•Vatican City was invaded by Italian Military and ceases to exist as an independent state. This marks the end of the reign of the Catholic Church over the world.


•Deep State Democrats and the controlled Main Stream Media continue to blame President Trump for the shut down of the Government. This argument seems to fall apart when the Democrats won’t even accept an invitation from the President to discuss a compromise.


•President Trump speaks to the Nation and continues to try and establish terms that restart the Government, making public proposals that compromise on issues that the Deep State has repeatedly stated were at the core of their stance. The President continues to expose that their stance is strictly to oppose anything he proposes.


•Plot disclosed by Thomas Williams and shared here at the Speak Project is Speaker if the House Nancy Pelosi’s ascension to the status of being named the Black Dragon and planning to blow up the Capital Building during the State of the Union Address, killing the President, Vice President, and presumably much of Congress from both Democratic and Replicant parties. The end result being Nancy Pelosi being named the President of the United States and the Globalist Agenda being fast tracked.


A response to the article shared on
Before It’s News where extensive detailed facts are exposed explaining the reality behind the Leo Wanta story.

The Speak Project is dedicated to the liberation of humanity. This liberation requires people to accept and embrace the truth about what’s going on no matter how difficult it is to hear. This week marked many historic breakthroughs to that end. You can get mad because it’s not all pleasant news, but try to find some peace knowing that we’re doing all we can to give you the truth. And the truth shall set you free.


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