30 July, 2018 13:01


Last evening I took my kids to the beach on Long Island. The area we go to has a summer activity called “God at the Beach”. Various churches from the area go to the shore and gather their congregations for an evening mass. The energy is exciting as music plays and esteemed men from various faiths stand before an audience walking their partitioners through a ceremonial ritual with the added glory of God’s Natural cathedral.

But this is what I see: Each group in their own way holding up a cross with a symbol of God manifested in the flesh-crucified. The church parades the symbol up and down the aisle declaring their victory having successfully killed the son of God. The focus is his death, rather than his resurrection.

In fact, the Pope use to wear a crown that said “VICARIUS FILE DIA” Vicar or Substitute to the Son of God. He donated this crown to the Smithsonian after a book titled Elohim the Archetype Original Pattern of the Universe, written by Dr. Henry Clifford Kinley was published in 1958, that pointed out that the Roman Numerals on the Pope’s crown added up to 666.

Back at the beach the crowd was walked through a ceremony honoring the Mother of God, which is a Pagan symbol added to Catholic dogma to insert the Greek Goddess Helen of Troy. They reference Mary as an idol who intercedes for them to gain favor from God.

Next to the Priest was a flag that represented the Catholic Church. A symbol that seemed to represent power and unity under one body, subtlety demonstrated how we’ve all been duped.

Most of us would defend our selves and or our religion, believing that we haven’t been effected in our consciousness by the spells, hidden symbols, and contracts we’ve agreed to with our silence. But consider how important certain things have become to us that we now identify as facts when it comes to understanding God.

I’ll use the Christian name for the messiah as an example. I had intended to list several examples, but there’s so many obvious flaws in each of these myth’s that it took up too much space.

The Myth – The name of the Messiah is Jesus.

The FACTS – There is no letter J or combination of letters that make a J sound in the Hebrew, Greek, or Latin languages, which are the three languages that were most commonly spoken during the time the Messiah was in his ministry, and the three that were used to inscribe “INRI” (commonly translated, “Behold Jesus of Nazareth King of the Jews”)
•And yes that means, no Jehovah, no John, no Jerusalem, and no Jacob.

the Bible actually states that Gabriel the messenger angel appeared to Mary and to Joseph, told them their unborn child was in fact the son of God, and his name would be Emanuel. This appears three times in the scriptures.

•The name Jesus is repeated 983 times in the older King James Version of the New Testament, and 1273 times in the New International Version (apparently he appeared an additional 300 times as time has gone on).

•The origins of the name Jesus go back to the Greek term “Hail Zues,” so even if it’s a person’s intention to honor the messiah by using the name Jesus, we end up repeating and giving credit to another God altogether.
•The most common argument given when this is brought up is that the “name doesn’t matter.” Well, it must have mattered to God because he included it in the most essential tenants of the laws he gave the Hebrews, the Ten Commandments – #3: Thou shalt not take the name of the Lord thy God in vain.
The literal translation means to falsify who God is and what He stands for.
•So if I put my name on your paycheck, isn’t that falsifying who the credit for your work belongs to? In like manner, if we use another God’s name for the work done by Yahweh, doesn’t that mean we’ve taken his name in vain? Yes, yes it does.
•And by the way, breaking one of the Ten Commandments was punishable by death. So it certainly matters

This should be important to us so that we can become aware of the spells being cast on us. Because we could easily find ourselves bowing or kneeling to another God submitting ourselves unknowingly to our own enslavement. These practices get our consent to intercede, block, and disconnect our natural awareness, appreciation, and direct connection to the Source of all life and creation. Here in lies our approval to live as victims under the illusion of scarcity. Not having access to the unlimited wealth of our heavenly inheritance creates the powerlessness many of us feel to change our circumstances.

Notice how all of the members participating in this service have submitted to the ceremony of kneeling to the Priest as he stands above them interceding on their behalf to communicate with God for them. Much in the same way an army would surrender to a conquering army’s leader by laying down their arms and kneeling, this congregation has done the same, thinking they’re honoring one God but paying homage to another.

Consider that the scriptures say that we’re made in the likeness and image of our creator. Moses is given the Tabernacle Pattern on the top of Mt. Sinai where Elohim transfigured from his metaphysical shape and form into the Tabernacle Pattern. In the Most Holy Place of the Tabernacle you have the clear and obvious ways in which this correlates to our head cavity. Your brain is gray and white matter, much like the cloud of incense that would rise into the MHP.

