FOCUS – by Tank

I politely called a friend out today for speaking ill of me in his chat room. It really didn’t bother me, but the people who were bothered by it told me. I won’t allow someone else’s bad behavior to influence mine or be my excuse for acting in a way that is out of line with who I am. The friend told me that I had lost focus and that’s all that he was saying. But I have never been more focused.

We’re the collateral damage of a war mongering ruler who did all of the thinking for his Generals for a long time. He’d give each piece of his Dragon cohort a task to carry out and a glimpse at the overall objective. The objective was always to maintain control, but the way in which it was accomplished was part of the ongoing strategy of the ruler. We’re currently living in the time when the sub-objective is to destroy the American economy and buy it back for pennies on the dollar.

The “Chinese Elders” appear to have the role of managing the psychological operations to keep the people dumb, blind, and docile. We’ve been part of this massive PSYOPS and the sad part is that we’ve consented to it even when they told us what they were doing. You’ve heard it even if you didn’t realize it.

We were told the Chinese Elders were shaming us and didn’t care about our individual suffering. It’s been said that they were very patient because they were hundreds of years old and at some point Grandfather couldn’t let go because he feared becoming irrelevant. We were told that we needed to increase our vibration to make the release happen, then told there was no way to know when the end would finally come because they were perpetually pump faking us to make us as docile as possible when the time came to finally exchange. Somehow in this we were lead to believe that all of this behavior was that of benevolent beings who’s ways were superior to ours. They told us. Our failure to object became our consent to proceed.

This is how our current state of affairs has become the accepted state of existence. Some “gurus” set up shop in the rabbit hole making a temporary position a career path. Others were paid to satiate the people with promises of any second, followed up with hidden explanations as to why it didn’t happen. Each time, the people were blamed for being ignorant as to think it would have gone before some random event took place, some treaty was signed, or some other random astrological alignment.

If what we were told was true we would be done. The fact that we’re not means something is not right. I’ve waited for one of the trustees to leave a meeting with the “Chinese Elders” to emerge with the latest and seemingly most accurate available. Inevitably an encouraging report emerges letting us all know that the everything was finally finished and our exchange was to begin at any second. I’ve known for a while the lies start with them.

They watched their own Trustee have a stroke and did nothing but lie to her again. They’ve allowed another intel provider that they feed information to become almost suicidal and offered no support of any kind to help him survive while the exchange event grew near. They informed the same provider over a year ago that we should get our family on a public call because we were going to be the ones who were given the privilege to reveal the 800#s and it was an historic moment.

And I know of a team that has been impoverished living in China for three years with hundreds of projects approved, and the “Chinese Elders” have done nothing to even offer living assistance.

Meanwhile they live in million dollar homes outside of Russia and claim to be impoverished offering no proof of anything resembling benevolence.

We believe in them because of our own lack of self worth, laden with guilt about historic sins of our ancestors, activated by fairytales, told by fictional characters who diligently carry out the orders of their slave masters.

I have never been more focused. It just doesn’t jive with the whole love and light crowd which is filled with good people looking to create a better world, Cabal minions looking to gain favor from their masters through the execution of their deception, and fraudulent pretenders who just want to fit in.

My focus has always been to free humanity from the bonds of our oppressors. And like many in this I’ve taken up residence in the rabbit hole. I’ve committed myself to finding the key and using it to escape.

Right now I see through these characters and realize that many are just innocently deceived the same way we all have been. Others are willingly plotting the demise of humanity thinking they still have the chance to sever our connection to God.

The challenge is that we think we know what’s going on because the one telling us things is deceived too. So now people think that I’m deceived by Kim and that’s why I’m leading the charge for her.

The reality is I’ve always known the truth would set us free. But the truth is ugly and not what we’ve believed. We get to decide what the world becomes, but we don’t get to decide what it has already been. And if we don’t come together and accept the facts, we won’t even get to live in the world we’ve dreamt of creating.

Focus. I want you to realize how close your freedom really is. We know where the money is. We know who has the codes. She has the same objective as we do. No one gets liquidity with those codes. She’s working directly with us. All we need is access to a terminal that can access the black screens of the off ledger system to conduct a real time gross settlement bank assisted transfer.


