30 April, 2018 01:09


Right now as I write, the United Kingdom is trying to turn the world into a Common Wealth under their control, and Zimbabwe is considering converting to the British Pound. The United States has taken no action to stop this from happening. Consider the ramifications. The US benefits greatly from having the USD as the primary currency of the world. This was the agreement when the power transition took place from one part of the Order to another. We’ve been waiting for the next transition to take place. The Chinese Elders, another faction of the Rothschild’s in disguise, nameless, and mysterious enough for us to believe that they are benevolent and poised to take the reigns.

The latest claim is that countries have dedicated all of their in-ground, and mined assets to the World Bank and the IMF to back the RV. Let that sink in for second. Ask yourself if there’s been a change, are these organizations suddenly the good guys? They’ve manipulated, controlled, lied and sabotaged humankind for years. They’ve done all they can to stop projects all over the world, salted the entire country of Ethiopia ruining their farming culture, and currently doing all they can to block our funding here in the US. But now, with no change in leadership, or policy, these are the forces really behind the exchange process? Are you sure it’s the benevolent dream you’ve been hoping for?

There is one small issue the Order keeps running into. There’s a real Quantum system. Every time they promise you the the exchanges will start on Monday, they spend the weekend aggressively trying to hack the Quantum System, to which they do not have access, ability, or authority to use. The real Quantum system has accumulated all of the assets of the world, and that’s why the Rothschilds were cut off from accessing it in 2007. This system is connected to the entire financial system, as well as everything else. There’s a weapon in this system that was supposed to be used against us by the previous comptroller. The weapon is a frequency that when activated would have turned everything on the surface of the planet to dust in a matter of seconds. This plan included the Rothschilds who still haven’t caught on that they’re slaves too. This would have made it easier to remove the assets the Draconian overlords had taken legal ownership of over thousands of years.

Silently waiting to be rescued, we watched evil and vicious actions carried out against us and our fellow man. Because we have not opposed this practice, but conformed to find comfort in it, we have consented to our own enslavement. Our Government continues to silently consent to our enslavement and extermination unto this day. They hold the power and the authority to accept freedom for everyone of us. Yet they stand in fear of an authority that no longer has any real power except in their perception of it.

Sadly, we expect these characters to suddenly care about the beauty of the human experience. The reality is that they do not. They do not care how we suffer, how we fight, how we love, or if we live. Below is a letter written to the Ruiner upon request from one of the Parents of the Order/Illuminati. This is the most accurate public source of the reality that has been hidden from us that I have found. The letter below will give you an idea of the mentality we are working to overcome. I’ve taken the liberty to edit Casandra’s letter to make it readable, because apparently her higher intelligence doesn’t include punctuation.

“We do not hate you we are indifferent. Left to your own devices you act as if you wish to destroy this world for your own comfort and convenience. The happiest you ever appear is in a state of ignorant bliss, so why shouldn’t we continue. You had your chances, and your perfect world. When that wasn’t enough we were created to lead you. And as the lion feeds on anything it can, we do unto you. A few may act or feel differently, but the focus remains on the majority, not the few lonely villages questioning and dreaming.

The energy you possess is squandered, neglected, and abused. For a hundred years we have fed you your entertainment, and you have devoured our offering, supporting the lies your told, ignoring the nuggets, or people of truth. Not once giving us any indication you wish things to be any different. Speak up if you have something to say. We are listening, but we will not allow you to waste such a resource as yourselves. You cannot be allowed to destroy the planet like your creators designed you to.

So we will give you the escape you so desperately want. We warn you ourselves, and you swallow it like greedy little piglets, expecting us to deliver you from your own evil, and call it entertaining. You have given us no reason to feel any differently than we always have about you, and that is why we are building this world for you.

You will become cybernetic while we allow it, after which time you will be fully inserted into a brand new world. “The Kingdom of Heaven” the bulk of you have been worshiping while we waited for our chance to take you over . You want a savior, and we will save you from yourselves. We will enjoy the fruits of our labor while you sleep and dream as we create our own world for ourselves in which you are not suitable to exist. You are the breathing dead, and your time is ours. Billions of you, and only a few are even reading this. And that would still be true even if this was your nightly news station. A capable race would see beyond the swamp to find the fresh water.

My very letter to this man called The Ruiner will be a representation of the fact that you all cannot see truth when it is in front of you, and you will always choose the more comfortable, free ride provided by leaders who are willing to be responsible for you. Leaders with the strength of will to create the world. Children is what you are, the children of animals. And we will have our utopia without your presence doing anything but powering our new creations. What, a hundred readers or more and you think you’re all ready to be saved?

To address you the runaways; We hope you enjoy your freedom, and wish you luck knowing you need it. You’ve damn near voided your agreement with us by inspiring this fiasco, so tread carefully.

The writer of this blog has tried to argue on behalf of a few thousand humans who are aware of us, what we do, and how the world really works, as if this is some sort of defense of humanity as a whole. These few have always existed, and are laughed and ignored because of their own inability to digest the knowledge they have. They sit at computers and attend conferences that feed the money cycles as if they are outsmarting the system. This is no threat. Any damage these types could have ever done, would have been done long before today.