In the midst of your brain you have the Arterial Circle of Willis which is described as a stick figure of a red man in most medical books. This personifies Elohim sitting on the Arch of the Covenant as seen by the High Priest during the Flash of the Sheckoning on the Day of Atonement. Also showing that it’s God in measure in you who rightfully belongs in the place of your higher understanding symbolized in the body with the Pineal Gland. The Pineal Gland responds to light which stimulates and sends messages all the way down to our sexual organs. Symbolically and literally showing something from an abstract idea, coming down into the flesh to manifest as a creation, much in the way a child is born.

The Ten Commandments were placed in the Arch with 7 Commandments on one side and three on the other as the Master Law to Israel. In your brain you have the Pituitary Gland which is the Master Gland of the Body with two lobes secreting seven hormones from one side and three from the other.

You also have two primary functions of your brain, motor or actions, and sensory, the giving and receiving of messages. These correlate to the two arch angels on the Arch of the Covenant Michael the Warrior and Gabriel the Messenger.

Now on the Catholic flag that all of those people on the beach were kneeling to, there is one depicted that is above the throne where the Most High is supposed to sit in our consciousness. The Pineal Gland, where the Eye of Understanding is supposed to be stimulated by the light to bring forth creation is covered by a shrouded crown giving someone else authority over God in us.

The scriptures actually say, “It is the father, both to will and to do.” That means it’s God that is the free will in you making decisions to create or be enslaved, to speak or stay silent, to take a stand or take a knee. You may have been unaware of this reality before, and could therefore be excused due to ignorance. But if you know what you are participating in, and continue to do so now, you’re willingly choosing to serve man over God. It is in these choices that the mass consciousness can change or remain stagnant.
It is our indifference to these acts that allows all other acts of violence, and perversion against us to be tolerated.

If you look within yourself for an honest answer from God to ask if what I’ve written here is true, I guarantee you’ll see that is. The only question left is, does God want us to continue to bow down to something or someone who has exalted themselves above his Holy Name, our family name denoting the righteous character and reputation of the creator? Or is he the fire and the light that’s burning in our souls telling us to bow to no one, stand up for the family name, and make that name mean something again.



Metatron’s Cube


Metatron’s Cube in 3D.

25 July, 2018 01:33


The images above are my humble sketches attempting to explain the Torus Energy fields for a binary system. If you extend them out (more accurately than my drawings) they would show the Flower of Life. But Kim has converted this system into a trinary system. So that means there’s a third component. If the system has always been symbolic of spirit, soul, and body, then the missing element that has held us hostage was spirit.

Spirit is the substance of all things. Source Energy, God, or the material from which the abstract existence of the intangible properties expressed via the Soul (a metaphysical set of attributes in shape and form) and body ( the physical expression of God in shape and form) derive their existence. Spirit can also refer to intent, as in “the Spirit of the law, vs the letter of the law.” Both will be needed definitions for this to make sense.

If the Quantum system is able to read brain waves and intent, then perhaps the component that makes it “Trinary” is the the Source. This spirit allows it to discern the frequency, the heart, and intent of what we will do when we gain access to the funds. Rather than bogging us down with the minutia of legalese used to disable us, it examines the character of the person utilizing the funds and assesses how their potential actions will effect the whole.

I believe the third component is the application of the extended energetic field, connecting to every aspect of our existence including the financial system.The field is the source of all life and the substance from which all life is generated. If that is right, and at some point we were created as slaves, then reconnecting us to God’s intent and purpose for life will bring us back to a natural state of existence to live in love, as creators, in harmony with Natural Law.

This is the greatest love story ever told.

If the physical creation is a reflection of that which is happening in the spiritual, then life should truly be an expression of God’s love. The Bible says that “these two shall become one flesh” and we call that “making love.” In reality, the off spring produced by that intimacy is almost always every humans most pure evidence of love’s existence. Philoprogentiveness is the natural love for one’s off spring. So in that sense we truly are making love. Having a child is a commitment to forever allow your heart to exist outside of your own body. Intercourse is the rejoining of two entities that originally existed together in the first place, so that union should also be as the result of a love for one’s self, and a desire to multiply our own divine nature (Ie. Adam and Eve, Eve being taken from the rib and the Womb-to create Womb-man).

In like manner, if separation and division have been tools the darkness have used to divide us from the knowledge of who we really are, (symbolically in the way that the Mother of all living was created from the Chest Cavity and the Abdominal Cavity, but not the head where knowledge generically exists, to show that God took a portion of his own substance and made it ignorant of who it was, where it came from, and what it’s purpose was) that in this time of liberation that all of our power is in our awareness of our power. As it says in the book of THOMAS, to know yourself is to know God (not exactly but basically).