SPEAK INTEL1:10 PM EST 1/30/2018


  • Military reported that an attempt to release liquidity was made this morning at around 6AM EST
  • Trump was reported to have signed off on the RV while in Davos
  • Allegedly the CORE Group was once again released today with a value date of tomorrow
  • Limited reports of exchanges were have said to have taken place yesterday
  • Wells Fargo was showing rates for all currencies yesterday and we have similar reports again today
  • The crowd looks to the State of the Union Address tonight as the latest focal point for when the RV release will begin


  • There was just a minor hack attempted on the Trust accounts out of Hong Kong but nothing major at all
  • There was no attempt in the US to release liquidity today
  • The Trustee is grounded in her commitment to give the money to the people and to the Governments rather than the Order which has enslaved humanity
  • The challenge is still to find one institution to do a Real Time Gross Settlement bank assisted transfer to prove the funds can be drawn from the Trust and the codes being generated are in fact the real key to releasing humanity from bondage


  • From what I understand, they’re having meetings to discuss the first meeting about when they might be able to do this in the future.
  • Meanwhile, 8643 people are dying every day from hunger while those in charge refuse to enter a code to accomplish a 15 minute transaction that proves to the world once and for all who is telling the truth.
  • But take your time, keep their secrets, and obey their orders so the masters don’t get mad. Taking action could save the world, or have absolutely no impact what so ever, so it’s obvious why this simple task hasn’t been carried out. Oh wait, that doesn’t actually make sense at all.
  • I gave the UST the codes myself. Jared Rand has a copy of them as well. The account has been validated and the funds are available. Isn’t there someone in our Government who has the authority to enter these codes?
  • I guess the real question is, why don’t you want us to get paid? And how long before people start to fracture from the sheer frustration and disgust of knowing unlimited wealth is available just inches away, but those with access to these resources do nothing with it?
  • The former Cabal that think they’re elite are counting on the mob remaining programmed with our Slave Mentality. They’ve never had to be accountable to anyone. There’s nothing they fear more than all of us standing together with one voice demanding our freedom and acting as one body. But instead, they laugh at us while we argue about codes and post new rates showing at Wells Fargo.
  • The Code challenge is still on. Kim said that anyone who claims to have the transaction codes, Elders included, can step up to the terminal and see which one is able to actually produce cash. For all the haters out their who are convinced that it’s impossible for one person to have the codes, I will fully support your stance as soon as someone else rises to the occasion to prove her wrong. Until then, we’ve been looking for someone man enough to stand up for humanity and restore our freedom. Don’t get mad when it happens just because it’s a woman.


It’s 5pm EST? Where is this “Release” Oh Great Elders of the East/West..

“We are the 99%”
by Kim-Possible

So, I am not the chosen one, I am not Bin Yosef, I am not Jesus nor am I an “internet sensation”, and I am not a liar. It’s so easy to sit there in cyber-space and say how much you know (cough, cough) and you know who I am talking to… as the song says “Im not here for your entertainment”…

That being said lets take a look at the latest installment of Who is Who in Dragon Zoo:


Notice at the top of this Chart we have CODE OWNERSHIP then then parties below.. Each Dragon sector aka known as the “factions”.. NONE were the CODE OWNER/ISSUER

Then we move down to the “PINDAR” and his little “baby GOATS”.. Pindar (was Marcos back in the day, that is someone else now) and we have his original little piglets.. 3 KEYS ALWAYS 3 KEYS. Pindar, CODE OWNER and a little piglet.. mix and match if you wish.. To the new pindar, and the last one.. Hope you had a great time during the Harvest Moon, but no one is coming COVENANT IS OVER.. Live with it, or die with it we don’t care.


Here is an EXACT copy of the Old expired Codes of the Dragons.. They are all waiting on “new ones”.. Not happening. They all know they don’t have any, and new codes are no longer issued to these people…THESE DO NOT WORK. I just thought this may look familiar to your minions over here with their Hercules/Babylon etc. Systems because I am sure these dimwits gave them to them repeatedly. Sacrificing another Virgin isn’t going to get your beloved Lucifer to help you. They are for the 99% now. Sorry..

There are THOUSANDS of pages of accounts, each accounts carries it’s own INTEL file. Interesting isn’t it?


NO LONGER for the little piglets… THEY ARE FOR THE 99%. GOVERNMENTS DON’T NEED THESE PEOPLE TO GOVERN THEM. YOU CERTAINLY DON’T EITHER.. ​No one wants your antiquated fake tear sheets, or your fake gold certificates. They want real gold with real insurance and REAL hallmarks. Where did it go? (snicker, snicker).. Why can’t the IMF do ANYTHING?? The UN??? No new codes.. Vaults moved, Numbers at the Top..



Anyway, Thank you morons for blowing up the mountain in the Philippines last week, we won you lost. Second Verse same as the first.. NOW LEAVE OUR PEOPLE ALONE ENOUGH IS ENOUGH.

I am sure the all famous “Gurus” will shoot this down too.. Now who is it you work for???
US or Them?

Time will tell

-Kim “Possible”​


Draw Your Own Conclusions
by Tank

I think it’s important to clarify the ongoing saga that is taking place as we transition into the new age. Unfortunately like many of you I find this to be uncomfortable from the path I have been pursuing. I realize that my personal mission to free the people and change the world have not changed. My loyalty, intent, and goal has always been to include the people to be a part of sculpting the world we live in. I believe in the people and know that I cannot personally sit back and wait for those in charge to decide that our opinion, our lives and our vision are important enough to matter in their decision making process. That being said, I’m witnessing the fracture caused by the development of new events and think there are somethings I can clarify to assist you to draw your own conclusions.

