you in California? If not, there is most likely not much you can do to either a)put the fire out or b)move yourself out of harms way or c)help someone else move. The Chinese Elders are or are not funding tomorrow/today/next week, another non-action item. A) You do not know who these people are, B)Even if you did could you force them C) Do you understand the moving parts of such an operation, and if you did how can you help? Fly to China? Knock on the Door of the White House? Pentagon? Treasury? D) If you did would they take your call/meeting? Most likely not. You are one of millions of people waiting to get paid, bashing people on the internet is not a job, and cursing them out on the internet for flying to China (as in Zap/Jerzy) and not getting this done fast enough is not in anyway a “job” nor does it help anyone including yourself!! The people who are “willing” to take that risk to try to help humanity should not be basterized by some armchair blogger. WHAT HAVE YOU DONE? Living in a state of eternal bitterness is very bad for your health and spiritual path. As for myself I have flown all around the world and back and am continuing to talk to heads of state, educate and fund where possible. I didn’t know Tank had a problem with his teeth?? Or is that just another bitter comment from a bitter woman such as the same “suggestion” you sent me as in “I need to get laid”. Nice kind classy comments continuously from the same few people (which are probably all the same person). And these are our “future leaders into a better humanitarian future”. Oh dear God help us all.

Ranting on the internet about people you like or do not like does ZERO. It creates neither an ACTIONABLE ITEM nor a NON-ACTIONABLE item. It is just a person’s negative thoughts with the hope of dragging other people down with you. In that sense, worthless time wasting banter.

The information Tank and Mr. Williams puts out, for the most part, does not even apply to you nor are we expecting you to do anything about it. It is directed to specific individuals you most likely do not know personally. It is to get the truth out there so the individuals WHO CAN actually take action do. So unless you are one of those persons, it isn’t even worth you reading. Since this is so offensive to you, such as most of what is posted by Fireswan and Reelman and others on here is to me, I just ignore it. No muss no fuss, all fall under the category of “Soap Operas” I choose not to watch due to useless content and drama.

Anna and I have been talking a lot for the past week off the internet circuit to hash out real solutions to real issues. Issues such as Laws, Regulations and Government/Non-Government bodies who are stopping the people from progressing. ACTIONABLE ITEMS either myself or herself. ACTION is then taken to attempt to correct the issue.

As for IDC, I hope all of you have a wonderful holiday season filled with good will for your fellow man/woman. I hope you all find your little slice of happiness in this ever changing crazy world of ours.

May God bless you the way you bless others!

Kim “Possible”

23 November, 2018 21:01

Please see my comments inserted in bold below ~ Kim-Possible

This is reference to Anna Von Reitz post:  http://www.paulstramer.net/2018/11/hopefully-final-comment-on-manna-world.html?m=1

– Tank

Hopefully > Final Comment on the Manna World Holdings Trust

I was sent yet another announcement from “Tank” this weekend.

Once again, it’s necessary to tether everyone to reality.

What happened is this: people and national governments deposited gold and silver and gems and other valuables in banks as “Special Deposits” — the kind that are stored in bank vaults, not on computers.

NO!! In the real world, they were stolen, stored in 173 bunkers around the world, and only registered to banks in the “off ledger system,” known as, THE SYSTEM I CONTROL. NONE WAS PHYSICALLY DEPOSITED IN ANY BANK, ANYWHERE. Some are not even “gems and bars,” they are in-ground assets registered as VAULTS in a massive cross-collateralization network. So if you had bunker “A1234” in Nepal it may support currency in Argentina, or vault CN4567 it may be in China but is collateralized to Philippines, or vault KY7891 may be in-ground assets in Zimbabwe supporting Canadian Currency and so on and so forth. Of the 173 registered bunkers that were actually filled with assets, all were moved starting in 2013 through 2015. None remains in their original location. As for the vault numbers, I moved and rotated them and changed most of them so the original cross-collateralization is no more. Lastly, the BLM or all the in-ground assets of the USA (Oil, Gas, Gold, Silver and several other precious metals) were pledged, at various times in history, from the 1700’s through to 1998. They are too in the trust. Therefore, you are incorrect in your statement.

The bankers, politicians, and some members of the military decided among themselves to steal these private assets, since they had physical possession of them. They blocked the actual owners and trustees from having access to these assets and used the assets to underwrite their own spending and investing for many years.

