Nondisclosure Agreement – #IAMTHE1

Received 9:44 PM EST 12/31/2017

Nondisclosure Agreement:

a contract through which the parties agree not to disclose information covered by the agreement.


•If you take the screen rate you will not have to sign an NDA. If that changes in anyway it will be a one page NDA. As stated above it’s designed to prevent you from talking about or sharing written information specific and unique to this event.

There are three NDAs based on your rates:

•There’s a basic one page

•A two page-Most common

•And a ten page-this one does allow them to legally monitor your financial activity, it requires execution on a solid humanitarian plan, and assets can be frozen if that is not done.


•Don’t discuss the exchange process

•Don’t tell people how you made your money

•Don’t discuss the rate you got for the exchange that you’re not supposed to talk about anyways

•Don’t fund terrorism or anything other criminal activity

This is as close to accurate as possible. This was cleared with the individual who wrote the NDAs.





December 31, 2017 — 7:30 PM EST



My name is Steffen Rowe, but I am known in the RV community by my longtime nickname TANK.

I’m writing this urgent letter because I have a serious concern about the failure of the US Treasury, Wells Fargo, and HSBC to provide me an explanation after we emphatically and formally put them on notice that people were actively purchasing Iraqi Dinar, Vietnamese Dong, and the Zimbabwe Bond Notes believing these to be legitimate investments.

There is some ancillary confusion about the people who did not purchase currency because they were told not to since these currencies were nothing but a "scam" and would never revalue as hypothesized.

They following facts bear out this travesty:

•Iraqi Dinar, Vietnamese Dong, and the Zimbabwe Bond Notes were asserted to be a scam and virtually worthless.

•Numerous emails, contracts, text messages, and written letters support that this messaging was conveyed to potentially millions of people.

•We have hard evidence in the form of actual exchanges at real-world revalued rates in the form of emails, text messages, and various contracts that clearly show that the UST, Wells Fargo and HSBC were all very well aware of this revaluation taking place.


•As of January 2, 2018, an additional official lawsuit will be filed for the non-purchasing global community who were mislead by individuals acting as agents or representatives for the above institutions unless the deadline for contacting Steffen Rowe is met by this evening.

•We set clear expectations to be included in the exchange before 2018 as reported in a separate class action lawsuit for reckless, willing, and wanton misconduct toward the investors in this community.

•We insist on being included in the exchange process as a fair business practice, gaining the same status as so many others who have already exchanged at Wells Fargo and HSBC as part of a selective and discriminatory exchange process.

If I am contacted via text message or email by 9:00 pm EST December 31, 2017 with evidence of arrangements made for me or my group members to be fairly included in the exchange process, any further action on our part to pursue said legal action will stop. Some of the legal grounds for this action are outline by our lawyers below.


First, the lawsuit that would have the greatest impact prior to the redemption, or “RV,” is a RICO, et al. suit filed against all government agencies and their agents who have portrayed the investment in exotic currencies and bonds such as the Iraqi Dinar and Zimbabwe bond notes as a “scam” or a fraud.

The members of that class are potentially every citizen of the United States from 1979 to the present who were of age and education of make financial investments. The damages for each would be calculated based upon the aggregate of the lost profit that they would have received from the investment had they made it.

The awarded damages would be determined by a jury. At one point, one quintillion’s worth of Zimbabwe bond notes cost a mere $350 USD to buy. The redemption of those bonds will result in a profit of, at the very lowest indicated rate of $1 per Zimbabwe unit, $1 quintillion USD! The Zimbabwe dollar has listed at a $1USD to 1 ZIM unit on the US Treasury website for over ten years.

This lawsuit can be filed today, and will not affect the redemptions of the assets we are waiting for.

The second lawsuit is the RICO, et al. class action suit on behalf of those class members who have been damaged because the redemption has not been released in a timely manner, when it could have been released.

There is no reason the release to the general public has not been done, as other similarly situated US citizens have been allowed to redeem, but “our“ Republic has indeed allowed it to happen for such “special citizens.”

Worldwide, people have starved to death due to non-release of the funds that would have long been used for such humanitarian purposes. Not to mention, many Americans have lost their homes, failed financially, starved, seen broken relationships, and died from disease due to withholding the release of these funds that are as rightfully theirs as these other “special” citizens.