Go ahead and prove us wrong.

Hope this is what you wanted Mr. Green though I doubt it. Until we meet again;



I’m going to take you up on that offer Cassandra.




27 April, 2018 23:56

4/27/201811:11 PM EST

•Right now everyone continues to wait for the exchanges to start having full confidence that ten years of nonperformance will suddenly change Monday.

•Meanwhile, Kim-Possible has been on the scene for about four months and already hydrated every country in the world to build the high speed rail, and “The Wall”.

•Evidence that the Wall and the high speed rail have both been funded are being seen in the media around the world. This coverage only happened AFTER Kim announced she had done it.

•The Rothschilds/Chinese Elders tried to take credit for funding the Nations if the world but when asked how much they funded, how was it transferred, and from what account did it originate, they couldn’t answer any of these questions.

•The new banking system, designed by the three most elite hackers in the world had another partner as well.-Kim. Kim is actually the one who engaged them to create the system because she was being blocked everywhere.

•What Kim found out after two years of building, allowing them access to see inside the massive wealth within the Trust, was that the head of her security had betrayed her, selling out to the Rothschilds, and the entire “new banking system” was built on the Bush Ranch in Paraguay.

•Kim had transferred 6 Billion Dollars into that system, but had to pull it all back when she realized what was going on.

•The Elders are now claiming that all of the above and in-ground assets of the world were already pledged to the new banking system and they’re using them to back the new currency.

•The rumor is that they’re shutting down all of the off ledger accounts. The reality is they don’t have the access or authority to pull anything from the off ledger.

•They’re using Gold Certificates provided by Jesper, the King of the Manna Kingdom to provide the asset behind the revalued currency.

•When this doesn’t work because ALL of the assets are pledged to the Manna World Holding Trust, the Cabal will undoubtedly start to implement their crypto currency strategy, backed by nothing and easily turned on and off according to their will.

•In addition, the Bonds were already redeemed by the Rothschilds and they gave you an SKR that you still can’t access. The Rothschilds proceeded to steal your money then sell back the useless bonds to other people who are now waiting to redeem the already redeemed asset.

•The RV exchanges are supposed to start Monday…again. That’s every Monday for the past ten years with absolutely no results for the people, but the various factions continue to work for them for free, even while Kim has offered to pay any and all of them for services rendered as long as they get us access to the same terminal to fund Private Projects.

•I heard a rumor that Kim was a fraud and another Gentleman is the real controller of the Trust. You can see by the document below that Kim is the one who awarded that Kingdom of Manna Sovereignty.

•In other words, everyone is waiting for the RV again now while we grind through another weekend hoping the Governments and Chinese
will finally pay them.

•Kim can pay you now. She is ready willing and able to hydrate your projects, your Governments, and your people. She just needs access to a SWIFT 2 Terminal to change the world.


26 April, 2018 10:17

GOING AFTER THE KINGS, PART 6 The Great American Tragedy

The following article was not written for entertainment. You are welcome to read this no matter who you are, but I specifically want the former agents and military who are currently working for promises that never materialize to pay attention. These highly trained individuals have the exact access and ability to allow us to free the world but continue to protect the Order based on promises and lies they’ve told. It has been years since they were able to pay these forces, and they will never be able to do so again. Their access to the asset redemption program has been eliminated and the wealth must be returned to the people. The men and women I am addressing signed up to protect and serve the greater good of humanity at some point in their careers. I feel they may forgotten what they meant to stand for because they had to get paid to survive. I’d like to remind them why we need them now more than ever.

The events I’ve described below are real, but taken from different experiences to protect the innocent. The description of these events have been gathered from my direct contact’s first hand experiences and verified through various intelligence sources. The exact events in the timeline of the story are similar but not the exact situations that occurred in real life. However, I have not embellished, rather I’ve held back in an attempt to be considerate of the reader.

The Great American Tragedy

I find that single mothers are the most competent human beings on the planet. They often play the role of protector, provider, nurturer, and teacher for their children. There is no greater tragedy in life for a parent than to lose a child. I believe this rule applies doubly for a single Mother as she has to play the role of both parents.

A single Mother I know lived in the countryside. She worked a full time job and had two daughters under the age of five. At 25 years old she had her drivers license suspended but had to get groceries for her children. She got a ticket and ended up spending a week in jail for the offense. Later she received a second ticket, unable to afford the fee to get her license back still, this event turned into a major legal battle. She eventually had to serve 180 days in jail for driving a car to the grocery store in the middle of the day to feed her children.

Because the Mother had to go to jail she was immediately forced to place her children into foster care. While in jail she was labeled as an unfit Mother who abandoned her children. This justified the foster parents to put her two little girls up for adoption. A lovely white couple showed up almost immediately to adopt the two little girls and the foster parent and State Department were pleased with the work they’d done to get those two little girls away from their unfit Mother and into a good home.

The white couple left with the two little girls and never took them home. Instead the children were immediately taken to a secret location where auctions were held to buy and sell human beings as sex slaves and other purposes. The two little girls were separated never to see each other again. They were both taken around the world, molested, beaten and raped by all types of “elite” characters. At around eight years old they were exposed to more serious torture, murders, and Satanic rituals to separate them from the natural human emotions one should feel when exposed to seeing such horrible things.