The “Trustees” contracts had expired; they were warned and their contracts were not renewed. As for “military stole assets,” it is a joke. You seem to think the history of the world started with the Vatican and USA (Inc. or otherwise) or the Military. What about Genghis Khan, Caesar, Several Asian Dynasties, Constantinople, Medici, Napoleon, Hitler, Alexander the Great, Saladin, Persian Empire, Egyptians; all THIEVES assigning assets to the “Trust” or their “Gods” known as the Draco. Hey, they were stupid enough to do it. All in exchange for what? Power, Worthless Papers, and Titles. “Vatican Trustee D’Avila V.K. Durham?” Really? So you are telling me the original families who the Vatican stole from, now need to go through these people to get their stuff back to the lands it came from? Um no. We will all do just fine ourselves. Tell them to go find their “Gods” and get it back. Most of it was sold and transported out of here, by the SSP, anyway. Good Luck finding planet “where the heck ever” and get your stuff back. I NEGOTIATED THE QUARANTINE TO STOP THE BLEED. I merely secured what is left MYSELF with no help from any “blah blah internet trustee Amanah/D’Avila/Durham.” So now, they are going to whine to me? I do not think so. So sorry. Where the heck were you when we secured all this stuff? Right, busy writing internet blogs about how special they are.

Eventually, of course, this was discovered and more and more of the actual Trustees began to move and to connect with each other. Beneficiaries who have been cheated also began to come forward. Things have gotten “hot” for the bankers as a result.

No, they have not; no one is paying any attention to them, not the bankers, not the military, not me, not the SSP, not the Vatican, not the US Government, no one. Why may you ask? Because they have no right to anything, not by blood, not by Vatican the former custodian, not by DNA. Not anywhere. That is why they are free to roam around the country blogging all day. NO ONE CARES. THEY ARE IRRELEVANT. See? You really think Rothschild et al., gives a crap? No, they really do not.

Therefore, the lead banker of bankers, a man occupying the office of “Marduk,” took several actions and all the other bankers followed his orders.

He was NOT a banker, he was a Military Dictator, a Master of Slaves, but no, not a banker. Sorry. He established “worthless pretty papers” as a means for getting the “families” to give full control over all the metals, minerals and gems. That is a military strategy, not a banker mentality. A full non-hostile takeover of everything in the world in exchange for worthless digits and papers. So you still think the “Vatican Trustee Girls” you speak of deserve another shot at this?? Hell no, sorry. Let’s give some people who have a brain, that did not sell us out, a shot at this. There are people coming forward every day helping. They deserve it more than any “Vatican appointed trustee” does.

They established a “Drop Box” called “the Global Debt Facility” where all the ill-gotten loot that they claimed was “abandoned” could be cashiered. Enter Karen Hudes.

Karen works for Wolfgang Struck, a former “World Bank Trustee” again, refer back to the above but insert “Why would we give the World Bank control over anything ever again??” They ARE STILL raping and pillaging countries all over the world? NO.

They instituted an Artificial Intelligence and computer program initiative with the full support of the banks. This so-called “Quantum Financial System” is in fact a re-hash of old binary filing system technology. The Quantum System existed long before I did, is using a technology, which if humanity keeps going at its current pace, is about 1000 years ahead. Marduk did not create it, a fellow group of pirates did.

The banks turned over all their records concerning the Special Deposits and the AI – Quantum Finance system placed all these accounts on a separate accounting system and handed it to Kim Goguen aka “Kim Possible” to manage.

NOPE wrong again, system has been running on this planet for over 16,000 years, banks were an afterthought and never held any of these assets. The System came long before “banks.” Banks were given a certain amount of assets already transferred to the trust years and years before, electronically only, or by exchange of papers. Never physically. Not ever.

They also came up with this fantastic lie about her being the only heir of all these accounts and her “special” DNA and contracts going back 16,000 years allowing all this.


I tell you the truth, these jokers can’t even give us a decent accounting of how they have mismanaged the accounts and money of The United States of America [Unincorporated] since 1860.

Really? The Vikings were here long before that and the Indians were trading thousands of years before that. 1860? You have to go back further than that.

So much for them keeping the books for 16,000 years.

They have basically stolen “title” to the bulk of private wealth in the world and are now using this to bribe everyone and to underwrite governments and do all sorts of things — and there is just one thing wrong with it.

It’s all based on more lies, more fraud, more force, more theft.