So the key to our freedom, is the knowledge of ourselves, recognizing our greater connection to Source, and how that connects us to everything, and everyone around us.

In this way, we recognize that we are response-able for the creation we live in and all that it becomes. This includes all life on Earth and everywhere that our energy stretches inside, and out of our known energetic field.

Now I’ve only shared this with a few people, and hesitated because I didn’t want to seem as if I thought more of myself than what I am. I never claimed to be any type of channeler or prophet, and I’m not doing that now. But this experience did happen and it seems more real to me every day.

I had this vision in meditation that I’ve shared with some of you back in November of 2017. When my friend Jarvis and I first met he asked me to go into meditation with him and come back and discuss it after we did. I had never done this before. In that experience I saw the Earth covered by a thick dark metal that couldn’t be penetrated by the light. I later found out how our oppressors have used soft metals in the Chemtrails to block the power and our connection to the sun. When I discovered that it gave some credibility to what I had seen.

In my vision I saw light coming into and extend out from me to touch others, connecting people all around the world. When we were all connected it formed a band of light around the planet. As it merged completing the loop, a burst of light, and a sonic boom cracked the metal that surrounded the Earth from inside the dome.

The second time I spoke to Kim she described the Monorail and how it would be made from the alloy used to create the arch’s of the covenant. She said that originally there were seven of them that connected the Torus Energy fields of the planet. They were strategically placed around the planet to ensure its proper development. At that time everything and everyone was stronger and healthier. The arch’s acted as conduits of Source energy and maintained the health of the planet and the natural energetic flow needed for life to thrive.

I never doubted Kim after that. When she described how the Monorail would support this same energy flow and revitalize the planet I remembered what I had seen in my meditation. Im not sure if I said it out loud, or just in my head, but I knew I’d seen that before. She said that people were conduits too.

I immediately correlated the light wrapping around the planet from person to person to that of the train wrapping straight around the middle of the Earth. When Kim told me about the Treaty to build the Monorail, why it needed to be built, and how the Order had spent the last forty years preventing that from happening, I knew it was the truth.

Recently when Kim announced she was using the Quantum system to bring in the Source Light Energy I realized what she was doing. That’s the reason why the light extended up and out from the people to break the barrier from the inside out. Rather than an energetic burst to break open the metal barriers from the outside that could have destroyed the Earth in the process, she bypassed their barriers by using the Quantum Artificial Intelligence System. The same tool they wanted to use to destroy us is now fueling our natural awakening. The same computers, smart phones, and other digital media that had been their tool of death and enslavement is Acting as a conduit of healing Source energy.

It is when we draw in more of this light that we actually increase our vibration. It is our natural restoration and awareness of God in us that connects us to our power and rightful authority over our own lives. It is this divine spark that ignites the innate creative nature we all possess that will change and build a new world.

God took a portion of himself and made it ignorant of who it was. Through this experience he has generated life all over the planet enriched with experiences and a new understanding of the struggle associated with such weakness. It is this experience that has allowed us to overcome an impossible adversary to show the strength and wisdom of our divine lineage. Although we were created to begin this life ignorantly we are not destined to remain that way. This is our inheritance that we may know God, and know ourselves as we truly are and actually exist. In this knowledge lies the key to open up the impossible realities that only exist in the far stretches of our imagination.


24 July, 2018 23:50



Fisher was the one who pressed me to start this movement, and several others to be honest. He told me that “You should all feel a sense of self righteous indignation because of their lack of performance!”

I don’t know who Fisher really was. Galactic holographic Ambassador, member of the Majestic 12, CIA, Ghost Squad, retired military, a total PSYOPS, or just a grizzled Vet who’d seen too much not to share. To me, he was the truth, a voice for the people, and a credible witness in a world of speculation and lies. The first time we ever spoke I forgot I was on a call and kept asking him questions as if I was reuniting with an old family relative who knew all the family secrets. He told me we were part of the same Star Seed family. I had no idea what he was talking about. I just knew that he knew, and that was enough for me to believe him.

Fisher gave me all types of inside information and would ask me what I was getting on the ground. He was an educator of the masses and a healer to the people. He told me about the Chinese Elders paying the salaries for the US Military, and how that was why the Generals were answering to them. When I told him about Kim, he said that it “kind of made sense.”

