28 March, 2018 22:05

I’m laying here in agonizing pain, two days after a brutal root canal, preparing to go back to the dentist because he missed something. I only needed the root canal because two months ago when my filling fell out I had to choose to go to the dentist or pay the electric bill. I’m not frivolous or irresponsible, incapable or uneducated. In fact, I’m well educated, intelligent, creative, resourceful and well trained and qualified for various professions. So how do I find myself making decisions between maintaining my health, or keeping the power on for my family?

We have been the willing participants to our own enslavement. Like a wife who’s not worthy of the honor of being called a mother because she knows her husband is molesting their child, yet says and does nothing to stop it, our silence is our consent. For the most part, slave life is bearable so long as we follow the rules and do not aspire to be exceptional. However, I do. It is not to say that I am currently exceptional, but I certainly aspire to be so. I spend every waking moment, of every hour, of every day pressing towards a higher calling. I want to know what it means have the freedom to create a new world, and I refuse to accept the rule of a foreign entity over the Sovereign Nation of me. I freely choose life, love, and integrity every day.

The real secret
The bumps, bruises, aches and pains of slave life are merely obstacles created by our enemy in an attempt to destroy our spirits and take away our desire to exercise our own free will. The secret our oppressors do not comprehend is that everything they have done to hurt us, has worked to our good. Right now I’m in pain, have a broken marriage, and about a $1.06 in my bank account. I’ve lost friends, fans, and family. I’m regularly slandered publicly by anonymous sources who share my personal information without even using their name, and are often mad about something that didn’t happen, or about something I said that was taken out of context.

All of these things have served to help me to become the best version of myself in this moment. These trials have been incredibly challenging, and allowed me to discover many weaknesses and strengths within myself. I want to thank the haters, fear warriors, manipulators, self servers, and other members of Evil Incorporated for giving me so much of your attention during this transitional time. If it had not been for your training, Ignorance, and corrupt deeds I would not have known I had the power to shine so bright.

At this time the contract between the Draconian overlords and humanity has expired. The hierarchy of the Order all died suddenly on the same day, and therefore neither they nor their minions hold any control over the people, formerly enslaved beings on the planet, or the Quantum AI system. The United States of America was recently released from underneath the rule of the Crown, and for the first time has the authority and the means to possess their Sovereignty. We are living in the greatest moment in the history of the planet. Humanity is free.

So why then are we still living as if we are slaves?

The Key to our freedom is Kim-Possible and the Manna World Holding Trust. This key has already unlocked the wealth of the world and begun to distribute it through every country’s Government in the world. She has opened the door of the jail cell that has held us all hostage and it only requires one honest banker to take that step towards the door to become a legend. Just yesterday the Elders were supposed to purchase 450 Million Dollars in Gold and didn’t have the funds to cover it. Fortunately Kim and the Trust interceded to get that Gold to the United States. We fully expect the Government to intercede in the very near future to assist us to obtain our project funding. There is no more argument at this point. You have only known Kim existed for three months and she has already delivered on her promises and stood her ground offering to accept any challenge in the world to produce codes and access the financial system to produce liquidity.

This is the moment that we get to choose to accept the creative responsibility to build a new world. This weight lies on the shoulders of every human being on the planet. The door to our prison cells are no longer locked. All that is required is for us to stand up and walk out.
Right now the choice is in the hearts and minds of every living soul on the planet.

The Choice
Your presented with this choice every day. In Deuteronomy 30:19 it says “I place before the blessings and cursing, life and death. Choose life.” We have to consider that our life touches every other life, and every other life touches ours. The beauty and simplicity of making life a conscious choice in every part of our lives strengthens a direct energetic connection to the living force that exists in all things. This is what we have been mediating for. This is the time to speak up for the light and love that inspires a mother to endure child birth, and breaks our hearts when a familiar soul leaves the body. We will never have this opportunity again because today will never come again. We are standing over a headless giant and still waiting for it to tell us what to do. The time to act is now.

The Truth
The Evil Empire of Satan worshipping pedophiles has no authority over us. They are not elite, more talented, or more powerful. The Rothchild’s, Rockefeller’s, Bush’s, and Clintons are no more than middle management slaves lead to believe that they were special and had the right to manipulate, deceive, murder and torture in the name of the agenda of the Order.