On Saturday night January 20th, 2018 Kim-Possible did a public call with the SPEAK PROJECT Team. On the call there were several things that were revealed that were enlightening, or at least challenging to our previous understanding. Firstly, the call was 96 minutes long. There is another version of that call on Youtube that is longer that was manipulated by the Deep State extracting sound bites from personal calls from Kim to create threatening messages, and various other things that misrepresent what she had said. This call was translated to a youtube clip and sent out to millions of bankers world wide to try and attack her credibility. Fortunately, it looked like junk mail so very few of them actually opened up the email.

Kim’s security team advised her not to make any more public appearances that could be used against her as a weapon. She texted Jared Rand to inform him she wouldn’t be on the call for that reason, but he doesn’t receive texts to the number that we have. Rand went on the call on Tuesday January 23rd, 2018 unaware that Kim had cancelled but made sure to repeatedly vouch for her and explain that she had a role to play to distribute the codes that allow the wealth of the world to flow.

Last night on January 24th, 2018 Jared Rand said that based on the things he had found out about Kim the night before he would no longer be working with her. Interestingly, I’ve been working with Kim and Jared has contacted me on different occasions, but he has not provided me any kind of education as to what exactly it is he is referring to. One million emails were sent out with a perverted version of our call that went out in about 5 minutes. Anyone who knows anything about that type of thing knows that it takes a very special kind of system to do something like that and speaks to the source of the crime. It seems like that would be a topic of conversation in these inner circles.

Jared Rand also stated that he had no affiliation with Rand Corporation on last night’s call. However, when he first came on the scene during a Q & A for one of my calls that is exactly how he identified himself.

During our call with Kim on that Saturday night she revealed a very sensitive piece of information about the Chinese funding the US Military, and specifically how they leased our won military equipment back to us. This money then used to pay the salaries of the US Military. From what I understand this is the “Chinese Elders” who claim to be the ones holding the key to unlocking the assets to fund the RV/GCR. If that’s correct, then all of the wealth appears to be scheduled to unlock tomorrow sometime.

According to the GCR folks that I was speaking with, the actual Elders signed off on the GCR/RV back in September and have had no say since. They explained that they Chinese were just fir show but not the actual Elders in control. They, like us, have been waiting for performance. According to several paymasters, bankers and other sources they’ve been given codes at different times only to have them not work.

Rand had also mentioned that he sat in a meeting where it was mentioned some time ago that the next M1 would be a woman. Everyone laughed except for one very important person, who’s expression and position made everyone else stop laughing. My lawyers, business associates, and military sources have done extensive checks to verify that the master trust is real and that Kim is the sole trustee. But let’s face it, that’s not enough.

What would make the difference and easily shut all of this noise down is if the Alliance found a way to release liquidity and begin the exchange process. It would also be very easy to discredit Kim by entering the codes into the appropriate terminal and verify her credentials and see if the system would allow anyone to draw in funds from the accounts she claims to be over.

Instead, we’re given another week of promises without performance while Kim continues to struggle to ensure the people and the Government get the allocated funds. The system has been hacked several times this week and blocked every time. In fact, I warned the Military when the system began being hacked on Sunday, allowing them to apprehend the perpetrators. To me this lends credibility to Kim being exactly who she says she is.

There was further effort today to crash the entire Visa system. Fortunately the individual approached by the Cabal to take said action spoke up and did not comply with said request. However, U have warned the military that such an effort is being made just so they could be on guard.

So if the Chinese Elders are paying the US Military’s Salaries, is it possible that they have given instructions for them not to cooperate with Kim by entering her codes? Unlike an old book of codes, Kim actually generates the codes from scratch. If the Elders have said they would no longer support the US military if they try the codes it is easy to see why they haven’t entered them after having them for the last three weeks. If Kim’s codes don’t work, and the US tries them, then the funding source for the US stops. But if we find the right banker, with the right tools to initiate the international draw transfer then we could all see if she is legit or not. The strange part is that if she’s not legit and the benevolent Chinese Elders are in control with the real codes, why would they be concerned about her entering the fake codes that she has? Wouldn’t this immediately clarify the issue?

The answer is yes, of course it would. But we’re sitting here today after several sources have already vetted Kim, the trust, and funding availability but no one has had the courage to enter them into the system. Meanwhile, we sit and wait for the RV to begin at any moment. Reports of people exchanging today for the Dinar have already started rolling. I hope they’re real and we can all begin our own exchange as well.

I am simply presenting the facts and some things for us all to consider. The goal is to free humanity. I’m just looking for someone in charge to stand up and help us get there. It appears like that is what Kim is doing. But I’m open to her being wrong and anxiously awaiting for someone else to stand up to prove it.