Fisher never told me what to do. He assured me that no one could hurt me and supported every move I made. He understood the process I had to go through personally, and never left me to fight alone. He gave me the confidence to speak my truth.

When Fisher suddenly told me not to speak to Kim, I knew it was out of character. He would have encouraged me to gather as much information as possible and put it out. Many thought we had a falling out after that, but we still stayed in touch and I updated him periodically. He understood how to communicate a message without saying a word. He and I couldn’t talk the same way after that because the walls have ears, and guns and poison, but he still gave me direction and let me know I was on the right track.

Talking to Fisher was my first real introduction to Intelligence double talk. In one conversation he’d give me the same information with three different endings, and somehow I was supposed to figure out which one was accurate. And somehow, I did. He was teaching me to discern in a different way than I’d ever thought would be necessary. He revealed the matrix for what it was.

I know many felt uniquely bonded to Fisher. I can’t give there testimony. All I can tell you is what the man did for me, and he wouldn’t have it any other way. I didn’t know him like Dr. WC and I never fought in any Galactic Dimensional battles with him like Smarty did. At least not that I’m aware of. But as I’m sure they do, I feel he was sent here for just for me.

At the end of a mission soldiers are supposed to return home. As we end this age and begin the next, Fisher’s death aligns perfectly with the synchronization of the Multiverse. He was the only voice from the other side that seemed to be willing to speak the truth. He was fearless and gave us permission to be that way too.

Fisher once said to me, “We were just waiting for you to stand up.” It was as if he knew I had a bigger part to play. He encouraged me repeatedly to take the lead on some new adventure that revealed another aspect of a flawed slavery system. And like a true General he stayed on the battlefield to fight with us.

Fisher was a mentor and a friend. I celebrate the person he was to me and the contributions he made to help so many. There is no force in the world that could have taken him out unless it was his choice. For that reason I believe that he accomplished his mission and was allowed to return home.

I am honored to have served by his side.


23 July, 2018 13:58


7/23/2018 1:42 PM EST

When I was 26 years old, recently married, and aggressively pursuing happiness, I was offered a job where I would have made over 400k a year. If I took the job I knew I’d be consumed with the pursuit of money working 12-14 hour days, justifying neglecting everyone and everything I loved because the money I made would take care of their financial needs. Instead, I took a job as an Art Teacher making 38 thousand a year. That was the best decision I ever made.

I had told every girl I dated since the seventh grade that I would have twin boys one day. With no history of twins in my family it didn’t seem likely. Ignorant that it ran through the Woman’s side at the time, I always told my wife we were going to have twin boys, even though she had no twins in her family either. But I remember choosing to be there as a father to my nonexistent sons when I decided to be a teacher. Four years later those sons were born.

When you know something is real, it doesn’t matter what currently exists or what anyone else believes. It doesn’t matter what has happened in the past, or the probabilities if it happening in the future. I loved my sons completely even before I knew how they’d come to exist, what their names would be, or who was the woman who would be their mother.

The Multiverse just created my sons from the substance of our love and focused intention. I never considered the details. I made the same choice everyday to believe myself over multiple miscarriages, naysayers, and solid visible evidence that we wouldn’t even have one child. We never used in-vitro, or any other kind of fertilization technique. But I never doubted I would have twin boys.

We’re faced with these choices every day: Love or money, life or death, God or Man. Often times when we make these monumental decisions we are completely oblivious to the power of the moment. There’s plenty of reasons to justify whatever decision we make, and for the most part no one would blame us for our decision.

But what if we knew the gravity of our next decision? What if we knew that some arbitrary choice we have that could easily be forgotten in a week would ignite a butterfly effect that changed the course of our entire life?

Perhaps we’d peer into future events, able to see the possibilities, realize the immediate impact, and choose differently because of how it would effect our path in the long run. Whether you know it or not you’re faced with these choices everyday. You’re deciding right now if this is worth your time to consider and hoping you make or have already made the right choice.

These aren’t the typical decisions that we take the time to consider. Those decisions require obvious contemplation and often require the counsel of the entire family or a trusted friend. These path changing choices happen in some of the most subtle moments of our life when we’re alone and no one is watching.

One of the most common ways to identify a path changing decision is when there appears to be no consequences for choosing something that is out of line with our innate desire to Love one another. The decision to lie to a homeless person when we know we have change, or to stay in a meeting instead of going to our child’s game are common occurrences that hardly register in our consciousness, especially when we repeatedly make the wrong decision. Bad choices become easier the further down a path we go.