Their biggest fear is that we finally realize that this is true, and we put the silly nonsense that they created to divide us to the side and stand together as one. It is the most natural thing in the world for people to care for one another. It’s the mind control programming combined with the absolute control of the face of the financial system that has made it impossible for us to trust one another. They have created the illusion of scarcity and overpopulation on a planet rich with resources and vast undeveloped stretches of land. They’ve created the illusion of death and famine by creating diseases and destroying the ecosystems of whole continents. They cannot hurt us in that way anymore because they no longer have control of the system used to do those things.

We are one transaction away from our freedom. One banker who is a father, a brother, a grandmother, or just a human being before they are a lemming that follows the orders of an invisible caller that forced them to do transfers for pedophiles, drug dealers, terrorists, and murderers, but feels that an organization that only wants to serve humanity and restore the health of the planet is too much of a risk to do business with. The only risk is to their agenda to eliminate 90% of the population. So the reality is that every time KRE8CHANGE is rejected at a bank it is a decision to put the entire world at risk for mass genocide.

The Order still maintains the illusion of control, with their remaining financial assets, relying on deeply rooted human programming sometimes called slave mentality. This has made it very hard for our leaders to delegate without being told what to do next by the slave above them. Each of us have believed that we were free including the remaining members of the public facade of the Cabal.

This remaining faction of the Cabal is the equivalent to the house slave who started to think he was part of the family. When that slave did anything out of line with the master of the house he would suffer the same consequences as the slaves working in the field. The reason why that slave was brought into the house and made to feel special was because he followed orders better than anyone else. That is the truth about who we are allowing to continue executing an agenda set forth by a body of leaders that all died on the same day. The house slaves are still following the Master’s last order and trying everything they can to use the assets and controls they have left to execute their plan.

With an absolute juggernaut for an opponent controlling all of the assets of the world including our health, history and thinking, humanity has diminished the Order down to a faint whisper of what it once was. Given the choice between all of their power and material wealth versus the human spirit it is clear that this has always been a fixed fight. The Cabal has been at a clear disadvantage to the individual human experience that lives in the hearts and minds of the human imagination. We have been made in the likeness and image of God. It is time for us to possess the land which God hath already given us.



Join with me in making a statement to Twitter and all corrupt corporations – #IAMYOU

I’ve had enough of this immature cabal behavior. Twitter is denying all of us our 1st amendment rights (for everyone outside USA it’s a denial of freedom of speech)! Nobody is being allowed to tweet as long as they have https://projectspeak.net in their tweet. This is the third time this has happened to us and I’ve had enough!

One would expect this kind of behavior from Nazi Germany, the old communist Soviet Union, or even modern day North Korea, but right here in America? We pride ourselves on our constitutional rights, created by our heroic founding fathers, but the cabal, deep state, Illuminati, secret societies, dark hats (and some white hats too) or whatever you want to call them by have shredded the constitution created for We the People. The Republic of the United States of America is no longer a Republic. It is a corrupt U.S. corporation that gives powers to even more multi-billion dollar corporations used to turn us into slaves and deny us the constitutional rights the original founding fathers of this Republic gave us. These slave masters control all the large corporations including most of Washington D.C.,  the ABC agencies, some of the military, all of the banks, Facebook, Twitter, Google, LinkedIn, Reddit, and most all other social media and Internet businesses.

It’s time for this nonsense to end. The corruption facing America and the rest of the world might be more than one person can handle, but together we are much more powerful than they ever imagined being. In fact all of us one person’s put together can stop them dead in their tracks. They know this and they are terrified of us, but as long as we don’t know it they can retain their power and continue enslaving us until we’ve had enough. Have you had enough? I know I have. Let’s put an end to this right now! Not next month, not next week, not tomorrow, not a few hours from now, not even a few minutes from now, but RIGHT NOW! As a collective working together in the moment we can and will bulldoze them over and they won’t know what hit them.

RIGHT NOW I would love it if you would join me in sending a loud and clear statement to Twitter. We are no longer your slaves and we are taking back our freedom of speech. Please follow these steps in order:

    1. Go to https://help.twitter.com/forms/spam
    2. Select “I can’t Tweet a link because Twitter thinks it’s spam”
    3. Fill out the rest of the form using the image below as an example.
    4. Submit it.