I have told them very frankly that while the Children of Enlil are allowed to take against the Will of Our Father, they are not allowed to mess with or ruin anyone else’s portion.

Again, please send your “chosen one,” “special trustee,” or whomever to GO GET IT THEMSELVES!! What do you think someone knocked on my door with an instruction manual and a map to all the bunkers? Heck no. I had to figure it out myself. So go figure it out, if you find it, take your portion and quit whining about it all over the internet. Get off your lazy blogging ass, and travel all around the world. No one (certainly not me) will stop you. So because I did my job as one of the original tribes, and you (and your special trustees) have failed to do theirs, you are going to blame me? Sorry, again I repeat. Tell them all to use their GOD GIVEN GIFTS and go do it themselves and stop expecting someone else to do it for you.

I have also told them that the days when they could get away with half-truths and shenanigans like this are gone, that we no longer live in that kind of world.

Truth, tell them all to go wherever their physical assets are and take what is theirs and leave the rest. Since they are so special, go do it. I DID IT and I didn’t see anyone else there when I was there. Then I achieve what none of these blogger, fake paper, former trustee, Vatican trustee, etc. etc. folks have either refused to do or unwilling to do, and now you are pissed off? No need, get off their respective asses and go find it yourselves. You have my blessing, not like you need it. Make sure you are armed with a lot more then blogs, papers and guns. You are going to need it.

The theft of all these privately owned assets is just another theft. Nothing special. Nothing beautiful. Just more of the same.

And it will come to the same ends and results as all the thefts and injustices before this. Why? Because water flows downhill. Fraud taints everything it touches. And the Truth will out.


I have suggested that Kim work with the actual owners and/or trustees of the assets, most of whom are just average people, not “Illuminati” and not from any special banking families. This is the only way that true settlement and justice can be done.

OK fine there are 8 billion people on earth, all are welcome EQUALLY.

Otherwise, you should all see her and her efforts as the result of the bankers trying to maintain control while appearing to give it up.

You should all recognize that the consolidation of power over these private accounts by one woman is the working out of the banker’s “one world government” at the expense of innocent people — and even Kim herself, who does not seem to understand that she is doing anything wrong.



Kim “Possible”

22 November, 2018 12:13


• Despite operating without a charter, the Federal Reserve continued to try to bankrupt the United States this week. They cited debts owed to the Fed by the UST that had already been allocated to the Manna World Holding Trust and has already been forgiven. This effort was made in an attempt to demolish the economies of the world and buy them back for pennies on the dollar.

NOTE: The Cabal is masterful at creating a disaster and conveniently coming to the rescue with a solution. This solution can easily seem like a Godsend in that moment of devastation. This altered state of reality is how they have controlled the world and successfully enslaved humanity.

• Currently, there is a narrative being reported that ignorantly has portions of the alternate community cheering for an economic collapse, which they believe will be the impetus to begin the Global Currency Reset and or Revaluation of Undervalued currencies. This is supposed to create instant wealth for Bond and Currency holders based on exchanges reported to begin thereafter.

• The above narrative is false. The plan was to implement a completely digital financial system, falsely claiming to be asset backed. This can be seen in the mainstream with the sudden creation of various Crypto Currencies, which reached an all-time high in December 2017. These same Crypto currencies have lost over 17 Billion Dollars in value over the past three months.

• The option to convert the world financial system, to a completely digital platform, was recently offered to every country. The Governments of the world have rejected this offer; hence, the sudden drop in Crypto values.

• The Trust did however pay off the debt owed by the US Government to the Government of China.

• Kim-Possible will not fund the families who have acted as controllers and oppressors of the entire human population. She has stated publicly and privately that she will fund Governments directly and projects directly. This process has been blocked repeatedly as adjustments are constantly being made to circumvent and transform a previously corrupted banking system.

• To empower humanity with the tools necessary to restore the vitality of the planet, it will require the de-monopolization of the current economic structure. Many projects will necessitate the purchase, creation and modification of the various resources, mines, factories and distribution centers needed to bring their vision to life. This step may slow down the process for the project owner to execute their mission. However, this is a necessary step to ensure that we prevent a future corporate structure, imposing their will on the project owners, by controlling some aspect of their production.

• It appears likely that the United States will soon be bypassing the IRS and returning to the Tax Revenue Service. This move is part of the plan to avoid re-hydrating the Dragon Families and return the original structure of the Republic. Kim-Possible has been asked to assist in this transition.