Please call me and speak to me in confidence as to why you will not release this to us but will release to only a select few. Help me understand why The New Powers That Be — the Republic, the Military, the Alliance, and whoever claims the ultimate decision — won’t allow us to redeem (us being their constituents and principals) while they purportedly work for all of us, the Sovereign People of the Earth.

Cronyism and exceptionalism are old paradigm philosophies and actions, and are legally actionable, making all of the agencies of our new “benevolent” government liable for old paradigm, fraudulent acts. The damages are astronomical.



Received 2:30 PM EST 12/31/2017



December 31, 2017

I was told that The Powers That Be used remote viewing to see that by not letting us exchange we would soon start a revolution. So here we are. They’ve given me intel, protection, and encouragement to do just that.

I’m considering how I’m being used, and if it fits the greater good, or if I’m being used for some other purpose I don’t fully understand yet.

I’ve drawn the best people out and given them a platform to express their truth and knowledge. That truth has the ability to rock the foundation of a corrupt system. That knowledge is the weapon that breaks us free from the chains of thousands of years of slavery.

I’m sure there’s a greater purpose that this experience serves. I’m certain there’s a soul contract I signed that allows this to continue. I take full responsibility for my own suffering and I accept the burden of the promises I’ve made as a sovereign being.

I am one of many. We each have these amazing stories that are unique yet universal manifestations of our respective human experiences. I see the people. I see the subtle incredibility of our personal victories and limitless adaptability. I see the magnificent kaleidoscope and value of each lifetime fitting together perfectly and quietly like the bricks of Solomon’s Temple.

Because the jailer is human, and has their own complex tale to explain how they found themselves pitted against the freedom of humanity, I forgive and accept their actions as humanely inhumane. Their actions are grounded in a logical ignorance that enables our survival yet denies the fullest expressions of wonder, pain, and process for each human life.

We are all accountable for the collateral damage of the selfish pursuit of our liberation, and for the promises we’ve made to ourselves in the creation of the imaginary characters that each of us play. I’ll play this part. I’ll stand up for that freedom. I’ll speak for my brothers and sisters who are sleeping and support the voice of those who are awake. The more I see, the less I have, and the less attached I am to having it.

At this point, however, you have wittingly or unwittingly created a very dangerous weapon in me as your inaction appears designed to break my will and turn me into a controlled asset for your purpose. I see it.

You have put aside your humanity to serve whatever the cause is that you feel is more important than releasing us. You do not show respect for the power of the united people. You are not enough afraid of how you are perpetuating the old system of power, control, and distrust because of your constant lies and wanton negligence.

You should be afraid. You should be embarrassed. Instead of advocating for us by giving us direction and demonstrating a higher level of intelligence and communications, you are forcing us to launch a useless litigation process that you’ve already lost rather than standing up with us to unite humanity for the first time in recorded history.

“There is one thing that I have learned over the years and that is that THE POWERS THAT BE HAVE TO BE MORE AFRAID OF YOU THEN YOU ARE OF THEM.” ~Nick V. Fleming

I know who I am. I know what I stand for. I am a visionary leader of the new age, a creator of worlds and possibilities. My pursuit of excellence is relentless and I am fueled by an unabashed love for life and the lifeforms that make it so beautiful. I am driven by a divine purpose to lead, unite, and own our freedom.

My soul touches all those who hear my voice, inspiring some to lead, bringing some to tears, yet provoking others to anger. I am the unifier, the revolutionary, the heart, the creator, and the difference alive in every single person. I am not even conscious of a reason to be afraid. What’s more, I am your advocate right now.

This is your last chance to bring us together. This is your innate humanity calling you home. Set us free or face the consequences you create.


Revaluation? Or revolution?


How do you feel to be liberated? – #IAMTHE1

Received 4:25 PM EST 12/30/2017


Today’s mission is to really manifest your world post RV. Take to Twitter and voice how that will feel.

How do you feel to be liberated?

*Imagine the following*

• The numbers are handed out to you.

• You made your appointment.

• What will you wear?

• Imagine how easy and free flowing your ideas were to bring to life.

• The rate you negotiated is incredible.

• You got an incredible team put together for four humanitarian projects.

• What will be the first thing you do? Where would you go?

Let’s use our voices in gratitude for this blessing. It’s here, right now.

We will receive notice. Let’s keep all of our energies high.


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