If we all do this together RIGHT NOW they won’t be able to hold us off. Together, in the moment, they will have no choice but to give us what we want. They will quickly learn that they have no control over the group affiliated with SPEAK Project, Kre8Change, and Manna World Holding Trust. When they see that we can do whatever we want with Twitter we will send the same message to the rest of these huge multi-billion dollar corporations, including the U.S. government, military, and banks, that they have no choice but to stand back and let us free humanity by allowing all funds held in all humanitarian trusts be released to the whole world.

After you do this please tweet the link https://help.twitter.com/forms/spam to all your followers and ask them to do the same. Feel free to re-tweet my tweet shown below just as it is or create your own.

We the People are now enabled to turn the tables and control Twitter and all other supposed slave masters instead of being controlled by them. Together we will make a statement and make them understand that we are Sovereign Beings. We are no longer controlled by these pretender slave masters. We will free humanity with or without their support! Please help me make this statement to Twitter and the whole world. It will spread like wildfire and everyone will want this freedom and autonomy. Together we will make this happen, RIGHT NOW!

Thank you, from the bottom of my heart, for participating in this movement.


Also if anyone cares to see if Twitter is shadowbanning you go to http://shadowban.de/tester/, enter in your Twitter handle and click Check. My twitter handle of @AgeCosmos is shadowbanned, which means that if you re-tweet my tweets the only way other people will see them is if you add your own comments to the tweet before re-tweeting.


WHO DO YOU WORK FOR? The Government- is supposed to be made up of elected officials who represent the best interests, concerns, and values of the people they represent. Allegedly these officials have been voted into office by the people.

THE MILITARY- This is a group of specially trained forces that work together to defend our Nation from enemies at home and abroad that look to harm our way of life. The Nation they defend is made up of people. The Military we rely on to keep us safe is made up of people too.

THE BANKS- A financial institution authorized by the Government to accept deposits, make loans, exchange currency, and make investments. They are required to provide liquidity to the depositors based on the funds they have available in their accounts.

The above organizations are elected by the people, charged to protect the people, and kept in business by the people. They are also supported by, and made up of people who maintain their operation. By executing their duties lawfully their work supports the people inside their organization, outside their organization, and their own personal interests.

Why then has the Government accepted funding for “The Wall” and for the funding of the high speed rail that has been allocated in part to the Military not intervened to ensure funding is received by the people?

By accepting these funds the U.S. Government has acknowledged the legal authority of the sender to distribute these funds according to the function of the Manna World Holding Trust. In addition, the Trust is responsible for the grant funding of humanitarian projects including the private sector.

The banks operate as part of the private sector and are currently operating with negative liquidity. This is why there is a liquidity crisis stalling projects and business world wide. Many of the major banks including Citibank, Wells Fargo, Bank of America, and J.P. Morgan Chase are actually owned by the Manna World Holding Trust. The Trust holds all of their stock and capital needed to declare ownership. The paperwork to prove this fact has been received by every intelligence agency and Government in the world.

The Trustee who we affectionately call Kim-Possible has 25 years of banking experience and understands the need to put liquidity in the global financial system. This liquidity requires a production line to justify the cash infusion into the economy. Humanitarian projects that provide jobs, services, and new products can easily justify this funding and save the entire failing banking system.

Repeated efforts have been made to fund various projects in the United States. There is no technical glitch, legal issue, or Government block. There is no terrorist threat on the part of the Trust. However, the act of blocking these transfers by people in position to do so is by every definition an act of terrorism and treason.

The U.S. Code of Federal Regulations defines terrorism as “the unlawful use of force and violence against persons or property to intimidate or coerce a government, the civilian population, or any segment thereof, in furtherance of political or social objectives.

There was an Executive Order signed this year that says it is an act of treason to redirect funds being transferred into this country. I have worked with the Manna World Holding Trust and have seen how the people in the banks have been suddenly threatened by individuals posing as FBI agents that take over terminals and redirect funds intended for humanitarian projects. I’ve had funds brought into our humanitarian trust account and suddenly a second withdrawal is attempted to steal funds for some other purpose. I’ve even had our entire phase one funding brought into an institution and watched as they plotted different ways to steal it from us.

Blocking these transfers has caused the negligent deaths of thousands of people who could have been saved. The actors directly involved in terrifying the Bank employees are certainly terrorists threatening in some cases to kill them and everyone they have ever spoken to. In my opinion, everyone who has the power to change this situation and does nothing is just as guilty.