There is a reality about the harshness of the environment that we currently exist in. It was our choice. We chose this path, this reality, and this moment. We’re not here because of someone else’s bad behavior, but because of a choice we made that was out of line with our higher calling.

The exciting part about that revelation is that we have another path changing choice in front of us now. We’re in a transitional historic moment that may not be written about in books, but will decide if our path tells a tale of a failed attempt of a race of slaves to liberate themselves, or a dark time in our past when we lived unconsciously before we finally took ownership of our power.

We are the creators of this world. We get to decide what that world is today and what it becomes in the future. We are the children of God, an expression of Source, and ambassadors of his loving kindness. We have allowed this world to operate in darkness because we have refused to shine. We have remained ignorant of the truth because we have chosen to ignore the strength and impact of our existence. We choose mediocrity because we’re scared to be exceptional. We spend our time trying to fit in and conform to a slavery system that protects us from the burden of freedom.

Teddy Roosevelt said that “No one cares how much you know until they know how much you care.” So what if that’s the key to knowledge? What if you can unlock an entirely different path for the world just by casting out the subtle offender that has enslaved all of us? Our oppressor is apathy. Indifference is the opposite of caring. There’s plenty of evil deeds to blame, and various people in authority we can get mad at because they allowed a certain behavior to go on. We’ve been doing that for a while now and it hasn’t seemed to change anything. We’ve convinced ourselves that complaining about something is the same as doing something about it.

The truth of the matter is that we make decisions everyday to wait for someone else to take action to liberate us. We ignore real problems because we think we’re not important enough, strong enough, or smart enough to make a difference. All of our issues seem to exist outside of ourselves and we play the part of a victim. Our silence has become our consent for the continued oppression of our innate abilities, rightful authority, and natural desire to shine.

“The only thing necessary for the triumph of evil is for good men to do nothing.”-JFK. This statement is either a call to action for how the “Good” will prevail, or instructions on how “Evil” will triumph. The forces outside of ourselves can only control us because we give them permission to do so.

Today we can choose a new path. Immediately this will cause anxiety for some, asking ourselves, “What can I do?” But the answer is right in front of us a dozen times a day. The choices we make are not really right or wrong in the absolute sense that punishment or reward is realized based on what we choose. The power in everything we do comes from the knowledge that we are an embodiment of divine love in shape and form. It is our conscious awareness to act, think, and speak in love that allows us to become a conduit for change.

Now consider that there are an infinite number of possible realities coexisting at the same time utilizing your exact energetic signature. The principle of 3,6,9 act as the meta-physical shape and form that allow the physical attributes of this existence to manifest. 3 governs the numbers 1,2, and 4. 6 governs 5,7, and 8. 9 is symbolic of God and governs the 3 and the 6. 9 symbolizes God or Source which is the all in all. It is the “Aya Asher Aya” or the “I will be, what I will to be.” In other words God is the ultimate Source, substance, limits, bounds, essence and origin of all things-both good and evil, spirit and material, etc.

The reality you exist in is an energetic match of your frequency to the Spiritual Hierarchy governing this current creation. We have all submitted ourselves to the ignorance that previously controlled this creation, accepting that we would not know who we were, where we came from, where we were going, or what our purpose was. The change to this reality comes from the infusion of knowledge allowing us to create a new reality based on our decision to remain ignorant, or embrace the truth. In essence, the universe undergoes a programming change much in the same way a computer changes its function based on what it’s programmed to do.

The spiritual hierarchy had a physical representation that was rooted in a human enslavement programming model. The current spiritual hierarchy is built around a human liberation programming model. It’s important to recognize such a massive shift because it allows you to make more educated decisions about the world you want to be a part of and ultimately create.

Our thoughts, words, and actions are programming the Multiverse where we want to exist. In times past we chose to stay ignorant by making decisions based on a limited amount of data entrenched in the illusion of linear space and time. The current infusion of knowledge gives us the option to consider the unlimited possibilities, reactions, and outcomes spanning in every direction through time and space without being limited by either.

The world we create together now, based on our collective consciousness and imagination, is no longer limited by anything other than our willingness to embrace our power to manifest it into reality. This concept seems like such an enormous undertaking when looking at the Quantum reality of endless possible timelines.