By the time the girls were ten years old their Mother wouldn’t have been able to recognize them anymore. The perfect innocence of her baby girls had been destroyed. The magical curiosity of chattering sisters had not been part of their life since they were taken from the foster home. They were told that their Mother had abandoned them because she didn’t love them. After that, they were taught a perverted version of “love” that involved some very painful and abusive practices. They were made into emotionless beings, with no aspirations for themselves other than to survive, and on a regular basis they would wish for death.

The older sister was particularly well behaved and very well spoken having taken well to the Illuminati summer camps where she was notably not a bloodline member, but still exceptional at following rules. She and several other girls were given the honor to present themselves before the Interim Pindar who was supposed to be the next President, and lead the movement to fully initiate Agenda 21. Mrs. Clinton selected the older sister to be her special guest. The 11 year old, who was exactly the type of girl that HRC was attracted to, was dressed up and told what an honor it was to be selected to spend this time.

The older sister had been selected to for this type of “honor” before and knew what to prepare herself for. Unfortunately there was no way to prepare for the specific desires of HRC. The girl was raped by HRC and her assistant Huma Abedin, then her face was pealed off with a surgical knife as she screamed in agony and fear. To accentuate the torture, the women took the little girl’s face and wore it as a mask to terrify her further, increasing the adrenaline in her blood, and drinking it.

Hillary Clinton is still free. There’s a video of the event described above that was taken directly from Huma Abedin’s laptop. The New York Police Department has been in possession of the tape for over two years. The tape has now gone out on the dark web, but I wouldn’t recommend watching it.

A working mother doing all she can do to take care of her family can be targeted, have her kids taken, and her life completely destroyed for driving to the store to feed her family. Meanwhile those same children get sold and used for deviant entertainment all over the world until they were ultimately murdered by a woman who was almost elected President.

The Great American Tragedy is that there’s agents who protect HRC, deliver these innocent children to her, and stand outside the door to protect HER while she defiles and murders an innocent child. Government officials with similar habits, movie stars, and a whole group of deviant liars who care more about maintaining their status than protecting these two little girls make this even more tragic. All of the hired ex-military forces, former intelligence agents turned mercenary, and various others that protect the Elders, the Rothschilds, and all of these nefarious anti-humans are supporting the genocide of the human race. Kim Possible has given you a way to get your money out of the back ledger system, and proven she actually pays, but you stay in the shadows working for them rather than standing in the sun to change the world. But the most profound aspect of this great American tragedy is that we all know and do nothing.

22 April, 2018 22:51

It’s come to my attention that there is an erroneous and malicious rumor being spread that your association with this group, Kim or me will get you “chalked” so you can’t exchange or even arrested. It’s an ignorant accusation but, I respect your desire not to have this happen, and certainly don’t want anyone to continue their affiliation with us if they believe this.

In a legal system that allows Political leaders to filet the face off of a child, wear the face to increase the fear of the child to increase the adrenachrome in the blood, then drink the blood, while recording it on video, and still maintain not only a leadership position but almost get elected President, there is certainly reason to believe that anything is possible.

However, to the best of my knowledge, there is no crime with being associated with someone who has the legal authority to distribute real money in the hopes to revitalize humanity. There is no law or contract that allows the illegal hold on our funds.

There are laws set in place to protect the consumer from the illegal hold of money without proper cause or notification. There are laws in place to protect our rights to speak, and to ensure that everyone is treated fairly regardless of their bloodline or position in society. There are also laws in place that make it illegal to redirect funds under penalty of treason.

The laws are on our side, however there is little evidence that anyone is enforcing them. With that said, this fight is not for the faint of heart. We have been enslaved for generations and we are at a pivotal moment in history. We have a choice to make between freedom or slavery.

I choose freedom. I choose love. I choose joy. I choose to create a new world where our children are protected and we can still do business with a handshake and a promise. I choose to be exceptional, advance technology, and stay connected to God at all times. I believe that every human being is a unique universe to themselves and that universe can be filled with fear or filled with love.

My world is filled with love and I’m not concerned with the broken promises of dishonorable men. This may seem like a fantasyland to most of you, but it won’t feel that way when we do it. This community must stand together and if you do not stand with us, I respect and encourage your decision to leave.



22 April, 2018 09:34


The link below is composed of snap shots taken by a cell phone camera at a meeting with the Evil King who once held the position of the only Sovereign Entity on the planet. At this meeting they discussed the “Divine Plan.” In these documents there is language that seems very common to the way we ourselves may design a governing system that connected God to the Government. I advise you to read with discernment and consider carefully that the “Divine” mentioned in this plan is not God in the way that we worship an all powerful deity that always acts in the best interests of his creation. The “Divine” refers to the Draconian King who ruled with an absolute purpose to gather and take ownership of the resources on the planet, and to enslave and kill all life on Earth. This plan has been disrupted but IN MY opinion it’s essential that we know what we are fighting against.


The Divine Plan