• Kim-Possible has also been asked by the US Government to assist with the current college loan debt repayment system, income taxes, and various other debt related issues. Further details about this will unfold over the next couple of years, as this is obviously not an easy issue to fix.

• The Chinese Elders requested Kim-Possible’s presence in China. The Chinese Elders hold an illegal military equipment contract they use to lease the United States Military equipment back to the US Armed forces (it is illegal for private citizens to hold control of military equipment). She said she would not go without a show of good faith, requesting that they cancel the contract first. The Chinese Elders responded, “What contract?”

• Kim-Possible responded with 2700 pages of documentation including a two-page summary on the criminal activities of the Dragon families against the Nations of the World including the United States that was delivered to the Governments of every country on the planet.

• Although Kim-Possible resides in a universally recognized safe-zone, regular attempts on her life have been made for years now. The misinformed private military contractors have expected to collect a bounty for removing her as the Trustee, unaware that it is her living DNA that gives her access to the Quantum System, and her death would hurt us all.

• Former Secretary of the Treasury, Steve Mnuchin, was busted for signing a contract with the Chinese Elders in March of 2017. He has decided to lawyer up, to fight his removal as the Treasurer, but currently has no power at the UST. The only thing left is his public removal.

• The Alternative media continues to report various narratives from their sources. These sources generally exist in a compartmentalized line of command only being exposed to portions of the true agenda. This version of information is usually attached to some disinformation, or detached from some essential details that make it appear benevolent. Unfortunately, this has lead to confusion even among those with the best of intentions.

• As recently as this week, my own Military sources have confirmed the legal clearance and authority of Kim-Possible over the assets of the Trust, the origin of those assets, and the location of all the major global accounts being housed under the umbrella of the Trust.

• My sources have also confirmed the White House approval and Presidential order to release and credit the funds coming out from the Manna World Holding Trust. The various Executive Orders issued by the President over the past few months show clear public support of this fact.

• We are making every effort to educate and inform the Governments, the people and the various organizations of the world about the reality of the global financial structure, overarching governing body of the planet, and the current obstacles we will have to overcome to return the planet to the people.

• We are only referencing facts that can be proven and verified by any Government intelligence or Treasury report.

• If your intent is to share and understand the truth, and you have drawn conclusions about what that is based on an Internet search, conference call, headline, or any other controlled media with a financial incentive, then I highly recommend you reconsider posting articles or comments about your conclusions.

• The Speak Project is dedicated to exposing the truth, operating behind the veil of the Matrix, in a manner that is in harmony with the best interests of the people, the planet, and the individual human experience. To ensure our message is not erroneously altered or influenced by special interests groups, we do not accept donations, run advertisements, or sell products. We welcome and respect various perspectives from sources that feel they can contribute evidence to support or disprove what we report. All such contributions will be put through the same scrutiny to try to present the most accurate version to the public.


21 November, 2018 08:34


Seriously? Did you even look at the date on here? Let alone READ the content before you posted? Of course …NOT, you cannot help yourself, Einstein. TRUTH: Some Company from 1998 used the word Manna in its title and had an SEC violation you are now associating with the TRUST? Just because both have the word Manna in the title? The word Manna also exists in the Torah and the Bible are you going to accuse me of being some biblical character also? So here is the ENTIRE filing, against some California company, I had no affiliation with:

“Back to the Shadows, Kim” by Cinemo Galactic – 11.20.18

This is the ENTIRE LINK to the lawsuit you speak of …to a company I have no affiliation with. https://www.sec.gov/litigation/complaints/2014/comp-pr2014-60.pdf

The TRUST, is NOT an LLC, did not bear the name “Manna,” until 2015. That company has the word Manna in its title and is 5 years old. That company was formed in 1998 (easy to find).

The COMPANY listed here has ZERO affiliation with the TRUST. You can look on the California Corporation website and find there is no owner named Kim.

This is as if saying some woman named “Mary” had an SEC filing and yet, there are 100,000 people named Mary in the United States, and they all are in trouble? No.

May I suggest, if you are going to throw “shade,” you at least first READ,” FOOLS RUSH IN WHERE ANGELS FEAR TO TREAD.” The Alternative Media is starting to become more like CNN every day! FAKE NEWS!

Happy Holidays!

Kim “Possible”