How is it possible for the Government and the Military to accept funding from the Trust and not take action to ensure that the people are protected to receive the same relief? For the record, your inaction is even worse than those working for the enemy. The enemy hates us. It’s to be expected. But you are us.

The Trustee is about to break up the banks and turn them over to the Governments, forcing a new level of scrutiny and control. I support and believe in her, however I do not trust the authorities in place to act in the best interests of the people. The terrorist threat against all of our well being can be eradicated by people acting within their job description to protect the interests of their fellow human beings as well as themselves.

This is the moment that we get to decide what the world will look like that our children grow up in. We are the ones that all of these organizations work for, work with, and are part of. The decision to do nothing is an act of treason against all of us. Take a stand for the people and prove to the oppressors that we are free. This one act can change the world.

We work for the people too. The difference between them and us, is that we know the power in that, we know who we are, we are the people, and we know what we stand for. And WE, won’t stand down.


23 March, 2018 19:19


To: The Old World Order on March 23, 2018, It’s our desire to work with you and show you the kindness you never showed us. We want to offer forgiveness, peace and actual benevolence. There’s more than enough to go around and even you can appreciate the value of that.

You’ve managed to fool everyone again today offering nothing but promises of gold standards, USNs and pending exchanges. In so doing you’ve delayed us temporarily.

Those with the ability to open the door for us to fund our projects now, would rather remain enslaved to your lies and wait in the hopes that you’ll finally come through. Much in the same way an abused spouse will return to the man who sent her to the hospital because his dinner was cold, our fellow humans are still suffering with programming issues, not realizing that their partner will never change.

I understand why you’re fighting so hard to maintain such a lavish existence at our expense. You believe that you’re above us. You were raised to think that generations of inbreeding somehow made you superior to other humans. You can’t help it. I don’t even blame you.

However, I do hope you understand that people are waking up to the reality that you’re not more powerful, more talented, or more at anything than us. While many are still enslaved to your programming, it won’t take that many of us to overtake you. We’ve already beaten you with little more resources at our disposal than the raw will of the human spirit.

I understand that you are the way you are, and I accept you just that way, I hope you’re able to accept that our pursuit of freedom is relentless, and we will have to make practical decisions when the time comes on how to best manage a secret society of elitist pedophile, murderering thieves and liars. Forgiveness is a gift we can give ourselves which we cannot afford not to give. But to trust that you’ll ever do anything you say you’ll do would just be naïve on our part.

My main concern at this point is the Zombified leadership who appear to still be operating under your control. The Manna World Holding Trust funded every Government in the world just last week and after years of you promising to do the same, I wonder if you somehow convinced them that it was you. Manna also transferred money into our accounts that you’ve cleverly managed to hide and keep out of our reach. We do hold those in the banks, Government and Military accountable for examining the evidence and to make intelligent decisions in the best interests of the people. After all, the people are the ones they are responsible for.

For fear of angering the walking dead I dare not discuss the “RV” at this time. Everyone can continue to look forward to this event while we are allowed to receive our funding from the Trust. The Trustee has made arrangements for some version of the exchanges to take place to compensate people for their money and time invested in this process.

I did find myself discouraged for a moment today when I realized that there has been no one in any agency, Government, Branch of the Military or financial institution that have demonstrated the integrity, courage, or care enough for their fellow human beings to ensure that our transfers were cleared and placed in our operational accounts. This is a tragic karmic decision that you and they will have to live with. I’m certain you all know the desperate conditions you have created for so many in the world today. The people who have helped you after seeing so much evidence that you are no longer in power are just as liable as you for the deaths and suffering that is taking place because of their unwillingness to take action.

We are able to move forward together but it requires some level of cooperation on your part. You don’t get to hoard the wealth of the world away and live like Kings while children starve and people die from curable diseases. The trained officials who control our access and ability to fund our accounts should at least be able to assist us without worrying about the consequences they will suffer at your hand.

I cordially ask you to refrain from these divisive stall tactics and embrace the Real World Order. Your contracts have expired and all of humanity rejects any kind of extension. We are the creators of the new world and we claim our right to be that. No further negotiations are necessary as you have nothing left to threaten us with or to offer. It will go a long way towards a peaceful transition of power if you were to show some level of honor in the way we conclude our business.

