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  1. That’s great news !
    I’m more than a little concerned with hr 56 though, can anyone tell me if I’m reading it wrong? Should we be concerned? I mean it looks to me as if we are going to digital currencies and they’re trying to insure they have it all locked down.

    1. They won’t be able to go to digital currencies as planned. Once we bring funds in all of the cryptos will die off. There’s no reason to have a place holder when you can trade an actual asset.

  2. Folks,

    This is sleight of hand. This congress has no more ability to restore sovereignty than a potato has ability to birth a hummingbird. This is a CORPORATE congress acting on the 1871 CORPORATE constitution OF the people, not FOR the people. EVERY member of this congress is acting as a British citizen, not an American. These are all PERSONS, juristic fictions, being operated by living men and women acting as Trustees for these corporate franchises and not knowing what the hell they are doing, or if they do, then acting treasonously and selling us all down the river. They’ve been doing it for 150 years and 99.9% of all Americans are none the wiser. Bottom line, this Congress has no authority to confer sovereignty in any way, shape, or form because a CORPORATION cannot have authority over its creator, the sovereign American living men and women, unless we pretend they do and suffer the consequences.

  3. If you agree that this corporation can restore your sovereignty, then you also accept that it can take it away. You are sovereign by birth, a sovereign expression of Creator, which nothing created by a corporation can take away from you. Period. So, what are you celebrating here anyway?

  4. Allan is mostly correct, but if you read the bill in question, this action is more just rearranging the deck chairs on the Titannic, a squabble among offices of the same corporation, and pretending there will be some benefit for the United States government by picking up its marbles and going home. It’s all the same corporate behemoth. There ain’t no sovereignty involved because the United States is not sovereign. It’s a corporation.

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