What we create generates from our thoughtful intention combined with the substance of our emotional state of living as if that has already occurred. If we feel desperate, scared, or sad, then whatever we manifest is built from this substance, much in the same way a building can be built from brick and wood, or steel and concrete. We can take the most skilled builders and architects in the world and give them popsicle sticks and glue and although they may be able to build something that looks impressive, it would never compare to an edifice built from bricks, wood, and steel.

That being said, I choose to build my world from the substance of love. Love is the intangible spirit material most recognizable as God. We cannot quantify it, but we all value what it feels to love and be loved. There is an unlimited energetic supply of love and it has a positive impact on everything we do. To be “in love” has been recognized as the most sought after and desirable aspects of the entire human experience.

Love has been presented as a weakness in a war driven creation. It’s been used as a stimulus to create wars and as a weapon to manipulate the outcomes. But it is our ability to love, and to be loved by another that all of our strength exists. It is the most natural human thing in the world to care for and love one another. The messiah made loving one another his primary commandment to the disciples before he took off the flesh. In the world where we have existed we have grown fearful of heart break, disappointment, and depression in our willingness to express the power of love.

At this time we are in a historic moment where love has returned to full strength, and our expression of that love is creating our new reality. Our frequency is adjusted based on the Source Energy we absorb allowing us to feel the love of God. In our acceptance of this truth we empower humanity to change the world and create something never before experienced by the beings living here today. This is not a cliche statement, but an intrinsic scientific reality to know that “love is the answer.”

The decisions we make are not nearly as important as the connection we feel to those decisions. Exist, move, and act in love, from the smallest to the largest decisions in your life. Each time we choose love as the substance from which we build our future, we strengthen the bonds of truth, charge the Universe to respond in kind, revitalize the spirits of the broken hearted, and empower humanity to live in peace.

The world is powered by the light of love, and we are conduits of that unlimited Source energy. It is our heart where in lies the key to unlock all of the esoteric, and scientific secrets of our existence. We’re constantly faced with small choices where life and death are the choices. It’s just as real to understand that every decision comes down to love, or not love. Choose love.
Your life depends on it.


Response: Anna Von Reitz: Brief Comment to “With all due Respect”, Kim et alia

Dear Ms. Von Reitz,

Please find someone else to obsess over. This is my last comment to you and your agency friends who are feeding this load of false intel to you…. >
“I am glad you have taken the bait, the whole MIT/Virgo Triad crap this lady is posting for you came directly from me as a counter-op for you to all run around the country looking for me and my server. I kept asking if she knew what it was because I guarantee you she doesn’t. How do I know? Because there is no such thing..I made it up and you ate it up. Ms. Von Reitz is only regurgitating for someone else. We know. I appreciate all of the snatch and grab attempts, but I too can play counter-intel. You made me laugh when I lead all of you ding dongs directly to your VERY OWN server, now that was funny. Didn’t you realize you were in your own facility? Did it not look familiar before you sent in the special ops team? You had the whole world laughing at that one, that video went EVERYWHERE. I ask all of you, not just Ms. Von Reitz, as she is just a widget in your scheme..What would you have done with “kilogram in Atlanta” anyway? This wild goose chase that you are all on that looks like something out of a video game or an Indiana Jones movie, “put the crystal in the black tree” crap was all designed to keep all of you busy. Ever wonder why of the hundreds of “missions” you have been on, not one of them has achieved the desired result??? Yet you keep doing it like a bunch of idiots. You do not understand you have been “PLAYED”. This is a “test”, you failed the test, you are the “chosen one, a relative of some biblical character, etc.”. That was all by design. See, I have seen the playbook, I know the game. I played against the best of the best and won, after all, “the one” is dead isn’t he?? The lists are long and sorted. Anagrams, ciphers.” Please stop listening to the “GODS” they are making fools of you, or don’t. Either way the world will continue to spin, and you will be left shaking your head wondering what happened. A good student always surpasses the teacher. There is a big difference between being SCHOOLED and SCHOOLING.” >
And to you Ms. Von Reitz, please stick to helping people understand the legal systems, as this whole fake intel providing thing is not really your cup of tea. The message above is for your agency contacts who are feeding you. I know you are not aware you are being played, but you are. 1000%. Now I understand Ms. Von Reitz you will not in any way understand what I wrote above, but the parties who are following the fake intel will certainly catch on. Just because information comes from a trusted party doesn’t mean the party can be trusted. Further, you never know who “the real author” is of the orders you are following. Onyx Switzerland, Black Onyx, Black Star Onyx (not so rare not so immortal), Black Dragon, Blue Dragon anyone got an egg timer? >

Kim “Possible”