As I suspect you will continue to connive and plot your evil plans right up until your complete extinction, I want you to know that we are willing to stay the course if that is what is needed to have and maintain our freedom. We ignorantly looked to you for structure in a fragile time in our development. You played the role of savior and adversary all at the same time. At this moment we are no longer contractually obligated to your service in any way and choose to move forward as free men and women.

You are welcome to stay, but you are no longer in control. You will not be allowed to maintain any position of power ever again and it would be in your best interests to take decisive action that are in the best interests of the planet and the people.

Your cooperation is required for your survival on this planet. We welcome you to observe what is possible when humans are empowered to thrive.


The Sovereign People of Earth

22 March, 2018 23:30


THE WALL• Funding for the Wall to manage immigration between Mexico and the U.S. has been accepted by the U.S. Government, thus proving once and for all that Kim does have control and authority over the Manna World Holding Trust. The total amount for that project was in the 30 Billion-dollar range.

•For those like myself who did not see the need for the wall, I’m told it’s actually to prevent the disappearance of so many immigrants who actually become victims of the Cabal’s need to for Adrenochrome. This is the substance used as a drug harvested from human adrenal glands. Sometimes victims are tortured to increase the adrenal concentration in the blood before the blood is drained and used for the psychedelic high. In addition, some of the bodies are used as food for those in the Order who feed on human flesh.

•I have personally spoken to an individual who owns a ranch on the Texas/Mexico border who very casually described illegal immigrants that would make it to their land from Mexico. They acted as if they were stray dogs that they would “put down” without any consideration for their humanity what so ever. This description came from a well educated professional woman who was only about five feet tall. She spoke with a cotton candy voice and like every woman I’ve ever known from Texas she never stopped smiling, and didn’t notice my shock, disgust, or complete confusion about what she had just told me.

•Kim successfully provided funding for the High Speed Rail Train based on a treaty that every country in the world signed back in 1978. The train will create a need for that level of currency to be infused into the system based on principles of supply and demand.

•A ping was sent to the Central Bank of every country stating, “I am ready to send. Are you ready to receive?” When the banks responded yes, they were transferred dividends from 40 years of assets trading on the internal algorithm within the Manna World Holding Trust. These disbursements were based on the Gross Domestic Product of each country.

•Although this act gave every country much needed liquidity, it does not clear the Quadrillion’s of funds reported to be available for the everyday currency holder. It may however allow for some compensation for those of us still holding currency. I believe this decision would be placed in the hands of the Governments.

•Kim is not negotiating an exchange rate on your ZIM Bonds. She is negotiating a mining production deal with Zimbabwe to purchase assets. This deal may allow room to facilitate some version of an exchange but probably not the trillions of dollars many had hoped for.

•The US currency in the Trust is backed by assets with unique allocation numbers that can be verified with the US Treasury. These assets cannot be duplicated by the system as they are already accounted for.

The Chinese Elders have promised liquidity over 1,000 times, entered codes hundreds of times, promised 800#s over 1,000 times, and made excuses for their failure every time they didn’t deliver.
•This process has taken place over the course of several years.
•They have fulfilled their promise to do any of these things-ZERO times.

•Kim said she had an obligation according to the purpose of the Trust to disburse funds back to the Governments and the people. She promised that she would do this, and also promised that she would not put the money back in the hands of the “Rothchilds” who have already been removed as trustees due to a failure to execute their duties.

•These claims have been made over the course of three months.

•So far she has provided funding for one massive project, humanitarian in nature, that has given every Government in the world liquidity. Score: 1

•In addition, she has successfully brought funds into several U.S. banks for KRE8CHANGE so that we could begin our own humanitarian projects, as well as begin to help provide relief for those in need. This has been verified by four separate banks.
Score: 1


•In many cases this money is still sitting in the banks clearing accounts and will be used as evidence of treason if it is not properly cleared into the intended accounts.

•Finally we expect the banks, the Military, and the Governments to take appropriate measures to allow funding to reach the people, and ultimately save a failing banking system as well.

SCORE: Kim-Possible 2

Additional points will be rewarded or subtracted for the amount of time it takes for the players to fulfill their promises, the integrity with which they played the game, and damage they caused to the field in the process.

Technically the Game’s not quite over so enjoy the remainder of the show. We could find out who really owns some of these financial institutions very shortly. Stay tuned.

(My money’s on Kim)